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December 12, 2017 Note of Major Changes: Some of you have followed my career for decades. Now as we at Routefinders for Friends prepare for not-for-profit incorporation the internet appearance of this site is facing Simplification. Many pages on this site need to be rewritten or removed. [This site is also the landing page for my domain names: DCNN.pro, NaturalConnectionsHealthcare.com, SparringHome.org and IslandNaturalPsychotherapy.com.]

FYI: This site is non-political. The strong forces surrounding the new President have puzzled me. In fact, when he gave his announcement that he may bomb Korea, my youthful military training in the 1960s came to mind. I spent that night in focused repose preparing for what now seemed possible. I rested and slept that night but as in battle situations I was ready to shift to meet the needs of the morning. Likely my role would have been to join the civil disaster response resources that I had practiced with recently. When the next day came there was no nuclear exchange.

After four days of international tensions being reported I chose to spend time taking extra care of my own strength and resilience. In psychotherapy fashion I allowed myself a daily interaction with the world I loved around me. Finally I felt a major shift start to develop regarding my work in the civilian sphere while I continue developing Routefinders for Friends as a resource for both veterans and the vibrant civilian society in which veterans are living after leaving uniformed life. My major commitment is to "Women and Children First' -- happy-enough children and healthy women are the key to the long-term health of human society.

Health Care Consultations as well as Teaching:

[being updated]

I will still be available for brain health services, supporting adults and children with learning challenges, and "strategizing to optimize trauma recovery." I plan to reduce my focus on attempting to deliver full-spectrum care to veterans because of the complex effects of the current psychiatry and psychology model that is behind the medications and treatments mandated for veterans.

The recent major positive addition to the health care options available to the public is known as the Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Site: www.PsychANP.org

Following is a link to a podcast interview. It is conducted by Psychologist David Van Nuys, Ph.D. of www.ShrinkRapRadio.com He intervidew co-founder of Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians Jennifer Bahr, N.D.. 509-the-naturopathic-approach-to-psychiatric-problems-with-jennifer-bahr-nd/

This home page also serves as the redirect landing page for my domain names: www.DCNN.pro, www.NaturalConnectionsHealthcare.com and www.IslandNaturalPsychotherapy.org (for my Hawaii license as a naturopathic physician).

Twitter accounts:

  • Tweets about the intersections of Uniformed Service and the Diverse Civilian Population of the United States: www.twitter.com/routefindersff  [Recently updated; Mars Base B is very interesting]
  • Tweets about Mars Base B: Imaginal Technology to get people thinking about "life after wartime" and building a society that all the world will see offers hope and possibilities for self-growth and family health: www.twitter.com/marsbaseb
    Below is a display I created with a boat in a cider jug; I built it over a few months' time in 1968-1969 preparing for my commissioned service as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. I was in the pre-medicine track, which means that I was preparing for a lot of responsibility very soon after commissioning and graduation from University of Michigan Medical School.

I built this model ship when I was a cadet, classed as active duty, USAF Academy. It was a boat-in-a-bottle using a cider jug with no hidden opening in the glass. It took many hours to engineer, and to repair one broken "rope" holding the mainmast (using a thin bamboo strut with a wire clamp with a crease that broke appropriately and left a hookeye to receive the hook of an elastic replacement "rope"). I still find pleasure in looking at the photograph although the work itself has long since been added to a professor's library. I invite you to consider the world and the various kinds of travels you have had already. We can explore what may be possible in your future.

... I am glad that for several years I have told viewers that they need to think about the fact that our nation in in our longest period of warfare. The film sampled here is: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. I saw it five times in the theater and have watched it at home on my large screen display. Reminder: This film is from a time when women were rarely able to act as Warfighters. (There is a lovely island woman in one scene in the film, and Russell Crowe's eye contact with her is intense but you never know if he and she ever touched.) The operative title of the 5 minute clip below reminds us that this was in the time of Napoleon Bonaparte of France and the intensely focused efforts of the British seamen to protect their women and children so that the rich legacy of thought and exploration and science might continue to flourish.

VERSION 2 -- This 5 minute clip was edited by the studio to be a rousing invitation of men to feel good about what was done in the name of saving their children from being made into slaves of the French. [I.e., made before President Trump was inaugurated into being the man at the tiller of the Ship of State.]

Again civilians: the Nation Is Still At Wartime stance -- This earlier Patriotic version of film helped me to FEEL the inner sense of Belonging and Brotherhood that was planted deep into us as young men less than 25 years old.
Superb film excerpt showing men and boys motivated to do the wartime work...in another century. [I watched it in theater 5 times and several more on DVD in my home office.] Today's uniformed service is much different, but Family, Friends and Community can still be central in the minds and hearts of those who join.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.  With Russell Crowe and Ralph Bellamy.
Treating veterans is an important challenge after they are welcomed home.


Russians are in the news. Not the same as The Russian Army. [I have read writers who differentiate, for instance, the Japanese Army when it invaded China; from the Japanese people.] Here is a clip that shows how heroic the Russian people were in holding off the German Army. The intensity of the film is high.

[The photos and observations below are re-purposed from private communication directed to a Naval Academy cadet we encountered on the Metro during his first months at Annapois v. 01-25-2017] 

[Some of this was written during Transition 2017 before the Inauguration, on January 14, 2017. I am adding to what I began writing during my three days of avoiding hearing the results after the polls closed on Nov 8. I've got a lot of respect for the young men and women who stand up for positions that may become harrowing. Best wishes to us all.]

Expanded-Purpose page. Quick access tabs to below = Rapid Retarget Skill | Pleasure as Power  | Uniformity | Building brain circuits to withstand "battle damage" ---- (A) and (B) coming | Quick links for brain/body learning | Monitor my networks via new A-to-Z page Artwork to Zoo

This special page is for what I call All Cadets.*
















Originally I had seen a young man who looked like Robert Redford in the flm, The Way We Were (with Barbara Streisand), His nametag included two numbers after his name: "20"; and it was his future graduation date.

*In this public version when I say Cadet I mean that you may be in a profession prior to completion and graduation. You might be a medical resident or training for another profession. He definitely was not yet 24 years old. I wanted him to hear about the phase of brain development prior to complete myelination, Anyone who is enrolled in training and they are between ages 12 and 24, their brain is not yet fully able to be stable and not easily be distracted. [See Brainstorm book information about how to understand what Dr. Dan Siegel has termed "The Teenage Brain" as it matures into full adult myelination, protection and self-control. Non-public photos/insights of me enthusiastically serving opens to my old teaching site.]

My old bio is being updated. [About Me] I'll be traveling the path of memory for a couple of months as I recall the glory and the grit of cadet training and then graduation with President Richard M. Nixon speaking at my graduation and commissioning, June 4, 1969. My Dad and Mom were there. You can hear his address at this archive (leaves this page, remember to bookmark it): Text -- http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=2081 ; audio button is on that page right side column.

Addendum: Pic to the right was taken at the Kaiser Center for Total Health in Washington DC in summer 2016











I plan to add more text after a few days of enjoying good weather and backyard exercise preparing for "Half Iron Man" race next year. Here is a photo of the badges that I wore on my green jacket when eating my Veterans Day celebratory meal at P.F. Chang's in Chevy Chase MD. The Track Photo-Op is of me lined up where I trained at Allegan High School (Michigan), on the new 2015 track surface. Below that is a collection of USAF Academy magazines from around 1965, including the James-Bond-Pose lady with a "speech bubble" that I placed on her yesterday when I found the magazine. [All my photos are Enlarge-Worthy,]

This page will be simplified.

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