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Family Constellations Private

[April 15 6:30 p.m., Tax Day] Yesterday I was given Notice that I need to leave the house that I'd hoped to buy from the CPA geek who bought it 20 years ago and let it slide downhill due to his disabilities and inability to really listen to people.

Below includes some text from the private page that I created for Laurie Parrinello, the new A.R.T. arm testing assistant to Dr. McClure at NIHA. When I discovered that she knew this Klinghardt method in addition to being a True Army veteran after some years as a soldier in uniform in the modern Army, I felt a strong wave of peace and presence when she stood beside Mark and lay her hand on my arm. Afterward I've been using all my knowledge of prayer and contemplation, Connectedness and Contex to create a platform that offers safe growth for Laurie as well as sheltering my own growth in the coming years.

I hope to hear more of your superb work at NIHA and elsewhere, my Friends. You are more valuable than I can put into words. This is phenomenological.

Below is some text from what I put on Laurie's unlisted page. It feels a lot like one man with a less than strong context in the Family.

[April 15 Tax Day 2019, my first morning after my host in Takoma Park told me I had to vacate, leave this property.] I had transformed into a rehab facility because the VA had nothing like this, I needed to do this because there was little money for extensive rehab of body and brain after that uninsured 18-year-old in Hilo Hawaii ran me down with his Bronco and was unable to pay for the hundreds of thousands of dollars that might have stopped my gradual decline and near-dying experiences as a PTSD veteran of the "Vietnam Era."

Laurie, this page may never be seen by you. I've rapidly assessed the situation and I do not want to reduce your effectiveness as a modern Army veteran (post 911) who has birthed four active and intelligent children. Your presence at NIHA has been a godsend to that beleagured institution which the AMA/DC Medical Board has tried to shut down. They are lucky to have you onboard. I am currently leaning on God as evidenced in NIHA and Family Constellations and FlexAware. I don't believe that God sends anyone anything and I don't believe that God has plans for the future ... rather because of Neuroscience I believe that each person rapidly perceives and then calculates and compares (as Dr. Gant can describe in detail) possible actions and then one choice is made and the day unfolds on that basis.

Laurie I have a new partner arrangement with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families: https://ivmf.syracuse.edu/partners-initiatives/why-partner-with-the-ivmf/ They help veterans connect with other veterans such as a house architect who could help me plan for the Routefinders headquarters after we incorporate as a non-profit institute.

Today's writing ends with this paragraph. I've got a morning appointment with a hand surgeon to continue repairing the loss of my thumb tip during a motivational project I was creating in the woodshop at the USAF Academy in springtime 1968 after the Tet Offensive brought into high visibility the possibility of attack on American soil . I'll be getting legal services from homeless contact in DC with THRIVE-DC. (They are cool, here is my book cover, THRIVE-DC: S pirit of Being & Thinking, The book includes my blog entries on Autonomic Response Testing and other important health resources. You can click on this link to order print-on-demand copies: http://www.lulu.com/shop/woody-wilsonnd/thrive-dc-spirit-of-being-thinking/paperback/product-22784298.html

Respectful regards and Aloha from here. RWW

Mary, Betsy and Carol, here is the embedded tweet that feels most important out of the many that I have uploaded. FYI I have never allowed comments on my twitter channels, because I consider them to be a log of my thinking process as I do psychotherapy methods when writing  (Ref Bill O'Hanlon and my certification with him in his Post-Erickson teachig). I stand behind each twitter entry @RoutefindersFF and @MarsBaseB







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