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Naturopathic Psychiatry Options

[Alert!: May 10, 2020 —?this page will be updated soon to help you who are still alive deal with possible Post Coronavirus “Martial Law with Mandatory Vaccination with Concentration Camps for Non-Compliance.]

Natural Medicine and Mental Health have been major concerns of mine as I develop my practice and expand collaborations with psychiatrists, psychologists and others. It has been gratifying in the past decade to see increasing  numbers of mental health practitioners promote services that include awareness of physical and nutritional factors in their clients and patients. Some internet sites include the concept of Naturopathic Psychiatry. I hope that some day there will be a psychiatry specialty board for medical doctors proclaiming Natural Psychiatry as their specialty. For now...check out Dr. Robert Hedaya's National Center for Whole Psychiatry below.*  [Added in late December 2019: I've been in touch with a "virtually unlimited source of funds for people diagnosed as having "trauma." We will be adding a SurveyMonkey(TM) process to check if you the visitor are interested in contact with representative of the funding board for this: click this link [Interest Survey]

Updated biography with focus on Triune Brain and Autonomic stability and "Dysautonomia" [view/download PDF]

Key videos giving background about psychotherapy and helping you understand your life better. Your brain can create neuro-emotional feelings.

New addition: Link to site of Ojibway nation tribal resources: Resurrection After Rape: A free ebook for helping women after rape. [ Review site: click here.]  Here is the interview with David Van Nuys, Ph.D. of ShrinkRapRadio.com Interview https://shrinkrapradio.com/211-resurrection-after-rape-with-matt-atkinson/

Image of two sitting counselingFYI: The Safe Harbor Project promotes awareness of physical causes of mental/emotional difficulties: AlternativeMentalHealth.com.

Psychotherapy is a term that has not been fully controlled by any organization at the present time. I appreciate the concept of "Body Psychotherapy" and have been a member of the DC Area Guild of Body Psychotherapists [link]. My description of what I call "Kinesthetic Medicine" is part of what Body Psychotherapy can include: Kinesthetic Medicine.

The recent book, The Body Keeps the Score, reveals the insights of psychiatrist, Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. He was one of the clinicians whose work with veterans led to the term, PTSD. Since that time he has come to recognize the process by which some people develop severe recall distress and others do not. He now teaches that there are nine times as many women and civilians who have been traumatized as there are veterans so that all sufferers of trauma can benefit from the work that helps veterans. He talks about this in his interviews with Krista Tippett (link to his interview on OnBeing.org) and with David Van Nuys (link to his interview on ShrinkRapRadio.com).

Naturopathic Physicians can give referrals to any licensed mental health professional. The scope of practice of Licensed Naturopathic Physicians in various jurisdictions includes some or all of the following: 
Behavioral Health


Nutraceutical brain health supplementation
Phytonutrients/Herbal prescriptions
Physical therapeutics and naturopathic manipulation

*Robert Hedaya, M.D., calling his insights, Whole Psychiatry -- National Center for Whole Psychiatry: 

1. June 2015 Shrink Rap Radio interview: Creating Health with Holistic Psychiatrist Robert Hedaya M.D. [link to podcast notes at ShrinkRapRadio.com]
2. Embedded below is one of many videos and resources on Dr. Hedaya's extensive website. Note: I am very enthusiastic that in the future there will be increased access to Licensed Naturopathic Physicians who can work with psychiatrists and provide a team approach to deliver more options for health available to everyone no matter what budget they may have to begin thinking in terms of Whole Psychiatry and beyond.

Burton Goldberg interviews Julia Ross about foods, mood and options in addition to psychiatric medications:


Below: My words and some pictures to invite you to begin the process of "changing your destiny" by psychotherapy and physical treatments.



Here are some possible options for people who are seeking counseling or psychotherapy.

1. You could simply set up an
initial Connections Coaching session, and we can choose options together.

2. Read more about Coherence Therapy (an advancement from Depth Oriented Brief Therapy, DOBT).*

3. Watch videos and consider the Brain-Directed Solutions introduced on my
Amen-Affiliated Education Center



Introducing Coherence Therapy. From the key text: Unlocking the Emotional Brain, by Bruce Ecker, Robin Ticic and Laurel Hulley. Memory Reconsolidation: How the Brain Unlearns [page 13+]. Coherence Psychology Institute. . Below is a key statement from the Institute:

"After a Century, A Breakthrough"

"...Before 2000, based on nearly a century of research, neuroscientists believed that the brain did not possess the capability of erasing an existing, established emotional learning from memory. The detection of memory reconsolidation, a type of Neuroplasticity or synaptic change that can erase emotional learning, was therefore both a breakthrough and a turnaround in our knowledge of learning and memory. In 2004, researchers identified how to induce reconsolidation behaviorally, through a series of experiences required by the brain for erasure...but it was not until 2006 that this discovery and its clinical use began coming to the attention of psychotherapists (Ecker, 2006). As of this writing, there is no other process or type of Neuroplasticity known to neuroscience that eliminates an emotional learning." [end of quote]

Cover of Unlocking the Emotional Brain - founders of Coherence Psychology Institute

Here are essays and resources on my sites about Natural Medicine and Mental Health:

"Dr. Wilson and Counseling from a Natural Medicine Perspective"

1. New Brain Science
2. My Amen Clinic online Education Center
3. Functional Medicine and laboratory testing (with international lab testing service available)
4. Bodywork and Kinesthetic Medicine
5. Working Together: Your Choices and Your Future (a starter point in my blog essay collection about natural medicine and mental health)
6. Family Constellations: A type of phenomenological "therapy" that needs to be experienced to fully understand.
FlexAware® is a coaching method of neuro-structural rehabilitation and fitness enhancement.
8. Biological Dentistry and mental health.

In addition, here is a page where I list resources about Hospice and Healing Support.

I have spoken with and exchanged emails with Stephen Porges, Ph.D., originator of the Polyvagal Theory. On my information site I have a page on Dr. Porges Information [click here].


This thoughtful insight is from poet David Whyte whose presentation I attended at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium.


"On Belonging and Coming Home": David Whyte: Poet

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