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Laurie Private

April 23 at 7 p.m. For Dr. Jan: I have softened, back in 1986. Today I found myself listening to a talk of 3 women who are working on the duality of softness and hardness.  I feel like I have betrayed the Christian Church because their convetrsation describes me after I met Dietrich Klinbghardt.


[My laptop computer is having overload challenges, so I feel it is perfectly in tune with her message of dissolution. ]an fold.les who have awakened and we know that the feminine is having her own need to stand and develop and u

I feel like I am a representative of the m

The teacher is Jeannie Zandi. She said that she has used the Aikido sword as a metaphor. She is in the video I will embed below. She includes the model of Jesus. She includes going beyond words. I think that this is the "space" in which Dietrich Klinghardt is doing teaching. Dr. Jan, I hope you are as wise and whole as that teacher is, because I perceived that Laurie may be the next generation of human evolution. I look softer and quiet than I was and I am much more trusting and expectant than when I first met Dietrich. Note: She was talking about the feminine for a long time before she tells the audience about the Aikido sword. Her womens teaching invitation is www.jeanniezandi.c 

April 23 at 2:30 p.m. I am happily finishing food that the Adventists gave to me from the FDA food assistance program. It is humbling to be told by a nurse that veterans she works with say that if I earn any money by working, I will lose my VA disability benefits. I admit that I have been very harmed by the events in my life after the military traumas reprogrammed my reflexes.  But I am not a quitter. I will continue my admitting I have some disability but I hold strong to the truth that I am not sidelined from society. Now I finally "get it" about why so many fine and intelligent men and women from www.Columba.org Episcopal Church are beaming when they volunteer. I like watching them. I volunteer as a Choir member. I think that I will volunteer for the upcoming Build-A-House event.

Back during the Vietnam wartime after discharge in 1972 I worked at Logos Christian Bookstore started by strong man of faith, Jim Carlson. I was the carpenter who did the remodeling after they purchased the storefront on the left side. We then had two front doors.

April 23, noontime. I've been to the Seventh Day Adventist service center in Silver Spring. They call me Brother Wilson. They would allow me to make presentations on health in their conference room. A nurse who just retired is giving talks there and they said that I could take their invitation to speak. I do have a faith and it is in God-through-people because of the Nazarene. That statement itself could mean death if I said it to some people on the planet. "I am from America" could mean death in some places. 

Today am about to take a nap and then make the funeral coffin for Carole Berberich's deceased best friend her helper dog, Lucky Barker. My parents and youth group leaders would be proud of me. I am proud of me because she is like the sister I could not have due to her joining a cultish church, Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Now I'll nap and await the call from her between patients. I recall the times we treated patients at her office, once we did two of us giving massage treatments to a loving couple who loved the enfoldment and the switching of hands. She has been masterful at helping me get in touch when I need an outlet for my hopes and my energy.

I just got calls from VA nutrition and Maryland Social Services, which means that I am further enfolded into the amorphous field of social compassion. I hope that this will include my getting urgent housing assistance so that I can pay Jerry first and last month rental and let him see that I have others helping me get money to him. I still want to be the caretaker of this house and convert it into a shelter for disabled and temporarily homeless veterans who are mentally fairly clear. I will see if I can get them to be seen at NIHA, or if I can deliver the basics of NIHA care which could then be sent to NIHA when they get funding.

End of report from my current field of active service.

[April 23, 2019, 7 a.m.]  Laurie and Dr. Jan Barton Hamilton of www.NutritionalBiomedicine.com, Good Tuesday morning to each of you. This posting is intended to go to Laurie's NIHA email address. That means it is open to review by NIHA owners. I expect that she would opt to read it at some time other than duty hours. I do not have an email address for you, Laurie, which is not on the NIHA server. I am feeling an urgency because the house owner has said that he knows I can't buy the house and he is giving me an initial date of the First of June in order to find a safe place to live. I honor him for being open; I hope that I can persuade Colin Powell's friends to purchase the house and let me be caretaker. This is bold, but I was bold when I competed for appointment to the US Air Force Academy. I made it!

Thank you both for being part of the NIHA community. I hope that you and others from NIHA -- and maybe your girlfriends and others who support you -- may be curious about why this man is interested in you, and you could allcome to the house during the open house on Saturday the 11th of May. (We could arrange a one-time visit with a group of your choice at a time and date prior to that. I would give you some of the items I was preparing to give away, such as bunk bed for children, hula hoops and other toys.) 

I have been setting up the rooms in this three-floor dwelling as displays of my organizing skills. I used to work in a Christian bookstore and learned about marketing and displays and worked as a missionary for two years after that. This was after my honorable discharge, in Ann Arbor, Logos Bookstore. I worked for the founder, Jim Carlson and I was deeply boosted in my faith. Here is the Wikipedia story about that Ann Arbor store: https://localwiki.org/ann-arbor/Logos_Bookstore

First here is the site for the American Legion -- those who served during wartime, which I did (1965 to Sept 11, 1972}: https://www.legion.org/ 

This early morning I woke and took some Magnesium for leg cramps and felt great while I designed and posed the photo shoot as if it were for a secret mission. I have learned how to do this through my USAF Academy training, and watching many films and TV programs over my life. You are in the photos. Both of you have seen at least one item in the set of four photos in my home office/bedroom here in Takoma Park. Dr Jan's business card is in at least one picture, and the wooden cigar case that I kept is what Laurie saw when I gave her the special cigar box that I got from men at a tobacco shop. When I got it I hoped that I could woodburn a message for you if you are open to exploring a friendship with me.

I think that your browser will enlarge a photo if you click on it. These have huge resolution and you can read text on pages in the photo.

[To TherapySites staff, please -- Remove This Editing Paragraph: The photos on this website's server run by TherapySites.com sometimes are rotated. The staff hasn't figured out how to prevent this when I upload some photos. They manually correct the photos so that they are upright. I plan to send them an email, then delete this paragraph. Laurie and Jan if you read this bracketed text: The large one below includes the items related to both of you. The shrine-line photo of me is my graduation photo taken in Allegan, Michigan, after I'd spent two years competing for a treasured appointment by a senator, to the USAF Academy. I was feeling the responsibility of facing how to serve at a time when events worldwide were risky. I was called a puppet of the military on the campus of the University of Michigan.]

April 22, 4:00 a.m. 

Laurie, this set of eventually compressed writings and poetry is almost a personal Journal dedicated to women who have been spiritually supportive of me and NIHA and Capital University of Integrative Medicine. I include the recent NIHA photo of Laurie DeRosa, but you who have access to this URL are not Laurie DeRosa.

I will review and edit/delete earlier additions below that were written for the eyes only of "Laurie P."

I wrote that we had never had an out-of-office conversation.

New tab on this site: Homeland Security Insights

I hope that you did have a great original wedding and marriage. Good partnerships are very important. I still don't know that you don't have a girlfriend (in the modern world people can get confused and leave marriage to explore a same sex partner).  I'm amazed at Family Constellations and how unique people are.

Your extended family is your Context: For you this includes your four Children and the man who could be called the Children's father. As a psychotherapist I include for you the "family" of people working at NIHA as a solid ring of your "Friendship Circles."

Laurie, I will make myself be brief. My host during self-exile into Maryland is named Jerry. Jerry "gave me notice" a week ago in a moment of frustration he felt at the costs of his maintaining his house here in Takoma Park. However, after he said that, he was deeply moved by the moments we shared later about his skill in Johrei spiritual connection. He now is certain that I have been holding him as the highest importance person here in our relationship, "You are the Captain", I have said from the start. I've kept him from sinking with his ship because it had a lot of problems that he could not recognize with his minor disabilities. He now is helping me come to grips with the fact that my military pension (VA disability) is not big enough for me to purchase the house from him. I have continued to keep in contact with General Colin Powell and I hope that I can move forward somehow using General Powell's oversight. I want to continue developing Routefinders for Friends but am prepared let go of that driving vision that I have had since 2012. 

The photograph shows that the house could be upgraded to include additional rental units. This is being done in several houses in this area of Takoma Park. I can now send it to General Powell.

Now I wish you a very meaningful Easter Weekend.. I do believe that God is at work, and I believe that God does this through humans and our choices within the natural world. That statement is based on the writing of others as well as my own experience through times of trial, error and success.

I am singing in the choir in a few hours tonight, then the celebration at 11:15 Sunday at www.Columba.org Episcopal Church. Good folks. Lively children. I listened for an hour last weekend as a former Marine/Army soldier told of his military service in the late 1950s. He has an adopted son who is from Indonesia and around 25 years of age. I may be able to donate some time to teach him a skill. He asked earlier.

This message is now released into the Internet.

Ralph Wilson

Creative PS: I made these around 1990 in Seattle and flew them at Gasworks Park

[April 15 Tax Day 2019, my first morning after my host in Takoma Park told me I had to vacate, leave this property.] I had transformed into a rehab facility because the VA had nothing like this, I needed to do this because there was little money for extensive rehab of body and brain after that uninsured 18-year-old in Hilo Hawaii ran me down with his Bronco and was unable to pay for the hundreds of thousands of dollars that might have stopped my gradual decline and near-dying experiences as a PTSD veteran of the "Vietnam Era."

Laurie, this page may never be seen by you. I've rapidly assessed the situation and I do not want to reduce your effectiveness as a modern Army veteran (post 911). You have successfully birthed four active and intelligent children.

Your presence at NIHA has been a godsend to that beleagured institution which the AMA/DC Medical Board has tried to shut down. They are lucky to have you onboard. I am currently leaning on God as I understand God now that I have met Mark at NIHA and participated in Family Constellations and FlexAware. I don't believe that God "sends" anyone anything and I don't believe that God has plans for the future. Now because of Neuroscience I believe that each person rapidly perceives and then calculates and compares (as Dr. Gant can describe in detail) possible actions and then one choice is made and the day unfolds on that basis.

Laurie I am developing an arrangement with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families: https://ivmf.syracuse.edu/partners-initiatives/why-partner-with-the-ivmf/ They help veterans connect with other veterans such as a house architect who could help me plan for the Routefinders headquarters after we incorporate as a non-profit institute.

Today's writing ends with this paragraph. I've got a morning appointment with a hand surgeon to continue repairing the loss of my thumb tip during a motivational project i was creating in the woodshop at the USAF Academy in springtime 1968 after the Tet Offensive. I'll be getting legal services from homeless contact in DC with THRIVE-DC. (They are cool, here is my book cover where I write about them and include my blog entries on Autonomic Response Testing and other important health resources. You can click on this link to order print-on-demand copies: http://www.lulu.com/shop/woody-wilsonnd/thrive-dc-spirit-of-being-thinking/paperback/product-22784298.html

Respectful regards and Aloha from here. RWW

[April 14, 2019 7:00 a.m.] I woke thinking of Community and Family Constellations and the good constellations that I was in with Mary, Betsy and Carol. [See www.TheConstellationsGroup.com.] They helped me a lot simply by barring me from some constellation events after I'd unearthed deadly times when I had thrown my body and my youthful mind into the mixer of military education and assignments.

I plan to contact them and ask their thought/prayer about me and NIHA. I will also ask about mature gardening of one's life. I have a section of my life's garden where I can sit and recall the lovely and intelligent and self-sacrificing women who held my attention for deep moments and longer.

My first "tweet" posting of the day is now pinned at the top of my "gold-mining" channel @MarsBaseB. I will pin the tweet below and maybe this time it will be visible. It was a work of Soul-gardening and the fresh tears that are refreshing my fingers as I type this are proof enough to me that I am moving forward into a future not isolated from important people who have touched my life.

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