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Election 2016

[As we prepare for Transition for the busy new Trump Administration... v. 11-15-2016]
At 8 pm on Election Day I sequestered myself for two days without knowing who won.
This was my vigil for the military and all in uniform. I described it below* for my network.

*Below is my description of the Vigil that I kept for the nation on the day after Election 2016.

I slept briefly after the polls closed but then woke and held watch in darkness on behalf of the "crew" of all the officers and enlisted in our entire armed forces. I often think of myself in this wooden-floored home as Navy ship commander, having watched Master and Commander over ten times. I assume that you have watched that film at least once. The second and third times you view it at large resolution you can look and see tiny features -- such as the guy taking a poop while suspended off the side of the ship. (Human functions are important for a captain to protect and respect.) I may someday come out to Annapolis and view a game or some event . I'd like to do that so that I could again feel the depth of gratitude and pride at seeing young men and women who are under 25 honing their skills and learning about life in a carefully tended growth environment.

FYI: Major Post-Election Assurance: I placed photos and thoughts taken during Election Day on my Twitter account: @RoutefindersFF Re who won the election --  Military lives will be at different risks depending which of the two major candidates ends up taking the role of POTUS on January 20, 2017. Neither one of the candidates could make the future be such that no military lives would be lost during the next four years.  And in addition we in uniform (or who have worn one) know that human who is born also will have an end to their life story at some time.*

I don't know if you or your family or cadet friends had a particular candidate on your Top line for consideration. I myself am an independent and have even avoided joining a religion although I visit churches and synagogues. As an athlete and psychotherapy provider I have kept as neutral and supportive as I can for all people with whom I interact.

Be resilient and able to re-target when that is required. This Election 2016 is your first one in which you could vote. You are now voting while also wearing a uniform. From now on usually every four years, there is a potential change in Commander in Chief. The officers are commissioned into the ranks of the uniformed services under the POTUS. Your skill sets and your readiness to lead sailors as well as to follow orders of those above you in rank, all of that remains the same regardless who is POTUS. Check out @POTUS after January 20th.

In closing

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Below was for the VA center in DC [redacted Nov 13, 2016]
Today: Presentation to DC VAMC re accessibility for Disabled Veterans.
YOU: I am glad for all of you. I will learn details about you from your Staffer.

ME: (See the current About Me) -- In the back of my mind today I come to you as a combination of Harrson Ford in Blade Runner, and a flesh-and-blood post-movie healed and flexible version of Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.

Today we are here to speak on behalf of fhe healthcare Circle that is founded by Jim Turner and Betsy Lehrfeld.
This event today is called Hope on the Hill and is an event created by Voice for Hope.
BELOW: This page was originally titled Pets and Our Healing
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