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Dream Log

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What Symbols or Images are important to you this Easter/Passover/Springtime week?

I've done a Dream Log for several years now, thanks to David Van Nuys, Ph.D. of ShrinkRapRadio.com. Today's dream was the most active and movie-like I've ever had. It even had the moving image like from the film The Matrix in which numbers or characters were floating downward from above the screen. In my case, it represented the calming and Welcoming intersection of my responsibilities for others with the dreams and hopes of myself after the many "encounters with death" in my long life of service to others.

You young ones who are under age 25: I recommend you find a way to mark the trail of your life as you move through time and space. We elders are always around and some of us even make time to let you stop by and tell us your story that day.

I highly recommend that you convert some thoughts into markings and words onto paper, or a napkin, or maybe even your bathroom wall to add to the strength of remembering the moment.


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