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Channel 57 NIHA

[March 21, 2019] Private page, bookmark it because it is not on the page Menu. Now open to NIHA-friendly practitioners with families if call ahead.]

It was a Party!

Join Minnie the Mouse and her consort Mickey. [Dolls not actors.]

Private residence of my host.

Doors opened at 11, and it was a good day.

Official Coast Into Relaxing Fun and Food: Noon

Kid-friendly. Two bathrooms. Changing space is in the Laundry room which has curtain.

Rain or Shine. We have three floors, and a workshop out back that is perfect for a floating water WATSU pool.Kite-Making. Bring your own string.

BYOB: [Bring Your Own Broom -- clean party every time]

[Next party I hope to have a robot ROOMBA for spills and cookie crumbs etc. Until then... I'll do my best.]

On-street parking. 2 blocks from Maryland Ride-On bus #12 [accepts WMATA SmartTrip cards]. 

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