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Las Vegas

[Being updated. v. 08-21-2020] This is the new page that I placed here because the President spoke glowingly about Las Vegas. It was the city that was built in unlivable desert territory. Usually visitors come to sightsee or to gamble. Mr. Trump knows well the results of "taking a chance" and rebuilding after you've lost. I have chosen to make this view of Las Vegas a collection of tips for living a life of polite management of a person's sexual drive.["What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas."]


FYI the Flag is the new Space Force flag. I'm glad that we are back into space. I was in Space Command preparaions in 1968. President Nixon halted Space Command so that he could use the military to support activities in other places in the world. Recently I was told that New Mexico is in the running to host the newly authorized, softer Space Command.

But, first of all, here is a clear and respectful reminder of how Psychotherapists can help move the nation forward: [Originally directed toward therapists but we all can learn from her wide range of knowledge.]

Sex and Pelvic Congestion: Our greatest danger in America is men who don't know what healthy sex is, this includes men who think they can buy any fun sex anytime they want.. The world needs women who compassionately sell hugs and listening and sexual interplay safely. Thank God that this is possible in Nevada. Las Vegas is off limits to prostitution. The rest of the state has legal hugs for pay in many locations.

[PAUSE, the Fourth of July was a busy day for all of us. I hope that we can negotiate our way ahead.]



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