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  • [Urgent Riot updates soon  v. 10-06-2020]
    See Twitter @routefindersff and @NinjaPsychP for updates on sharing profile info on “Hijacked young Muslim brains” and how to protect from those who can’t shut off hate-for-women brain pathways. Tomorrow I intend to remove much of this front page which might trouble young minds under Adult Brain age of 25 years old.

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  • September 11: Urgent change in turbulent times. Updates of entire site will be made. This is NOT our Telehealth site for health strategizing. We are politically independent. Services of Dr. Wilson are Out Of Network [RFF is OON] Coming: A psychotherapist looks at Pandemic causing changes from typical expectations. [Warning about the embedded videos: YouTube has sold rights to some so that there are pop-up windows advertising Democrat pitches for donations to help Joe Biden bring Muslim clerics and wife-beating Sharia Law... I’m hoping to fix that soon!] To view cut and paste the following text line into a browser:   https://youtu.be/bS7I9_xNi5A

[Due to Pre-Election threats I am hiding most pages including Las Vegas, Nevada Sex Therapy for Courtesans; as well as  Urgent CoVid19 update | Riots & Racism | (Recent Code word: Gravity)]

That video is narrated with healing compassion by James Earl Jones. He says for suicide thoughts call 1-800-PickUpThe Phone. It may not play due to new ownership of the copyright. [Message to Dame Helen Mirren [Helen Mirren Master Class]: I placed your movie trailer on several pages of this site so that people can see your presentation of the difficult choices forced upon military who have to protect people from Islamist terrorists. The film, Eye in the Sky, is well acted! Thank you.]

To Visitors, Welcome: Please consider this front page to be a CoVid19 plus Riots and Racism shocked and awed document.

This page can be scrolled to reveal important videos and graphics about Racism and Riots that I gathered over my career. I am preparing to use material from the site for my next book. I've removed pages on this site while I prepare for a Telehealth focused practice. This site no longer includes: Appointments; Services; About; Fees; Laboratory testing.

I've remodeled it into a Menu of insights to help with COVID as well as Racism and Riots in our nation. My frequent dated updates help me modify the content; with the intent of being a non-political, Anti-Privilege Brain-Boosting resource that can help your self understanding. I have recently encountered Dave Chapell's insights and have sprinkled his grounded observations on America throughout the pages. I do not have a mailing list. To follow my announcements you are invited to Follow my Twitter social media accounts: 1. @Routefindersff ; and 2. @MarsBaseB   I wish the world were a better place.]

Smile! Naturopathic Psychiatry has been launched. [Dimmed a bit by Coronavirus disaster calculations jump to Mirren Team below] This happy couple on bicycles in their own neighborhood are smiling but you can't know about their ancestors who died; neither can anyone smile and stop by their house to join a crowd for some corn bread, chicken, crawdads, catfish, possum, dumplings, okra, collard greens. sweet potato pie and watermelon. [Neuroscience can be given to describe why those foods were "Black dietary staples" and were eaten in community gatherings by Black Female Moon Program specialists in the 1960s; male athletes also benefited from these foods.] The film, Hidden Figures, only celebrated one woman. However in the film you see the social challenges behind the scenes. The Black people of America and their resilient community literally saved our Moon Landing program. Their brains were faster than the early IBM computer; their team outshined the white guys in the control room as they attended to details. One woman in particular showed the value of what I learned in my own bootcamp and military career: If you can stand and let troubles swirl around you but not get agitated, you may be able to stand and calculate safe data for your flight through life. [Ask Black commentator Dave Chapell]

Learn to Calculate: If you can stand and let troubles swirl around you but not get agitated, you may be able to stand and calculate safe data for your flight through life.

When she had finished a task of calculating, she then sprang into action wisely. She knew that then her job was to efficiently deliver the data. Her conscientious care for her tasks saved the day for Alan Shepard's successful orbit. See her picture and the faces of those Black women in the film Hidden Figures. Space Program Legacy: And so it was that okra and collard greens, grits, chicken, green salads, watermelon and more built strong bodies with good teeth for those women. I think that most of the early astronauts had been so mal-nutriented with sugary foods that none survived. I do have a photo of Buzz Aldrin with a Buzz Lightyear action figure. These women in the film lived lives that seemed to be tightly safely nurtured despite "No Negros" signs on water faucets. Their strong character living in difficult but healthy neighborhoods made these women the smartest and fastest and most polite and religiously resilient females in America at that time.

[The content below is OKAY FOR WHITE FOLK. Ask Dave Chapell...] The following presentation by a psychotherapist may shock some of my white visitors, especially Muslim males.*

*This is a new video originally spoken to psychotherapists:

The Great Debaters is a superb look at Black college student excellence in the last century. Denzel Washington and Oprah Winfrey have backed the film about debating in white privileged "ivy league" colleges.

Dr. Wilson has been Anti-Racist for nearly 20 years after having moved to live in Washington DC in October 2001. He has seen the subtle hurts that have harmed the peace of mind of Black Americans. Those are the ones who came north after the gentlemanly defeat of the Confederate ideology. Luckily now we are seeing the removal of those terrible memories by the Civil War statues being placed in Museum or Isolated locations. Nobody needs to feel that it is right to speak to Black women as those women in the film Hidden Figures had to withstand.for being Black and Female. Below is Michelle Nichols who was advised by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to remain in the Star Trek in her role as a crew member. Another clip I found online was The First Interracial Kiss on American Television, she told it with laughter.

Below is the Welcome to Wisdom Day 2015 introduction. The voice is my strong and vibrant voice, prior to major accidents in the past five years. My voice is returning to be close to the Prosidy (Stephen Porges, Ph.D.) which I had then. Listen and feel the timing and the way I was able to use my Hypnotherapy skills to bring to mind the possibility for our future with Psychotherapists leading the way in change in Mental and Behavioral Health professions. [See Shrink Rap Radio | Zur Institute]

Welcome!  [v. 06/25/2020 at 12:30 pm after watching Black humorist/scholar Dave Chapell last night I will never forget his calm about Black deaths in past weeks. See my Twitter feed for insights on his work and honoring Black Soldiers in Civil War and Tuskeegee Airmen.  You can watch earlier videos decades ago when he could smile during his presentations.  Addendum: 1. President Nixon's graduation address to USAF Academy June 4, 1969. 2. President Trump's address to West Point. 3. Three hours with the beloved commentator Dave Chapell in a happier time under President Obama. 4. Suicide Prevention slide show about a minute long, narrated by the rich voice of James Earl Jones. (I apologize if the popup ad triggers a violent reaction in your brain; they are White folks trying to skim money from the therapeutic tones of National Treasure James Earl Jones.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx How to Beat Your Wife, Islamist educator xxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx yazidi woman captured xxx

As a psychiatrist and also a psychotherapist I was thankful for Dave Chapell recording three hours of what some would call Raunchy Black talk. Actually he is using surgical precision to use what George Carlin might call Word Bombs. I won't paste here the video online of Dave Chapell using attention-grabbing words like "I grabbed her by the pussy" and also saying "I'm sorry that I said that shit." He's a lot like Mark Twain, only he's much more brain-stimulating simply he is Black. Black is a term denoting humans who can be beaten, crushed, disrespected and more yet still eventually rise back up and be able to have children and cook food and begun again to develop Black Wall Street and other oases of pride and abundance.  So I will now paste below one or more of his mind-blowing and hope inspiring video presentations:

RFF Institute is preparing for major funding drive to help the nation in the nature of psychiatrist/ psychoanalyst Carl Jung (Jung Institute). coronavirus distraction update underway. Several pages of this site were recently removed. 

I have started to minimize this internet site’s public access to alternative medicine information.  However, because of Black wise man Dave Chapell's response about killings I will keep this site accessible. See psychiatric site that describes the Adolescent Brain between ages 12 and 24. DrDanSiegel.com.  

Now that CoVID19 has changed the known "landscape" of human existence it is time for active updating of people's access to what are A) Both medical and home-use Biofeedback technologies, and B) Intricate Holodeck Haptic Feedback Gloves that make possible our new relationship to Digital or Imaginal alternate reality constructions. [Addendum; This is what Dave Chapell would rightly classify as the hopeful play with possibilities that can only happen now with White Privilege protected minds (or Black minds like his who are millionaires, Oprah, Whoopie, etc.)

Mr. Clinton and Sex: History very proud of telling me that they were virgins when they got married. Corrections from me a Lawyer's Grandson.. Mr. Clinton's mind was made up that "sex" was divisible into stages. Years before the Clinton "Impeachment Lesson" I met a lovely couple on a SAC bomber base in Michigan. He and I were both dropping out of military service and being courtmartialed etc. He was a handsome navigator whose job was to make sure the weapons hit the target. He and his young wife were beautiful and self-assured and he was a virgin when they married.  I wanted to know how he was able to pull off dating women without getting them pregnant and staying virgin. He was very proud to tell me the way he did it. He later told me the secret, which I didn't understand. he said "I used my mouth." 

Mr. Clinton deserves two congressional apologies. One above is that he felt that using the mouth is not actual healthy loving sex. They should have let him make the determination of the definition.

The second apology is based on a sad fact earlier. In order to keep kids from being drawn too early into highly addictive sex stimulation he had appointed a medical doctor as Surgeon General. Joyce Lynn Elders, M.D. announced her simple plan let the Black kids learn the pleasure of having sex stimulation. Congress fired her.  Both she and Mr. Clinton are heroes. Her Sensate Focus Training was seen by Congress as Promoting Masturbation. So they fired her. Then President Clinton's only option was to let Monica Lewinsky be drawn to him by the animal magnetism between the two.  


[My psychotherapy hopes for a solid mind-body distraction have been discouraged by hatred of groups of people toward other people.
The Imaginal Landscape of what I am calling Holodeck Digital Mars Shell B ["Shell B"] begins at an entry point. This will be for people who voluntarily sign up to join other people who agree to the "rules of engagement with Cyber-Life." My hope is that the Second Life organization will agree to manage the availability of Cyber Landscape that represents the totality of the surface of Mars that I want to exist as a copy of the actual Mars surface but that "hovers" as a shell one mile above the highest natural structure on Mars.


Due to coronavirus concerns nationally I’m modifying this Home page. I want site visitors to imagine the safety and happiness that could be experienced when humans actually colonize and have children on the real Mars.  For now follow CoVID19 instructions from your local government. My possible future includes manufacture of prefabricated housing units and other industry on the Moon that can be more economically shipped to Mars.

As a trained naturopathic physician with experience in pediatrics I have prepared a page to encourage colonization to include physicians who will assist with a future historical moment: the birth of the First Martian child. [First Pediatrician on Mars.]

Here is a photograph taken from space. I plan to streamline the Home page. Exhale, focus and click Menu. Alternatively you can scroll down and see what I wrote about the Bruce Lee Family (you too can join).



The third image is a still picture created by the family of Bruce Lee. You are invited to find their site and join. It is simple to find the site: you can choose to join the Bruce Lee Family. [jump to THEIR site.] The photos and videos of Bruce Lee can be looked at as examples of one man defending his family.. I was privileged to receive a response years ago when I wrote a condolence letter after the loss of the precious son. We can all realize that we are the precious sons and daughters of the Human Lineage. Protect the lineage and keep it honorable.

[v. 01-05-2020; 7:00 pm: codes -- NIT, JBC and DDD. Will be explained soon on another twitter @routefinders]   

FYI this site has pages that load "slowly." You have a choice to perceive that "slowness" as being blessed by Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is a classic example of vibrant power in a physical body. Bruce Lee does not demand that people bow down to him, This makes me think of the Jackie Chan type of quiet thoughtfulness with possibility of rapid action.

This power can be imparted to people who are of any type of body or even in a hospital bed or wheelchair. His work covers multiple types of Qi gong. FYI: Age is a factor; in my teachings I don't recommend anyone below age 8 to do the movements that adults explore. Note: I am not taking any new students until after the March Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2020 in Washington DC. 

Note: My experience in Space Command in 1968 before the President chose to change priorities, was very uplifting. I have confidence that people will move forward and find ways to improve life on Earth. We'll work it out.

The whole world now knows that the Earth is like a Blue Marble. Let's all study this glorious life we can be part of. Take care of the children.


My training at Bastyr University included a professional certificate that was transformative. It was in Spirituality, Health & Medicine. It changed many lives in exactly the way that the field of psychotherapy says it is capable of. For more on this complex but very lively profession I invite therapists to look at the site about the upcoming symposium: Psychotherapy Networker Symposium.

Like Dr. Bill Mitchell did for us naturopathic medical students, we will walk the journey together even though we are apart. His memories and tips are shared with all who are ready. Because we are in a wartime readiness situation, I have chosen to begin sharing the hidden knowledge with this set of students who can them pass it on. Bruce Lee's Family is invited but don't expect to see them publically. I am speaking to students only of the University of Washington MD medical school and students at Bastyr University who are studying either for naturopathic diploma, or acupuncture diploma, or the herb, or the homeopathy archive., with desire to learn some battlefield surgeon types.The tuition will be a donation to Bruce Lee's family. You can work it out and show me the receipt. There are other schools that can teach you these things, I am not making a profit because I am getting some Veterans assistance.

I know that in some way in their nation-wide community, Children Kids and Pets are Welcome to Bruce Lee's family.. Bruce Lee's family is now living out the reality of transmitting his knowledge. If you want to explore high-level inner energy economy, I recommend you talk with them and then tell me if you'd like to incorporate the gentle FlexAware system that Steve Shafarman and I are offering here in Seattle. See also what I have on this site in the Psychotherapy Options page. Some other pages on this site also have long-running scripts. Simply exhale and wait for that page to load.

Contemplate honoring Bruce Lee Family Growth. By sending something you think they would like to use to benefit their outreach to this fascinating world. [Opens in a new window.]

You are also invited to read about FlexAware starting with the link menu for that

FYI: I sometimes gaze upon Bill Gates and wonder what's next in that great cerebrum. I've done Qi gong work for 30 years now and I'm a bit concerned about 5-G networks. Looking at the high-end computer I have now at high speeds, I'm not confident the transition will be as smooth as people hope. But that will be for you youngers to figure out.         [redacted, re; my Hadron Collider blog post about my exchanges with Dr. Stephen Hawking] ….is only due to the effect of (get this) photons  leads me to, has actually Failed my personal Qi-gong-friendly assessment. [Please grasp what you can and leave the rest. I'm a member of Mensa and life is still a worthwhile focus of study. You may choose the book that is known as: The Web That Has No Weaver. Or you could download a software that is now available on both operating systems Chronoacupuncture. Happy searching.

My answer to a question that someone might be thinking might be: Don't reflexively simply "Slow Down!!!", rather...stay in the flow while you stay in the flow. This is definitely not Zen philosophy that I offer to the public. It is clear straight examination of your own experience introduced at www.FlexAware.com.  

Some of you Bastyr University students may actually require two years of FlexAware breathing before you can meet plateaus #1 to #4, These are Oops-Free events. That is a term that I coined. I will explain that in a Twitter posting starting February 1.

I've labeled "I just had my first Oops-Free Moment"  DO become aware. Think of it as "Go Inward Rapidly" as sometimes seen demonstrated by the central puzzle-master on episodes of HOUSE-MD. More is in the Psychotherapy Options section.

Happy Holidays. Winter Season is now in action. [See Chronoacupuncture concept]  Be sure to keep your pets and your plants warm. "Nature" takes care of the plants and animals who've survived the millennia. However, your pets and your children need to be managed by you. [If you watch this on a handheld device you may miss the pictures at the top of the screen showing Diversity photos--pet-friendly, skin-tone friendly, gender-friendly.]

The Moon Landing ceremonies were uplifting. Now I’ve landed in Seattle to bring Smiles to Kids. 

Welcome to my temporary Home Page. TherapySites.com is shifting us to a smoother and more secure set of encrypted servers which will deliver  a more "intuitive" and faster-loading result. Let us know how our team can help.

Twitter social media accounts: 1. @Routefindersff ; and 2. @MarsBaseB  

“Life in the kingdom of God is lit with light” I am told. Cities of Gold even.



Never, never, never Give UP whether you are woman, man or indeterminate. Listen to 14 minutes of Rocky inspiration [offline today], and then see Women and Girls Hula Hooping for Power. [FYI: In some Islamist nations women or girls can be killed for using Hula Hoop in public, or even owning one may lead to death. -- See  film Eye in The Sky to see what my colleagues in the military sadly have to deal with: Click to view in new window, Eye in the Sky film trailer]

(v. Friday July 19, 2019: The Fourth of July was inspirational.)

Summer reunions are over. Also, my friends in civilian service remind me that they serve the nation in non-military ways. My book project has a title that includes the words"Our Wartime"; I intend for that to cover almost all of the decades of our nation, since 1776. We are at war now. "Let the children play," goes a song. In churches you'll hear stories of Jesus saying, "Let the children come to me."

This new section will be rewritten when my new TherapySites template is transferred. Below is a video narrated by wise elder James Earl Jones about Suicide and the Human Condition. You CAN make it through the pain, there are many people who can help. I know many and I freely refer.

Kitemaster Woody in DC:

Ralph Wood Wilson, the Legend of Woody was birthed in the forge fires of USAFA by DK "Deek" who helped me see the powerful structure behind the cool, calm, collected after bashed exterior. I've enjoyed offering mentoring to young naturopathic physicians. And because our nation is still in a warfare stance I have mentored several young men and young women into the mindset and spiritual underpinnings that might be chosen for their life of service to the nation.



My next observation from my Cold War training: Russians are again in the news. ..[Redacted]

[Some of this following material was written during Transition 2017 before the Inauguration, on January 14, 2017. I am adding to what I began writing during my three days of avoiding hearing the results after the polls closed on Nov 8. I've got a lot of respect for the young men and women who stand up for positions that may become harrowing. Best wishes to us all.]


Here are photos of the Kaiser Center for Total Health here in DC. I have more about this elsewhere on this site. They are my planned site for people to attend Wisdom Day events annually.


This image is from my musing about All Cadets.*




* Anyone who is enrolled in training and they are between ages 12 and 24, their brain is not yet fully able to be stable and not easily be distracted. [See Brainstorm book information about how to understand what Dr. Dan Siegel has termed "The Teenage Brain" as it matures into full adult myelination, protection and self-control. Non-public photos/insights of me enthusiastically serving opens to my old teaching site. Being updated now as www.NaturalWorldHealing.pro.]




*The picture above can be enlarged many times to read text.

This page will be simplified, that is my intent.

Dame Helen Mirren played role of Colonel Powell, attempting to "mitigate collateral damage" when a drone strike was about to be launched. This bottom of the page had been intended to be a place where secret buttons could be pressed regarding safety of women. This section still contains the Donald Trump "business card" image that I created from a Trump campaign ad. Because he is the President of the United States of America, he is aware of Las Vegas and its unique place in American history. In Nevada the practice of "Hugs for Hire" / Prostitution is legally protected. Note: Within the city limits of Las Vegas, prostitution is specifically illegal.  My planning recently has been to contact the naturopathic physicians in Nevada (predominantly female NDs) and ask them to be ready to help any woman engaged in prostitution who may contact them for help with physical and psychological concerns related to their profession. I have also called some of the managers of Nevada brothel sites and looked at their internet sites. Here are relevant video clips regarding "Hugs for Hire" / Prostitution.

Click to go to site: NevadaBrothelAssociation.com