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Nixon Foundation and Sex Ed

[Page renamed from Dream Therapy, to Nixon Foundation. Being upgraded after Covid19 calculations have begun. v. 06-26-2026]

The only president I served was Richard M. Nixon. His Nixon Foundation is now burnishing his image. That is helping me feel more proud of the things that I experienced beginning in 1963 when I stood up (mentally raising my hand) and said "Yes" to President Kennedy's call to serve the nation and to think of the Moon and Space.

Now in 2020 I have begun the "neuroscience healing process" for re-framing "memory fragments" from the disastrous time of death and destruction that we active duty cadets at USAF Academy walked into on 28 June, 1965. I began my cadet career as a self-confident prankster and self-styled maverick-like adventurer, mountain climber and cave explorer. Finally when the President "launched" us -- on 4 June 1969 -- we were each honed to a sharp edge, patched up as necessary and eager to prove our intelligence and commitment.

Now after decades of suppressing the deaths, suicide and debility as well as career successes of my classmates I am looking forward to another 20 years or re-examining events in light of new disclosures of other officers and presidents about that time in Southeast Asia that was never called a war.

Follow my Twitter postings if you want to see my writing with the new Class of 2023 in mind. They are: http://www.twitter.com/routefindersff and http://www.marsbaseb.

The families communicated at #usafa2023 during the preparations to entry to the Acdademy.

This year is my Class's 50th anniversary year. I've got lots of memories. Some were shameful. (Such as allowing my second in command -- from Southern California -- to have a crack at shaping up a "white guy from the east coast". That young first-year boot-camper returned after an hour in a deserted back hallway soaked with sweat and his uniform buttoned incorrectly holding his rifle in front of him and shouting a response when prodded. I've felt ashamed subconsciously for decades but now I can see the distortions that happened in a male-only environment soaked with testosterone.) 

ADDENDUM: Below, two videos that show women in power of life or death.

What Symbols or Images are important to you this Easter/Passover/Springtime week?

I've done a Dream Log for several years now, thanks to David Van Nuys, Ph.D. of ShrinkRapRadio.com. Today's dream was the most active and movie-like I've ever had. It even had the moving image like from the film The Matrix in which numbers or characters were floating downward from above the screen. In my case, it represented the calming and Welcoming intersection of my responsibilities for others with the dreams and hopes of myself after the many "encounters with death" in my long life of service to others.

You young ones who are under age 25: I recommend you find a way to mark the trail of your life as you move through time and space. We elders are always around and some of us even make time to let you stop by and tell us your story that day.

I highly recommend that you convert some thoughts into markings and words onto paper, or a napkin, or maybe even your bathroom wall to add to the strength of remembering the moment.


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