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Pediatricians for Mars

[July 7, 2020. Updating after President Trump’s Space Force is activated.]  

Alert: Official Release of Holodeck technology was less than one year ago. The availability of 3-D Oculus Goggles and Haptic Gloves puts Holodeck play within the economic reach of the general public. This past holiday season near New Year I found myself in a wide aisle of a Best Buy store's electronics section. A traveling representative of the Oculus company had marked circles on the floor and when I put on my goggles I was looking out at a mountainous valley on a strange planet. I was standing on a plateau looking down at a valley and there was an outcropping of rock or a doorway to my left. I squeezed my hands and a light saber turned on and I could see the bright white saber shape. With no practice with goggles/gloves I recalled my years of fencing and playing pirate as a youth. Soon I was able to cut apart the floating robot flying gadgets that came out of the tunnel or behind an outcropping as I imagine the scene. I went home that day a changed person. I could at last make my own background and have imaginal hikes up imaginal mountains. 

Today I’m choosing the location on Mars where the Base B will be located. Copyright laws are being honored. I've taken screen shots from the extensive internet collection of photos from the filming of The Martian.

During this Covid-19 time I've been creating an option for activity in "imaginal journeys" that can give people enjoyment while they are sheltered or quarantined. This page is repurposed and will be re-written.

The Pediatrician Team is my idea of a way that people can prepare for the time in the future when the first woman concieves and carries to term a pregnancy on the planet Mars. There may be a licensed pediatrician and obstetrician living on Mars who will be available when the woman begins her Mars pregnancy. The child when born would be the first Martian.

I will add more text after more people begin to help develop the SecondLife virtual reality experience.

Invited Vendors: I plan to ask the Gerber corporation to offer discounts or gifts to women I have been meeting here in New Mexico who are caring for young children.

Learn about SecondLife virtual reality, choose your avatar.

Below are images and text prior to the @MeToo movement helping us all to categorize our memories and e about respect for all persons. I say Thank You to the strong women who are learning to say No and be firm yet wise about it.  Today I begin transferring a  Twitter posting that I created honoring Pamela Snider, N.D. She is a key leader in restoring dignity and respect for all nature in the profession known as Naturopathic Medicine as practiced by 4-year Naturopathic Physicians regardless one's affiliations politically or religiously. She is a powerful leader.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































[2017] I just got back from new sessions of talking about the reason for the neuroscience of protective intent. I'm a professional member of the International Primal Association and have adapted several of their approaches to regulating emotions.  [A good book about nature is "Why Don't Zebras Get Ulcers." [title?...] The book deals with their running with herd and staying safe as long as possible, then they stand still and klp
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Many people looking at this are old enough to be my daughter or my son. I have configured my internet sites and all my writing to be supportive of healthy maturing to the age of 25. (Myelination of the brain is complete by then, giving a person a "shield" around their nerves and brain.)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Professional Disclosure: I have used a product, Hyaluronic Acid that looks like the clear covering of muscles (called Fascia). A company has given me samples of the product over the years: Hyaluronic Acid. I recommend people.use it as directed. It can help the body have slippery muscle junctions, great for all kinds of sports or walking. You can find it online at the www.Hyalogic.com site.