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FlexAware beyond Yoga

v. 03-92-2020 Coronavirus Urgent Alert — FlexAware is perfect for quarantined people. It boosts immune physiology and allows your body to successfully make small “forward [email protected] in learning self-healing. Steven or any of his certified FlexAware Health Coaches can advise you. In person, on telephone or via email coaching virtually anyone can feel their neuroscience knowledge as it begins to activate innate self-healing physiology. Contact me or Nurse Berberich for services and coaching over the telephone or more public non-touch services. She’s skilled at guiding you as you are home and she advises you on acupressure points and Reflexology treatment. Direct message phone for her is our office phone; (202) 483-7081. Trust her to be thorough as well as carrying in her mind and her sense of touch what I call an Accurate Model of The Patient’s Energies and Personality. I’ve coached her on many of my assessment and advising methods.

[Below: Not updated since Trump Victory 2016]

Virtually everyone has some knowledge of millennia-proven Yoga. This new page is intended to be a bridge between Yoga and FlexAware®.  You can read more and see an impressive couple of videos about yoga on the page that I titled, "Safer Yoga..." -- which I wrote because some people are concerned about the philosophy behind yoga. Click here on on the menu: Safer Yoga... 


Now, I invite you to begin to learn also about FlexAware. 
Link to my Teaching Site with insights about FlexAware.  

Added February 2016:

FlexAware® Teacher Training

Become a certified Coach. 

Four weekends: 

Location: Washington DC, Chevy Chase neighborhood.  

Four weekends: March 5-6 and 19-20, Apr. 2-3 and 16-17.

            9:30 to 5:30 each day. Make-up options for missed classes. 

Tuition: $1795. ($1595 if paid in full by Feb. 12)

            Deferred payment and work-study possibilities.   

Click on this link or on the picture to go to YouTube and view a segment of the FlexAware DVD that I include in a larger presentation about my practice: 




**Reassuring words about your comfort level
"...People of any religious or spiritual tradition can enjoy FlexAware with no distractions and no worries. There’s nothing in it that presumes, suggests, requires, or relies on faith.

If you have some faith tradition or practice, you may find special value in FlexAware. Many traditions and practices use breathing as a theme or focus. A synonym for “inhaling” is “inspiring.” The root of “inspiring” is “spirit,” which is Latin for “breath” or “to breathe.” All of the FlexAware movements start with breathing and awareness of how we breathe.

You might even do small subtle FlexAware movements as you pray or meditate or worship. The movements can be nearly indistinguishable from stillness. Even such small subtle movements facilitate blood flow and nerve activity, thereby preventing or relieving stiffness and pain — and perhaps adding power to your prayers and practices."   -- Steven Shafarman [

Cautious endorsement of FlexAware by fundamentalist Christian  women's network
[they had been concerned about the religious nature of Yoga, and realize that FlexAware is what I call faith-neutral.]



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