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East-West Healing Arts

[v. 07-10-2019]. Beginning to re-write this page.]  I  honor this unique practitioner, Nurse Carole Berberich. She is also a skilled massage practitioner as well as a fully Licensed Acupuncturistl. I've been deeply impressed by Carole Berberich and her helper dog Lucky Barker. Lucky has recently died and had burial and memorial services. He is deeply missed. Stop and think for a moment about Lucky and all the love he gave to her patients. They enjoyed his gentleness and the calm of his huge and solid animal-ness. He knew who he was: East-West Healing Arts site.

Take a Time Out. Unplug away from downtown hustle and bustle. No POLITICS allowed. Just come and be pampered and feel the healing process. Offering Acupuncture, Eastern-Western Medicine Massage, Biofeedback technologies and more.

East-West Healing Arts offers a break from downtown stresses. Visit the Zoo after sessions such as Biofeedback, Tai Chi, Qi gong, massage, hot rocks on your back, or a visit with Lucky Barker the elder Emotional Service Animal (ESA) who still grandly lies and watches the world go by.

Flash:  Bodywork can be life-changing. "Every Body in DC needs a break" [from the work and responsibilities within this unique city. Come and see what "bliss out" and learning what FlexAware may mean for you. {At www.FlexAware.com} Carole is wonderful and accurate at the same time, a real friend to those patients she has known for many years Sometimes we do two-practitioner massage for couples.

Below includes earlier pictures of Lucky Barker and me in younger years:

Below is a video of an extended time when I was sitting on the bank of a river. It shows beautiful scenes of river and forest and bathes you with the sound of gentle water. Only a few times do dogs appear in the screen but you can hear them as if they were children exploring this wonderful land. Carefully a few times they go into the water. This video is carefully presented so that it likely would be more appreciated by a quiet adult rather than young children. But you might be able to set up a loop of digital video so that this could become background on a large monitor. and they playfully explore the water. I find that it is therapeutic to watch it in a large video screen. I think that younger children would be able to look at the film more than one time because there are many details that can be seen on a second viewing. These are younger dogs, which means that their youthful nervous systems are more likely close to the neuroscience model for young humans.

I've studied a lot in my academic and professional life. Mostly I want to offer my professional services for Carole's clients. In this clinic she is the Alpha; she chooses what we and the animals offer at the facility.

However, because I am so committed to adults and children with learning and brain function challenges I think that you might enjoy also visiting the internet site of Doctor Daniel and Nurse Tana, the Amens at the Amen Clinic. See www.AmenClinic.com. I have been an Amen Method educator for many years now, and can deliver a lot of what he and she give to their clients online. Also, for immediate brain problem referral I can coordinate with their satellite facility in Reston, VA.

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