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[v. 10-22-2019]    Hi West Seattle. I’m back.Fall season brings holidays and the New Year. 

The Moon Landing ceremonies were uplifting. Now I’ve landed in Seattle to bring Smiles to Kids. 


Welcome to my temporary Home Page. TherapySites.com is shifting us to a smoother and more secure set of encrypted servers which will deliver  a more "intuitive" and faster-loading result. Let us know how our team can help.

Twitter social media accounts: 1. @Routefindersff ; and 2. @MarsBaseB  

“Life in the kingdom of God is lit with light” I am told. Cities of Gold even.




Never, never, never Give UP whether you are woman, man or indeterminate. Listen to 14 minutes of Rocky inspiration, and click around for Women and Girls Hula Hooping for Power then see my page on Disability Respect Writing.

(v. Friday July 19, 2019: The Fourth of July was inspirational.)

Summer reunions are over. Also, my friends in civilian service remind me that they serve the nation in non-military ways. My book project has a title that includes the words"Our Wartime"; I intend for that to cover almost all of the decades of our nation, since 1776. We are at war now. "Let the children play," goes a song. In churches you'll hear stories of Jesus saying, "Let the children come to me."

This new section will be rewritten when my new TherapySites template is transferred. Below is a video narrated by wise elder James Earl Jones about Suicide and the Human Condition. You CAN make it through the pain, there are many people who can help. I know many and I freely refer.

Kitemaster Woody in DC:

Ralph Wood Wilson, the Legend of Woody was birthed in the forge fires of USAFA by DK "Deek" who helped me see the powerful structure behind the cool, calm, collected after bashed exterior. I've enjoyed offering mentoring to young naturopathic physicians. And because our nation is still in a warfare stance I have mentored several young men and young women into the mindset and spiritual underpinnings that might be chosen for their life of service to the nation.


My next observation from my Cold War training: Russians are again in the news. ..[Redacted]

[Some of this following material was written during Transition 2017 before the Inauguration, on January 14, 2017. I am adding to what I began writing during my three days of avoiding hearing the results after the polls closed on Nov 8. I've got a lot of respect for the young men and women who stand up for positions that may become harrowing. Best wishes to us all.]


Here are photos of the Kaiser Center for Total Health here in DC. I have more about this elsewhere on this site. They are my planned site for people to attend Wisdom Day events annually.


This image is from my musing about All Cadets.*




*In this public version when I say Cadet I mean that you may be in a profession prior to completion and graduation. You might be a medical resident or training for another profession. He definitely was not yet 24 years old. I wanted him to hear about the phase of brain development prior to complete myelination, Anyone who is enrolled in training and they are between ages 12 and 24, their brain is not yet fully able to be stable and not easily be distracted. [See Brainstorm book information about how to understand what Dr. Dan Siegel has termed "The Teenage Brain" as it matures into full adult myelination, protection and self-control. Non-public photos/insights of me enthusiastically serving opens to my old teaching site. Being updated now as www.NaturalWorldHealing.pro.]




The picture above can be enlarged many times to read text.

This page will be simplified, that is my intent.

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