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Iris Analysis And Counseling

Addendum June 2015: I've been a peer-reviewer for a European journal that is receiving research papers correlating iris fiber structure with archetypical personality questionnaire assessments. I find this encouraging due to recent events when I visited the Bastyr University campus and heard a guest lecturer speak on World Medicines and archetypes.

Learn to see yourself in a new way. Recent advances in photography of the iris of the eye -- of humans and animals -- are behind this new page.

This page was created because some people seek me out and ask for "Iridology." They learn from me that the structure of the eye is understood to be associated with other tissues in the body in a "map" like fashion. This is similar to the "map" of the ear for Auricular Acupuncture ("Auriculotherapy"), or other maps (Korean Hand Acupuncture and the Microcircuits information presented by Ralph Alan Dale, L.Acup.

Because I and others understand that the neurotransmitter dynamics of the body are affected by the inherited or congenital structure of organs and tissues, I consider it a valid statement to say that The Eye is a Window to view the Emotional Tendencies/"Soul"..

Picture of an iriscope for photographing the eye

As many of you know, I describe iris photography with iris analysis as "The New Stethoscope." Click here for larger three page document.

Known in its popular form as "Iridology", iris photography 
can lead to discovery of useful correlations of findings with possible physical and neuro-emotional tendencies.

Neuro-Emotional/Behavioral Correlations:

Sources include Traditional Chinese Medicine associations of organ meridians and emotions, and the “Rayid” system of emotional iridology described by Denny Ray Johnson  in his book What the Eye Reveals

"The future will prove Rayid a leader in counseling techniques. Using it along with what we know about human behavior, we can more wholly problem-solve and integrate questions on educational, career and marital choices and how to change personal, familial or parental attitudes and behavior." -- Dr. Hester Lewis, Harvard Medical School , School of Psychiatry

Here is my page, Iridology Science, on my earlier teaching site.

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