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[v. 02/01/2023] Hello to Allyson and Paulo.(spelling?) This site has become a workshop for invited readers. I recommend it if we have spoken about my research experiences. It is science focused. It is not intended to confuse religious readers. ["How do I join?"  Add SecondLife.com Mars2 link.]

Holiday Update for Alyssa: Please email me at [email protected] I found myself thinking of you daily. I am getting an office phone this weekend. I'm very interested in your new Recording Device.

Dr Wilson points to Kaiser Center for Total Health.

Being updated after Colin Powell's death during final months of preparation for Wisdom Day 2021, December 26 link.] Service to nation after military service has energized men and women since the founding of the United States of America. For several years now I have drawn inspiration from the example of General Colin Powell. I am glad to be an active writer using channels of Twitter.com; such as @routefindersff, @NinjaPsychREAL and @MarsBaseB. 

More later after I find out how to share writing with Harrison Ford and JK Rowling.


[Being updated during a time of day with spotty connection to the internet.]

I was "launched" into service by President Nixon during the 1969-70s Space Program. As a senior cadet at USAF Academy I did research to design oxygen replenishment through green plants. That might have led to a role in a future imagined Earth Orbit Space Station. Now after the year 2020, thanks to Dr, McClure [NIHA_dc] there are multiple streams of discovery opening up internationally for what he uniquely knows.

Therapist Directory Psychology Today [link] | New Clinical Strategies Site [link].



This entire site has been energized by the wisdom of Mark McClure, DDS, FAGD, Ph.D.[Hon]. Dr. McClure is internationally known for his masterful management of family health crises,

Dr. McClure is skilled at treating complex pediatric dentistry situations. He helped me with a research IRB years ago. I am preparing to organize research into social health and pediatric dental health for all children coming into our nation.


Some methods I use include: EMDR, DBOT, CSTx, Cranial BioDynamics, Biofeedback, Heart Rate Variability (HRV using Nerve express.net), AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging, Cranial Bone and Bite consultations with BIological Dental Specialists. And more...

I am no stranger to negotiations and planning and being adept at seeing and "mapping forward" [Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 2014 mapped out mammal "map-making" with Hippocampus to "orient in space" then also orient in how we see and love or hate other people].

[See developments in the essay on this site about stopping bullying Porges and Islam Clues.] Remember that I've trained in the Cinema Therapy method of using films as rapid-access methods for psychotherapy with typical humans as well as aboriginal/indigenous folk [See Zur Institute.]


[Edit more] I've been buoyed by knowing Dr. McClure -- the Founder of a national health asset called NIHA, National Integrated Health Associates in Washington DC. His deep wisdom and long-term commitment to The United States touched my heart.

[v. August 7, 2021, 12:09 pm; being updated President Biden has not yet been removed. Smile...our military is awake, Independent politically for the most part. Humor may help if we call this "The Biden Experiment"; his presidency certainly has caused Changes.]

See the trailer for the original of the film titled, Wargames. This film is Family-friendly about a Hugh school geek. It is a film where the touch of a young woman classmate saves the young man who stops a war. See Minute 40 of film, War Games...the general says, "Get me the President on the horn."... Then he said, .....somebody's playing a game with us. 

The film is a humorous look at human self-annihilation. But Matthew Broderick says to the powerful young woman..."I thought there would be plenty of time..."]. Link to trailer.

President Trump once had this North Korean Dictator smiling and distracted from war against the USA, Japan and the world: Kim Jong-Un would kill Muslims.

A few years ago I found the Commencement address of President Richard Nixon to the US Air Force Academy: ... [Link]

This site update now is intended for brains of mental health professionals.

For Psychotherapists' Eyes only. 

Caution if you are Christian, Muslim or Jewish, or Mormon. This entire site is being edited for brain-mind health specialists who treat trauma.

 I've been trained in medical school as well as Army Airborne, Navy SEAL-trained in jungle warfare (1967), Air Force Pararescue battlefield surgery and many other trainings and "learnings." [I was a maverick when I was a cadet at the USAF Academy.]

Note to Team Routefinders... I plan weekly updates because of national disruption by BLM and Communist brain programming specialists. The nation is finally on alert and people are seeking answers.  I feel hopeful.  

Learn about Cinema Therapy at ZurInstitute.com. View film Master and Commander The Far Side of the World. It stars Russel Crowe and Paul Bettany (The Doctor). I've watched this film in theater three times. It is almost like a journey back in time. Later, I recommend one of the online channels where there is one of more person discussing "The Making Of" The film or play. [Paste link to Director's Cut and also how they got Russell Crowe to be Lucky Jack Aubrey. [LINK

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World..

Add link to updated, film Wargames .
President Trump's administration was geared to be aware of current dangers.

Below is the superb work of Dr. Lenore Walker to protect battered women.

Link to Battered Women website.

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