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Private for some Writers

V. January 8, 2020
Writing Friends who are actors,
As I write this I have been regaining inner energy after the shocking moves of the Iran leadership.  I am expecting different levels of pressure from them in the next days. I have been in military service in three branches during training (Basic Airborne Training, Jungle Expert training as head of an eight-man boat team; then Prisoner of War leadership training in the Air Force). I  now recognize that I survived by my fierce determination, and that I was a good person in a hellacious time of history.
My bio, I plan to update it regarding my writing-related assets. [Bio to be simplified, I have done a lot of things.) I have had a lot of study in the area of health and sexuality. I hope to meet and marry an active woman, and am leaving that in its own track while I work on being helpful for the things that Tom Hanks spoke about.
At the outset, I am very proud that you created Enders' game I like what it teaches.
I have been raised without politics. I said Yes in 1963 when Mr. Kennedy pointed to the moon and talked about service. I worked hard at gaining an appointment to the US Air Force Academy, Class of 1969, My story of court-martial (found not guilty), observation in a mental health ward (I had said I'd rather die than wear a uniform) I was sent back to the base for continuing processing of my request for discharge. I left with an honorable discharge but had been so crushed that I never processed what had happened, until about ten years ago.
This text is intended to serve as an anchor for our talking about what might develop now that Harrison contacted me and things seemed to fall into place. I have started a movie outline and my dreams have been more clear. I've been trained in deeply understanding people. The muslim mind is not free to be creative, like Borg individuals. Let's refresh the playing field for our adventures.
I thought that I could paste things here.
Your talking on the TV in several venues has helped me to finally feel very confident that I do have useful insights about people and the way they live their lives. The nation needs us. The writing that I did on Twitter today was a process of getting more ready to put my energies into a more usable form regarding your aims.
Harrison, I thought that I picked up a brief negative response when I did not ask for money. I am an Honor Code follower and am ready to help others. I'm a psychotherapist and have a commitment to being as trusting as possible.
I have been developing the structure of a series of  three or maybe more episodes. This could be part of a trend in helping people grow more aware of their possibilities.
I need to get over to Twitter and write to the group. I hope to find a venue where I can talk about things that may affect national security. I'd like to talk with and be reassured by Harrison and Morgan Freeman about  respect for the position of President. I don't call him names. He has some very clear points that are keeping the enemies in check.
In the future I will know more about your working groups so that I can be concise and submit useful projects.  I am hoping to write again to the President and Mrs. Trump, this time about me having an active wish to help raise some children and maybe father some myself.
TIme now for me to rest. I look forward to sending other items that felt importnant when I wrote them.
Respectfully, Ralph Wilson (Adventure Therapy supporter, see my page)
Ralph Wood Wilson

[v. 04-23-2019, two days after Easter Day at 12:25 p.m.] I apoIogize for the length of what I shared below. This is a private page intended for General Colin Powell and anyone he recommends who may help me move forward in service to the nation. I can email and speak on the phone with those who can help me energize my next years of service. I have main concerns numbered below. This morning I got two boxes of food from the Seventh Day Adventist community social service center, so I feel much more satiated with good food for a change.
Addendum: I tweeted a while ago that I was spit on in 2017 by a drunken Democrat woman who was angry that I had the Commander in Chief's photo on the wall. Prior to that I had President Obama's picture up for the last 8 years. Back in 1965 until 1972 when I was discharged, the only president I knew was Richard Nixon. I never hated him. However, his secret planning with the Academy leadership led to glorious stories of service and we followed. We gave our all. I pushed beyond my limits and still got the missions done but I was injured. Current cadets are more aware. There are even women in leadership at the Academy now. President Obama impresses me more than President Trump. But I don't know all the secrets.
1. My denied disability compensation claim from 1998 has now been resubmitted and is an Open Claim on appeal retroactive to 2012. The records repository sent a letter last week saying that my records will be released soon.
2. I want to train or help to train government service people in several methods: A) FlexAware.com movement therapy, B) nutrition for mental health, C) Biological Dental treatments to improve brain blood flow, D) ReverseSpeech.com background for "intuition" and politician politeness, E) Acupuncture emotional management through ear acupoint stimulation even without needles, and F) Heart Rate Variability assessment and breathing awareness. All of these are included in my thesis for an integrative medicine Ph.D. in Energy Medicine.
Addendum 2: April 23 at 2:30 p.m. I am happily finishing food that the Adventists gave to me from the FDA food assistance program. It is humbling to be told by a nurse this afternoon that veterans whom she works with say that if they earn any money by working, they lose their VA disability benefits. I don't want to be looked at as a drag on society. I do admit that I have been very harmed by the events in my life after the military traumas reprogrammed my reflexes. I used to be reflexive but not any more. I am not a quitter but I feel relaxed about not being in charge. I will continue my admitting I have some disability but I hold strong to the truth that I am not sidelined from society. Now I finally "get it" about why so many fine and intelligent men and women from www.Columba.org Episcopal Church are beaming when they volunteer. I like watching them. I volunteer as a Choir member. I think that I will volunteer for the upcoming Build-A-House event.

Back during the Vietnam wartime after discharge in 1972 I worked at Logos Christian Bookstore in Ann Arbor near University of Michigan. This bookstore was started by strong man of faith, Jim Carlson. He was part of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. I was the carpenter who did the remodeling after they purchased the storefront on the left side. We then had two front doors. After my time there I felt led to go to Berkeley California and joined the Berkeley Christian Coalition which had males and females in leadership positions. I helped in their office and with editing their newspaper called, Right On magazine. I left in 1975 to return east to attend a new kind of program, Physician Assistant training, their first class at Western Michigan University. They were overloaded with requirements and the program was not as well run at the Air Force Academy had been. I began putting on seminars on campus about integrative medicine and the medical doctors in the local hospital forced the program head to pull me from their hospital because I had written an article supporting a young resident physician who had helped a gravely ill elderly patient by getting her out of bed for a long weekend of four days. He walked with her, talked with her, made sure she ate in calm, and she began feeling better and walking on her own unaided as I recall. However, the chief resident came back from a golfing holiday, rescinded the orders of the young resident and put her back in bed. She died within two weeks. That made me feel that there may be some value on treatment being more than pills and bedrest.

My goal -- Directly helping others: I still want to have value. I have developed an extensive network of resources for healthy living emotionally and socially. My experience working with veterans gives me confidence that I have discovered things that are not yet widely taught.
All of this would require the "Context" of people who value what resources I make available to them. I hope that I have learned well in the skill of social service. I am very aware of what Context is. I want to volunteer to benefit others. That feels like a good goal.

[Written April 21] My military background includes: I have been trained in leadership in Army, Navy SEAL (Panama jungle warfare school School of the Americas) and Air Force SERE (Prisoner of War leadership) venues between 1965 and 1968 and in 1969-70 I took Air Force Pararescue battlefield medical training. In 19870-71 served in the Medical Service Corps during assignment to civilian medical school, U of Michigan Medical School. By the time I left active service on September 11, 1972, I had been crushed emotionally by death, suicide, war traumas I'd seen as well as being on board an evacuation flight that brought out a French plantation soldier's wife after she "went insane" (the film Apocalypse Now, the Complete Dossier, includes the deleted scene of a woman inviting the film's main character to spend the night in her bed before he went forward on his mission). In An Arbor I was called a puppet of the military and avoided controversy as much as possible on the campus. Someone introduced me to the campus Friends (Quakers) and following a government regulation they showed me, I applied to serve the nation as a civilian. (I had never learned what a conscientious objector was until they showed me a government regulation that seemed to cover my situation of changing how I felt about being in uniform.)

The next 13 months were on a SAC base and I ended up using my Prisoner of War training (forced to sit in a chair looking out the window for 342 hours during one wait for a decision on discharge request). During that SAC time after I applied for discharge I was court-martialed but found not guilty. Eventually I was discharged with honorable discharge because I had bad effectiveness reports and did not "live up to reasonable Air Force standards." I had nightmares for years.  It has taken me decades to uncover and disarm the dangerous memory loops that had kept me "on alert" for over 40 years. A lot of the events were prior to the medical school time after two major training accidents that resulted in head trauma.
I have written down the timeline of my events of service and trauma several times. It is more simplified now and less emotional. Still, I fit the DSM-5 criteria for the subcategory of PTSD that includes Fighting.
Note: I have recently done a lot of psychotherapy style self-treatment. The key neuroscience focus I have is the need to feel that I have created a "Context" that is coherent with my values. I have had problems with the final appeal for my Compensation and Pension process.  I was given notice a few days ago, to leave the temporary shelter that I had expected would be available until next year. I hope that I can still develop some service of value to the nation and eventually proudly report to you how that is going at some future date.
I have been trained in making brief contributions by the disability-friendly DC Advocacy Partners. However, I am an author and I can type over 100 words a minute. I am good at medical transcription (could do it blindfolded or in the dark on a mission) and I am currently visually oriented in my learning style. This page came from moments when I felt an urgency about passing onto others the insights I have that could improve the effectiveness of people in service to the nation. This is stronger because our country is still in a wartime stance. I apologize for having such a strong memory. I had been curious of clandestine service since age ten, and carried that into my pranks and special assignment with General Funsch in 1969-70. He quit the service in 1972 and died about ten years later so I never got a chance to tell him how much I appreciated his fatherly way of letting me forge my way ahead so I could be a more effective Air Force leader and doctor. His and my Space Command hopes were crushed by President Nixon.
Repurposed page for General Colin Powell.
Sir, I have changed the URL of this page from what I originally sent to you and made available also to two presidents, President Obama and President Clinton. Now I am hoping that I can learn from you which president would be open to helping me develop my nonprofit foundation.
The only people who know this new URL are yourself, myself and one Army veteran, who is a strong and resilient woman whom I've known for a few years now.* If you have spoken to your former personal bodyguard (George Howell as I recall), he could tell you that I have a special sense of awareness of others when he and I interacted with wartime veterans at the DC VA Medical Center last year. I hope that you can be in touch with the Obamas about me because I think my hopes for a polite society where children of all races can explore and learn about life are similar to theirs. 
*I am impressed with this woman who is a scheduler of clinic appointments in the Biological Dental Group of National Integrated Health Associates in Friendship Heights, NW Washington DC. She has expanded her work to assist the main dentist at NIHA (www.NIHAdc.com). She has risen to leadership in the office clinical staff team for their Biological Dental Group.  I have come to trust her more than other women I've met because she has served in the Army, and has had a successful marriage to bear four children (twin young women and twin young men). She is now a single parent and I don't know what her plans may be. I have told her that I was moved by knowing her and that I wish her a productive future. She may become a key person for the Obamas to contact about the NIHA clinic services for people who are in national service. I don't have a political party affiliation but I don't feel it is safe to be in contact with the Trumps.
In addition, I have hopes that the ACA would be worded so that people could choose doctors of naturopathic medicine, chiropractors and acupuncturists such as are appreciated at NIHA.
Sir, I am continuing to do my daily prayer/reminder that I am wrapped in the awareness of others in the Episcopal community of St. Columba church in Tenleytown, This is helping me bolster my growing appreciation of the fact that people need to have a Context to thrive in life.
We in the psychotherapy community have had breakthroughs in helping people get in touch past traumas. "Indwelling memories of hate and disrespect" can be targeted and changed. I say this based on the science that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 2014: "Mammals make maps" is my way of describing it. Mammals can set off changes in the nerve structure of their brain. This happens when they look at items in their cage and associate them with meaning such as remembering items such as pleasure or danger, etc.
I tell applicants to uniformed service that they need to be prepared to be changed by dramatic incidents while serving. However, the leadership in the services will do their best to return to healthy function if they are injured. Below are two soldiers featured in the year-long documentary during the Afghanistan operation, I met them at the Warrior Resilience Conference in 2011. One contacted me after that and I ministered to him about the question he had. Some time later he became an arborist (I attempted to get him a job removing the tree in a back yard where I lived). Later, I heard that he was unemployed sleeping outdoors for a few days I hope.
Note: I have begun a plea to the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese that the National Cathedral expand their Honor Role program which is currently for all honorably discharged veterans, I am asking for a new granting of a Compassionate Honor Role, for any man or woman who began Boot Camp and finished boot camp but were later discharged as Dishonorable. They made it through boot camp and some have spent years and multiple tours of duty only to lose all benefits. I think that this addition would make our nation more secure and respectful. 
I continue to develop this house I told you about and the property. It became available this past Fourth  of July when the Guatemalan gardener had his  green card revoked and was rapidly deported.  I've taken control of his tools and have converted the half-basement into a large facility for small gatherings of 20 to 40 people for day-long events.  When I finally get my disability pension I hope to purchase the house and remodel it.
Information below was intended for President Clinton and Madam Secretary Hillary Clinton, and President Obama and Michelle.
Being updated now that I have gotten a reply from General Colin Powell. I have given him this URL and asked him to visit this page. Private page not indexed on the menu. This is to back up my request via your online forms. To all of you, at the end of this paragraph is an updated colorful version of major background to my request that Michelle Obama take the reins of major parts of the day in order to serve school children and families that do not have easy access to "rub shoulders" with people who by birth or by hard work have had access to knowledge and experience that could help these students. The Decks of Cards, and notes on my family's service during wartime: click here, PDF. See colorful cards below, even Angelina Jolie is a potential draw if she chose to run for high office.]
For President Clinton and Chelsea, and President Obama and Michelle:I have sent you a link to this private page as part of  my invitation to you. I'd bebhonored to serve your goals if  you attend an evening banquet designed to 8mwelcome students and their families who otherwise would not have easy access to learning about health care options they might pursue.See menu tab for Wisdom Day 2019, to be on Monday March 25 near Union Station at Kaiser Center for Total Health.
I filled out the event request forms on both President Clinton's and on President Obama's sites. I asked if Michelle Obama would be able to take a key role in the day. I plan to update my invitation by resubmitting the request for the same date/time but I will upload the documents I just uploaded for you. [Ref: Those are: 1. Agenda for Event (with added photos and biographical note) [click for PDF] and, 2. Invitation to participate. [click for PDF].
I have already contacted the office of General Colin Powell and his staffer said that he can't work for free. However, the staffer went on to tell me that the general asked that I provide more information about what I myself would consider as a Perfect Fit for him regarding the event. Now that I have submitted the completed form, I plan to contact the General's office.
President Bill, the perfect fit as I see it now would be:
1. Hillary would help MIchelle in ways that include her helping the event, and maybe even helping Routefinders become incorporated as a nonprofit foundation.
2. Michelle and her staff would take control of the day time if she chooses that rather then the evening banquet. She could interact with the school children on the topic of choosing life pathways, and mention that I am making available information on acupuncture and the Maryland University of Integrative Health (www.MUIH.org).  .You can see the rooms and event planning at their page: Room Information. : 
3. The evening banquet could focus on Michelle's remarks about choices in life including acupuncture for sports and health as well as beauty. [I can write more if I know her schedule and things she favors. She may recall John W. Hayood, III, the Black acupuncture student who went to Coolidge High School as I recall and was the first Black class president and football quarterback; John and I both attended the Second  Inauguration. 
President Obama, I have been focusing on inviting Michelle who is your wife and life partner. You may have staff who coordinate both of your calendars; it might be fun for all three of you participated -- and maybe Hillary too. The Kaiser Center can support webinars and pre-recorded audio or video. 
I provide psychotherapy for my clients, and I recently listened to a podcast where the professor from England spoke several times about the Obamas were open about the benefits of couples counseling.
I hope that Michelle will appreciate my yielding  major parts of the event over to her control if that would help her political preferences.  day and venue would meet I do not want to distract from her being in control of the part she develops inside the Wisdom Day 2019 performance venue.
President Obama, It feels bold as I think of this but wouldn't it be good for the youth if you gave remarks to the youth and their families during the banquet. I've put on other events in my long career including an effective event in 1989 and we had  one key speaker, Burton Goldberg, founder of Alternative Medicine Magazine and author of several key books in complementary and alternative medical circles.
The daytime program is being designed to give teaching about the use of acupuncture and "cupping" and Chinese herbal beauty treatments. I apologize for not being brief enough. I'm a Vietnam Era graduate of the US Air Force Academy and had a few injuries that involved my head and neck, and death came to people I knew. I attempted to "serve the nation in civilian clothing" after I had begun medical school at the U of Michigan Medical School Class of 1974 -- this was as an active duty second lieutenant. By that time I'd already been on classified travel overseas and it was difficult to stay ignorant of what was going on in Indochina. I have always acted honorably toward the Commander in Chief in any presidency afterward.
For you presidents and General Powell, I just listened to a talk about the important new approach to PTSD and Trauma that became possible with publication of the DSM-5. Here are links to a powerful and happy interview between psychotherapy-aware therapists. One Interviews the other on important improvement in diagnosis and treatment for PTSD: click for MP3 audio | click for PDF transcript. I got a lot out of hearing the interview because of my studies in neuroscience. Stephen Porges, Ph.D. has talked with me in 2000 and he is still gaining new territory regarding innate factors of human communication. [Ref: http://stephenporges.com/ ]
The neuroscience that I have studied gives high value to the range of vocal change, or "prosidy" when someone speaks. More is at www.ReverseSpeech.com. I know the founder and he famously plays President Clinton's off-the-cuff response of an audience member who asked about his wife (Hillary) and soon afterward if the sound is played backwards you can make out his thinking about Hillary, "She's a fun girl to kiss!" Way to go, Bill.
I am politically Independent, and do hope that we finally get a woman president soon. I made decks of cards that include Michelle Obama, and I added on impulse a deck with the King of Hearts card being Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft.
I have had the Disability Advocacy training in DC at www.IEL.org.Institute for Educational Leadership.The screen captures below are from their home page. In the advocacy program we focused on getting services to underprivileged families and individuals in DC I myself had become mildly disabled when struck by a car in Hilo, HI, in 2015. In retrospect this was directly related to my memories of death and risk during the events while I was on active duty (from June 1965 to September 11 1972. [I almost wrote a lot to you as former President, but it is long and tedious and I am gradually writing down elsewhere here at the house where I am staying the events of my traumas.  I have been reassured that I can receive some amount of help for buying food, buying a first-time home purchase and even adding the wondrous news that a woman I met when I was fresh out of military discharge has given me the Green Light to continue seeking her Yes for marriage. I hope to have a real home (I am temporarily sheltered in a host's basement) and a life partner to be with me during my next 15 years of active service to the nation as a physician and acupuncturist.
Back on target of serving the underserved students in DC: Please also tell Madam Secretary Hillary Clinton that this may be a helpful input to Michelle Obama's considerations of future service. Michelle is skilled at working to help families give opportunities to their children.  I think that Chelsea might find the time to work for her too, Monday evening March 25. It is getting close and I don't know if there are other events during the day. I would like to help Michelle move forward in her choices (running for President possibly). I like the positive tone she has. I have been an independent and am afraid to be seen as pro Trump or anti Trump by pundits.
My hope is to finish my health career in 15 years (I was born in July 1947). I am a healthy-feeling somewhat "patched-up" wartime veteran who knows a great deal about the health field including health of mind and body. I am skilled at teaching the the two presenters I have invited are very well respected. Acupressure gives input to the body without needles. You can read more on sites such as the sponsor I am negotiating with, www.LhasaOMS.com.
Below are links to several playing card decks that I made that include major presidential figures. [See below the PDF proofs of card decks that feature King and Queen of Hearts cards to include: President Obama, President Clinton, and  a Special Hillary Clinton with Bill as once-potential First Spouse as the Queen of Hearts card with Hillary Clinton as the King of Hearts card.]
The idea for the deck was the need to be sure that new cadets entering service academies do not traumatize their schoolmates with exploration about sexual health which they did not do prior to starting military service academy. Especially concerning was the past behavior or President Trump. However, his wife has stayed with him and he knows there are penalties for marital infidelity. Bill when you were president your choice of Joycelyn Elders as Surgeon General was superb. If she'd been in charge, there would have been nearly zero problems with candidates and those who won an appointment.

These card decks have the same back cover, which indicates that it is a memory building card deck which has images on the other side that will give applicants to military service academies important nudges to get their minds to consider the smooth relations between genders while at the Academies.


View PDF sets for presidents: President Trump Deck | President Obama Deck | Special Hillary Clinton Deck | President Clinton DeckPresident GHW Bush Deck | President GW Bush Deck | President Carter Deck | Special Angelina Jolie as possible president deck | Extra: Howard University ROTC cadets deck

Actual original layout of the professional card decks themselves is described at www.Make-A-Deck.com. The file size is a little over 4 MB. Basic title for the files is: All Academies Military Cadet Respect Women Deck. The printer company will let you register with them and then you can open and print the deck(s) of your choice, as well as make decks of any images you choose. [Addendum: I just discovered that I can't put them on the internet via my Therapy Sites account. If you ask Make=A-Deck.com to give you the file they can arrange that for you.]

Here are amateur "Spy Eye View" photographs that reveal important clues for my staffer about what we will be doing next as we grow the Routefinders For Friends and register for non-profit foundation status..

I came into active duty military service in 1965 after society helped me learn about James Bond, the Cold War, computers, war games and much more. I'm trying to be relevant to youth who use cyber communications, iPhones, etc. I do psychotherapy and help people as they travel through life via my Routefinders for Friends non-profit endeavor. I'm still licensed to do primary care if the person requires some basic aspect; otherwise I refer to National Integrated Health Associates in Friendship Heights: www.NIHAdc.com.


I have been studying the basics of being a docent at National Cathedral and I know all the back towers and most of the basement.


I am hoping that Bill will choose to take part in the Wisdom Day 2019 event on Monday March 25, 2019. Possibly at the evening Awards Banquet that I hope will feature Michelle Obama speaking on opportunities for underprivileged youth to enter the health care field.
What is a Perfect Fit?:
I envision Bill using his skill with youth and his saxophone to create a moment of togetherness via music with. I envision some of the school children will have prepared ahead of time and will Jam a little with Saxman Bill.
The event would also be a perfect showcase for Michelle Obama to create an activity that includes children who might not have easy access to learning about the scientific and historical information about acupuncture, acupressure, beauty secrets and Chinese herb and nutrition wisdom. Here is one of the non-profit card decks I have created for military academy cadets or anyone who wants to build their memory. The buyer has to open an account via their email address and then uploads the deck file and pays the company: www.Make-A-Deck.com .
PDF:: Trump Deck | Obama Deck | Nixon Deck | Carter Deck | Bush 1 Deck | Clinton Deck | Bush 2 Deck | Hillary Clinton Deck
Click on THIS LINK to view or download my initial proposal for Bill to help promote Michelle Obama during Wisdom Day 2019.
[I have been politically independent especially after the recent election. I was born in 1947 and really appreciate what you and Hillary have done in the world. I grew up in Allegan, Michigan and competed for what Life magazine called "The Air Force's School for Eggheads" -- the Air Force Academy. Starting in 1963 before John Kennedy was killed I sought to be an honorable officer after a childhood as a Boy Scout with my father being my scoutmaster after his service as a defensive gunner in B-17s in Australia in the Pacific Theater.
I've recently seen you and Hillary on TV at the memorials for Arethra Franklin and GHW Bush, your examples are helping the worried masses have a chance to see wise elders giving input to a national situation that is jangled by the results of religion and fanaticism.
As I type this, I am in my basement "command post for peace" that I have fashioned in a friend's basement. I'm a former Air Force Academy cadet who finally quit the military as a lieutenant after missions and traumas between 1965 and 1972. Since then I have begun to serve our nation as a civilian. However, only recently have I fully disconnected painful loops of "feedback" from flashback events.
I am feeling healthy and ready to help heal the agony that people feel over the truths that President Trump is forcing us to talk about. Good people are beginning to more fervently do things to help make life more safe. Somehow Mr. Trump's respect for uniformed service gave me a boost of hope that reminded me of my time as a teenage-brained impressionable cadet. I have been more diligently re-considering the value of my academy training and my special assignment in the Air Force Medical Service Corps the year we landed on the Moon. Decades later my nightmare of feeling like a lost soul after I left uniformed service have ended. As a licensed doctor of naturopathic medicine I have seen and studied and experienced new neuroscience and psychotherapy methods of helping the body and mind feel more part of something greater than one's solo self. I am in process of evaluating the PTSD realities that I had suppressed and suffered with for decades. Now without the stigmatizing of western labels, I have strengthened my mind and body by drawing on neuroscience, friendships, food management on a very low pension as veteran, and by dynamic planning for my Wisdom Day series.
I've begun the request form on your foundation website to ask if you can contribute music and wisdom to the Wisdom Day 2019 event where I hope Michelle Obama will have a major role for the day. It will be held at the Kaiser Center for Total Health near Union Station.. I have been finding ways to help Black Americans and also to be one of the many who have figured out how to simply recognize the rightful strength of women. You may be able to help "make some music" to contribute to the political future of Michelle Obama. She'd make a very dynamic candidate for President.
A side note: In the last months I have felt buoyed by the liveliness of the situation of males being sorry for what has developed for women. Many men have either willingly or not left positions of power and influence. (I am almost at my 72nd birthday, being born July 1 1947 and I'm proud of Hillary's promoting the concept of the Village.)
I am a board certified Acupuncture educator and my American eyes recognize sexism in Chinese patriarachy. I have talked about the Chinese I-Ching symbol for Female which is three Open lines called "Kun"; males in the west likely corrupted it as Kunt and somehow taught girls to be afraid of that word because males called it a weak or broken line. In fact a non-sexist approach would instead call that symbol Open; and the male symbol would be called Solid rather than "closed." Couples can study the two as being one Open and enfolding, and the other being Solid and able to be an anchor, etc. I write this because you might have heard about old ways of understanding the I-Ching Trigram. I wrote and telephoned the prolific acupuncture expert Ralph Alan Dale and he sent me his non-sexist I-Ching, which is scientifically and socially useful. 
I put this picture in the Special Hillary Clinton deck of cards. I hope that you as the ever smiling William Jefferson Clinton -- the first potential First Spouse -- would contribute to an event I am doing this coming March 25, 2019. [Click for the Wisdom Day tab.]
The sanitized version of About Me is on that page on the Menu. I am updating my bio after several years of wise review of all the positive aspects of what I was trained for and how I was resilient over the past 50 years despite difficult events I was part of. [PDF of my bio]
I resigned from the military but got an honorable discharge; I was nearly killed more than one time on active duty status between 1965 and 1972. Below I disclose patriotic truth about my behavior that neither the hippies nor the rednecks would understand. My psychotherapy practice leads me to respect each person for simply "showing up" and engaging in the hard work of life.
I said Yes to national service when John Kennedy was alive and won appointment to the US Air Force Academy by Senator Hart of Michigan. I entered before there were protests and riots and when I got discharged after being shocked by what I saw (see below) I never talked out the things that happened. I never saw my USAF Academy classmates until last year. We all felt a deep bond refreshed. However, I had been the only one who never went to reserves or talked with anyone about the death and risk I lived out during my James-Bond-style thinking while at USAFA and then in my first year as a lieutenant. (Pres. Nixon gave us our graduation speech on June 4, 1969, and he signed by proxy my termination of service three years later after my traumas led me to choose to leave service and serve society in the civilian world.)
I have begun inviting Michelle Obama via President Obama's website, to be the main encourager at the evening banquet at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health. The day is CE class for people interested in the field of acupuncture and oriental beauty treatments. I want it to provide a happy and encouraging experience for high school and other students who have limited resources here in DC. 
I have created decks of memory building playing cards. Below is a screen capture of the King of Hearts card Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. Your smile is as the possible First First Spouse in US history:
You can download medium resolution images of decks of cards as PDF including the one above with the links below:
Special Hillary Clinton deck | President Obama deck | President Clinton deck | President GHW Bush deck | President GW Bush deck | President Carter deck | and President Trump deck. I even made an eye-catching Ambassador Angelina Jolie deck.
I made them through a web site by a military-friendly crew at www.Make-a-Deck.com.  I created a deck for President Obama. This was after I had first made a deck about respecting women because I was concerned that Donald Trump's past behavior might worry the parents of potential military cadet applicants. These decks focus on respect for the other gender and are respectful of all religions and orientation. One card has an image of "VG" for Virgin Geeks which I was, and military cadets and applicants need to be careful about not being ignorant but not getting hypersexualized either. Sexual activity is a delicate subject (I provide psychotherapy and have designed an array of methods for helping the individual become aware of their family and religious background or optimistic atheism and learning to master their own body function.)
The daytime CE class will bring in money if it is finalized which I think may happen in the next week or two. I have no budget but I hope that people like Tyler Perry, Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey and others will promote the event and even give grant money directly to the Kaiser Center for Total Health. [Link to that site.]
For some background, I have been a champion of women for many years and never was anti-female. As a cadet I held women in high regard and was invited by a senior master sergeant to take his 16 year old daughter to a Dress Ball. Only later did I realize that she had been sexually abused by the young man she had told me about. I had given her a beautiful memory for the rest of her life.
I've asked Michelle Obama to give remarks at an evening Awards Banquet. I would like President Clinton to appear via video presentation at this event which will be recorded as well as live. We are preparing to use the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health in Union Station, 700 Second Street NW.  conference room for a separate event during the day. 
I hope to offer the day (Monday March 25, 2019) as a time for Michelleto add to the good things that our nation can do for Black children and Black Americans.
I am young-looking and enjoy putting on Kite-Making workshops. I have a warm spot in my heart for mothers and children.
I look forward to completing your brief form. You and Chelsea are invited to download the PDF views of the Presidential Card Decks. I made one with Hillary as the King of Hearts and you as Spouse of Heart (Queen of Hearts card).
Warm regards for all that your great brain has allowed to be brought into the awareness of our nation. By the way please learn the value of the Nobel Prize in Medicine/Physiology in 2014. I think Alan Alda talked about it in a science search for comments on its great value. as I recall. It proves that for mammals repetition of experiences and exposure to the world around them creates a 3-D "map" inside tissues of the brain. That means that students can relax and look at school or independent study as building the maps and creating different ways to look at those maps. Concerning helping Veterans, they need to be told that it is okay to have memories but they need to manage them. In fact they would have been kicked out of military service if they couldn't remember things in detail, Today after that Nobel prize in 2014 the key to a healthy life is to Manage the Memories rather than attempt to forget or to stop remembering. My counsel to everyone is every day remember your value, your blessings. This helps to build the and hold on to the map in actively accessible memory.
Ralph W. Wilson
AKA Kitemaster Woody

Dear President Clinton, about your time as Commander in Chief:

Please don't share worldwide this following disclosure to you as President. I was commissioned as a lieutenant by President Nixon, then in 3-1/2 years his signature appeared on my termination of my commission (I was told that he did not personally be aware of such discharges.
I resigned my commission during the Vietnam years. President Nixon never replied to a plea I made to him, We didn't know he was in so many agonizing situations. In 1968 I had become part of  what was actually an experiment of education: With President Nixon's knowledge the academies told us cadets that we could compete for medical school scholarship, full ride. (2% to Law School and 2% to civilian medical schools.)This on hindsight was President Nixon's attempt to create "battle-ready medical doctors" in the military for his expected major health problems in the troops who were being put into very challenging situations. The year I was kicked out of the military [on September 11,1972] around the time he signed into being the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.
However, I was alone as an active duty officer assigned to ROTC at U of Michigan. Thinking back on this in recent years I see that in 1963 I had said Yes to President Kennedy's pointing to the Moon and talk about serving after I read a Life Magazine article titled, The Air Force's School for Eggheads, the Air Force Academy. (That issue of Life has been removed from online archive. The things promised in that were not fully delivered after I entered the academy in 1965.) There was never a declared Vietnam War and so I as a young cadet was still happily doing my Boy Scout best preparing for a place in Space Command under Brig. General Harold F. Funsch. After I had my year of special assignment to his world-wide command in Military Airlift Command, I entered the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor starting 1970. But by that time I was basically stumbling forward after having been injured while in earlier military years. Some advisor told me that because I felt different I could choose to serve the country out of uniform.
That sounded good to me. They said that I had to apply as a category called Conscientious Objector, and the Quakers showed me the official regulation that stated that if the person changed their understanding after beginning military service then they could apply to serve the nation as a civilian. However, when I applied everything seemed to fall apart for me and I went through a long time of adversity as if I were a prisoner of war on a SAC base north of Detroit. That was Wurtsmith AFB in Oscoda.
Eventually I survived a psych evaluation and had a court-martial where I was not guilty of an inappropriate order to carry duty rosters, I eventually was given low Officer Effectiveness Reports and discharged as not living up to reasonable Air Force Standards. (Nowadays we know about TBI and the need for aggressive physical and nutritional therapies. I have had these in recent decades now that I am a licensed naturopathic physician, licensed acupuncturist and in contact with many good medical doctors, dentists, acupuncturists and more.
Due to accidents after flashback memories I am now finishing up a self-guided time of physical rehab and exercise. I had two major accidents because of my rapid choices ending up with being injured by a car and the other was being caught outside with light clothing and getting frostbite of my abdomen requiring abdominal surgery to remove dead tissue ("I never gave up hope," I said). I am strong and resilient and have good attributes of survival. I am classed as homeless due unexpected circumstances. However, I have many connections and am board certified in acupuncture and naturopathic medicine, so I am using Wisdom Day 2019 as the launch platform for final incorporation as not-for-profit incorporation to help veterans and their families without regard to political or religious stances people may have. I and my future wife (a nurse I've known since 1980) are looking forward to the nation growing after the "Trump Years" and doing what we can to be non-partisan and help women and children have safer lives.

Content below was developed over recent years during my healthy neuroscience studies and exploring depth self-knowledge as part of the Psychotherapy Networker community. [https://www.psychotherapynetworker.org/] In recent months after the challenge of the current President's style of communicating, I experienced very helpful re-thinking about PTSD traumas and deaths, etc. which I saw during my active duty with Army, Navy SEALS and Air Force  or USAFA Class officers 1969. I haven't yet sent this URL to Ninth Squadron friends. Save/Bookmark this page's URL. (I removed the page's title from the site menu, which avoids automated discovery online.) The second table below shows my questions about Honor Code as well as proof of missions that I need help with for my open VA disability/pension claim that is stalled due to "lost records" (or possible stonewalling).

 This is a Re-Purposed page from one for Niner Squadron after our first reunion after 50 years, last year October 2017. I had earlier created this page to hold documents intended for U.S. Senators of both parties. I wanted them to have my special deck of cards [from www.Make-a-Deck.com] and make it available to every applicant. Every year each Senator chooses from applicants whose families expect that the military academies will be superb training grounds for their child's future service to the nation. 

PDF [not yet uploaded]: Trump Deck | Obama Deck | Nixon Deck | Carter Deck | Bush 1 Deck | Clinton Deck | Bush 2 Deck | Hillary Clinton Deck

I was concerned that President Trump's example might corrupt the sexual knowledge of young cadets. I created a deck of cards based on my psychotherapy training. I chose photos from my current life that reflect what I know of the Academy. Of course, as a cadet I only knew a USAFA where male cadets sneaked girls into their dorms unofficially or they came for events bused in from schools in the area. These current days USAFA has had a woman superintendent perform superbly, and of course there are men and women cadets training side by side as teammates. This "All Academies Applicant Deck #1" reflects my concern that our military academies can't rely on only "virgin geeks" who are unmarried and not sexual predators. I coined the term Virgin Geeks (VG) to describe ones like myself who "had no clue" about acceptable sexual growth and who wouldn't be sidelined once they discover the "intoxicating" effects of sensual pleasure. I at least want cadets to know that they are not supposed to "experiment" on their classmates.

I could say to the new cadets: "Carry a scented handkerchief in your pocket, either your mother's scent, or maybe incense from your church, etc. However, if the lady you want to have sex with isn't willing, be a man and be her hero and don't harass her. Her friends will respect you."

1. Can Jeff Hamlin write a statement about the time I climbed a metal cable in Cheyenne Canyon? I nearly fell when it frayed and could break. I was taught climbing by Pop Sorenson, Army Scandinavian Commando who'd sneaked in via submarine, and prepared Normandy cliffs with pitons for D-Day. Jeff was Honor Code representative for 11th squadron. He may have monitored my abilities that day.
2. I trained John Wolf ('72?) in clandestine tunnel travel underground. He was my best clandestine pupil with an amazing underground graduation mission to the Power Plant where he tiptoed over a guard sleeping on the metal walkway. I seek statements about my solo activities after head trauma  especially during Navy SEAL Jungle warfare school, Ft. Howard, in Panama 1967.
3. Anybody else jump during a huge air power display for Congress in 1968? I need a statement about that event in which I was the first out the door of a C-131. We watched later that evening a mock firefight near a treeline next to a barbed wire circled encampment (like in John Wayne's film of Green Berets). That was after an  afternoon napalm drop, etc.
4. Did anybody else know Pete Johnson, master jumper with Airborne wings who died tragically? As Airborne myself (Ft. Benning 1967) it was sobering to hear of him dying at 500 jumps while attempting to release his reserve chute until he was too low for it to fully inflate.
5. I was on special assignment to Brig Gen Harold F. Funsch who'd been promoting Space Command in 1968. Did anybody else work in his command (MAC) when I was there or after I was discharged early? (I'd been injured.) Our unit was responsible for C-9 Nightingale which landed in SEA. He felt like a second father to me. He quit (retired) in 1972 the year I was discharged after injury. Did he speak about me? Did my disaster affect him?
6. Did anyone talk with psychiatrist Major Emory Sobiesk about me? He was in Gen. Funsch's office. Ordered heart testing after shocking incidents. He was the M.D. who smoked a pipe and kept the office smooth-running while the General was in charge of all pilots around the world (Marine, Navy, Army, Air Force). Later on the Military Airlift Command was disbanded. As if we were never there.
7. Did anyone in our class in SAC ever hear about my 13 months in SAC? I later said "The only unit I ever commanded as a lieutenant was an X-Ray Department on a SAC base." That was in the base medical facility on a SAC base at Wurtsmith AFB, Oscoda, MI. This was while I was processing for "early out" after injury. SAC was later disbanded.
8. In 11th Sqdn as Woody Wilson, First Class I chose a mascot for my Element, drawn on a flag: Alley Kat. I think that the underclassmen I led would recall my conch shell signal, Their reply was "Rocks, Rocks, we're all Rocks!" I intended it to mean sexually and body image-wise. Tough, battered but still I was ready to tussle. [Now I can see I was clueless as a "virgin geek" ignorant of women.]
9. Did anyone know an upperclassman, maybe Class of 1967, named Patrick? I'm trying to document the shocking incident when I saw him when I visited the burn ward at Fitzsimmons in Denver. He'd been a FAC, shot down, mangled and burned. He saw that I was stunned to see him there fully wrapped in white bandages, maybe missing an ear. Recently I asked USAFA Registrar to help me contact him but was told that they had sent the request but received no response I don't know if he lived.

I would tell the guys in Niner Squadron that It was great to see a few of the emails you are sharing after our October 2017 reunion in Houston. However, after that I had a  gotten back in touch with you I was deeply shaken by a flashback experience that nearly killed me. It was because Pres. Trump had sent the coded message that we were about to experience nuclear war exchanges with Korea. I ended up -- because of an unfortunate weather change -- standing outside for three hours instead of only a half hour when the temperature dropped about 30 degrees. I got frostbite of my abdomen and nearly died. A surgeon later told me that I was not expected to live. However, after they removed dead tissue from my colon and put me in a medical coma for four days I woke with a colostomy. Now nearly a year later they have reattached my inner parts and I am whole again. Well at least I look okay on the outside. This morning I can smile a little about how I was following the lead of the Commander in Chief POTUS45 when in fact he was not my personal commander in chief because I really was no longer wearing a uniform. [I may add that incident to my book unfinished book about surviving devastating traumas currently titled, Uniformed: Service in Wartime



This is edited from what I wanted to say to the Senators who were preparing to appoint new cadets to USAFA:

Dear Senators, We stand in support of cadets you appoint to USAFA. Military Academy appointments are highly sought after. My life of service began when I said a silent "Yes" when President Kennedy pointed to the moon and spoke of service. My uniformed active duty service started with the USAF Academy. USAFA included interservice leadership options so I signed up for training with Army Basic Airborne Training and learning from Navy SEALS in the Panama jungle in 1967. My dates of service began during the Cold War and what has been called the Vietnam War.

Today our youth who are considering Academy appointments are concerned about sexual education and respect. The loss of several careers of prominent males in media and public life -- due to sexual disrespect -- highlights the need for wise action of each senator. I was prepared to ask several prominent women and men to contribute to Wisdom Day 2018 (March 21, Wednesday between 9 and 4). I was prepared to ask senators and others to participate in person or send a staffer. [I am now planning another event, Wisdom Day 2019That will be March 25, 2019, the Monday after to the Thursday-to-Sunday Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2019  PsychotherapyNetworker.org. ]

Further below are meaningful photos and text during earlier layouts of this internet site. In the future I plan to more closely ally with the Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians (www.psychanp.org) before Wisdom Day 2019. 

Immediately below is a deeply insightful video of the wisdom of David Whyte poetically letting you feel the thoughts move in your mind as you consider what it is to turn your inner vision to the meaning of Home. His video is appropriate for anyone including "people of The Book" -- Jewish, Christian and Muslim who know what it is to turn Home.

"On Belonging and Coming Home": David Whyte: Poet

*[See links below]

To download PDF of Deck of Cards for Cadet and Applicant focus on study with respect for sexual resilience of classmatesf from www.Make-a-Deck.com, go to the home page.

My practice is one that is non-prejudicial, and non-partisan. I invite you to consider your own understanding of the Human Condition. Can you be supportive of people whose worldview is not like yours? Can you respect each individual regardless their professed belief system? The graphic below is my adaptation from an old out-of-print magazine. You'll find it on my page about Science and Spirituality. [, "I do not want you to lose your faith." link removed when website was crashed by Russian and Chinese Trojan Horse coding]

Pictures below are for story-telling. Also see Zoo and Secrets A to Z page indexed on this site.

Thank you, Gunny for working with that tormented veteran.  Thanks for knowing and stopping recall of the Southeast Asia fighting and Fragging.



Links below may be of interest re cancer treatments and mental/physical healing.

[v. 02-01-2017.  Updated after Inauguration 2017. See below new Elder information about Black leadership in healthcare and acupuncture in these times of austerity and need for cost-effective health care methods and education in these methods: click to jump below.]

The sections below will be updated now that I'm consulting on challenging cases only -- via Nirvana Holistic Medicine and Spa. My main focus for the next two months is Wisdom Day 2017My intent in Wisdom Day 2017 is to help the younger generations of Health Care Leaders and Students learn about timeless wisdom and about very important observations that have not been easy to find in these busy modern times.


Wise Elder teaches about effects of toxins in foods -- Russell Blaylock, M.D.:
Glutamate and Excitotoxins and their potential in chronic debilitation of nervous system, cardiac, etc. -- Video below is from Russell Blaylock, M.D. He's an impassioned educator striving to wake people up to the facts about healthy eating to protect your brain, your body, your relationships in general -- your entire life... Much research is needed, but this will show you what we naturopathic physicians have considered.



Charlotte Gerson in this video below shares about "old-time natural medicine" and its current benefits to western society.

[This is a potential referral resource for those traveling to Hawai'i for Wellness Vacations through Routefinders for Friends, with Dr. Wilson.]

Below is a video from the Gerson Institute's YouTube Channel. This video introduces some of the basic concepts that can make a big difference in people's health. Once you have viewed the video you are invited to speak with me or Dr. Knights about our current recommendatons about how you can benefit from what has developed with the Gerson Therapy in regards to your own concerns about mental health and wellness. Dr. Wilson has visited and was impressed by the old-time feeling of an important center that is dedicated to Alternative Cancer Treatment, but also includes therapies that can help to turn around any health condition. This is Hawai'i Naturopathic Retreat Center, Inc.[link] This Hawai'i Gerson Therapy Program is directed by Maya Nicole Baylac, N.D. -- Licensed naturopathic doctor, Psychotherapist. Dr. Baylac has designed a program that offers the original Gerson method and enhances it with other synergistic procedures. Dr. Baylac obtained her Gerson certification in 2002; between 2004 and 2008 she was affiliated with the Gerson Institute. Later on she chose to become independent from the Gerson Institute.


[added 01-26-2017] I Mutulushakur is a health activist for the Black and low-income communities of America. He has been what some call a shining star even while he is imprisoned. (I am thinking of the career and imprisonment of Nelson Mandela that I have read about in past decades.) I invite you to read the careful legal presentation of facts that will show that Mutulu Shakur is an acupuncturist whose straightforward message of health care options should resonate strongly with the new Secretary of Health and Human Services [link to .gov site for HHS}.

Here is a photograph from his imprisoned status. [Read the legal details for what seems to be a deserved release: Here.]He is older and wiser. I am eager to hear how deeply he has memorized his acupuncture knowledge of life cycles and points. [My intro on my teaching site: Acupuncture Science.] This knowledge of acupoints and acupressure is something that a person can carry with them forever. This can decrease the need for instant reliance on medical prescription. Especially useful for the Disability Community [my link] and people who can't get to an Emergency Room or a high-tech physician within minutes of their discovering some need is underway.

Body Psychotherapy and Kinesthetic Medicine
This is a beginning to understand a complex set of approaches: My overview begins here.

Especially important are the FlexAware and Biotensegrity insights. [Click for videos and science correlations - site being updated after hacked seemingly by Russia and China.]


The musculo-skeletal-fascial aspect of body movement and energy flow: I'm especially eager to show you the entire half-hour video on the tissue matrix/fascia insights of Dr. Giumberteau. I own the DVD titled, "Strolling Under the Skin" and highly recommend it (purchase at Anatomy Trains supply).l Here is a video that a medical team has posted of the original Strolling Under the Skin film:

The additional insights below are from my earlier condensed version of an educational program of how to help the concerns of people who contact the center where I work. I intend to reformat this now that Nirvana Holistic Medicine and Spa has become my major platform for contributing to the DC community.

To Begin With: Now that I've increased my online services to include coaching and minimal lab testing worldwide this page will be updated for viewing by potential staff associates as well as the general public.

Quiz to Join: Because of the intricate nature of my "inner algorithm" that guides me in choosing assessments and treatments and coaching style, I've invited people to view this Staff Requirements page as a way to "quiz" themselves about my approach to providing Care. I intend to be adding to this page some self-study items so that you will feel more respected and supported by this "New User Experience." If you and I do make a connection then I'd be glad to hear your observations about how I and my site and my associated network can meet your needs. Read on and discover what is here for you.

Familiarize yourself with my Internet sites:

[Note: All my sites point to the same Blog -- Health Resources Blog]
www.DCNN.pro | www.NaturalConnectionsHealthcare.com | www.NaturalWorldHealing.com|
www.IntegrativeHomeopathy.org | www.Routefinders.org 

Naturopathic Medicine
Bastyr University: Bastyr.edu

New Health Medical Center, Edmonds WA: NewHealthMed.com
Yoga/Ayurveda/Naturopathy: YogaAyurveda.org

The Healing Power of Nature (in Latin it is Vis Medicatrix Naturae} [my teaching site description]

Acupuncture Information:
Acumeridian science [my teaching site description]
AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging: AcuGraph.com
Hyaluronic acid theory of acumeridian formation [my teaching site description]
NES body-field scan (developed by an acupuncture educator} [my teaching site description]

Homeopathy Information:
Homeopathy Science [my teaching site description]

Functional Medicine Information:
Heart Rate Variability testing (HRV): [my teaching site description]
Biofeedback: [my teaching site description]
F.M. with Laboratory testing (includes video): [my teaching site description]

See below Dr. Blaylock's video on neuro immune excitotoxin danger from food additives.

Psychology Approaches

Body Psychotherapy and Kinesthetic Medicine
This is a beginning to understand a complex set of approaches: My overview begins here.

Especially important are the FlexAware and Biotensegrity insights. [Click for videos and science correlations]


The musculo-skeletal-fascial aspect of body movement and energy flow: I'm especially eager to show you the entire half-hour video on the tissue matrix/fascia insights of Dr. Giumberteau. I own the DVD titled, "Strolling Under the Skin" and highly recommend it (purchase at Anatomy Trains supply).l Here is a video that a medical team has posted of the original Strolling Under the Skin film:

Basic Interviews on ShrinkRapRadio:
These high-quality interviews by psychology professor David Van Nuys, Ph.D. will enliven your ability to understand and communicate with the patients I'll be asking you to serve in various ways. 
His main site: ShrinkRapRadio.com
A few of over 400 interviews:

  • Interview with Editor, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, Jonathan Prousky, N.D.[link]
  • Unlocking the Emotional Brain, Bruce Ecker. The model known as Coherence Therapy [link]
  • A Plan for Long-Term Life Satisfaction, Tobin Hart, Ph.D. [link] -- Brilliant neuroscience and clinical insights.
  • Trauma and the Body, with Pat Ogdon [link]

On Being: Superb Interviews on Spiritual and Social Change: On Being by Krista Tippett. She and her team have received many awards.
I will list interviews that are especially helpful for patients or clients.

  • Getting Revenge -- and -- Forgiveness.  [Read and listen on OnBeing site.]
  • [Coming soon] A spiritual and thought exercise that I think is titled "The Next Breath." A concept that I love to teach. It's so easy because you do the exercise every day, every night, every minute of your days.

Counseling and Psychotherapy Options:
[I will give you private information about my referral resources.]
Psychotherapy Options: [my clinical site description]
My focused referral/Natural Medicine Second Opinion options: [my information site description

Brain Health Basics:
Depending on your credentials I can arrange for you to have professional access to the self-paced learning of the Amen Clinics approach to brain health. You can start by visiting my page about my certification as an Amen Affiliated Education Center advisor: [Click here, or on the tab in the menu on the left side of this page.]

New Brain Science (with YouTube video on a working description ot the Mind): [my information site description]

Glutamate and Excitotoxins and their potential in chronic debilitation of nervous system, cardiac, etc. -- Video below is from Russell Blaylock, M.D. He's an impassioned educator striving to wake people up to the facts about healthy eating to protect your brain, your body, your sex life, your relationships in general, your entire life...


Movie Therapy items:
"Medicine Man", with Sean Connery -- natural world/jungle and science looking for cures: [IMDb movie description]

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", an adventure/comedy/drama with Ben Stiller, Kristin Wiig, Jon Daly. [IMDb movie description]




Of course it would be a plus if you were able to type, know how an office should run, and have awareness of EHR (Electronic Health Records, such as at www.NextGen.com).

Final parting reminder about what is behind all the work that I do:
The key staff characteristic that I seek -- knowing that you will represent my services to our community and people from around the world who contact us -- is that you are aware of your own dynamic self-healing powers and you can respect the individual processes that each of us practitioners uses for our clients and patients. 

Added during the days I was preparing to send a request to President Clinton to speak at Wisdom Day 2019. These are words from www.AcuGraph.com founder Adrian Larsen, D.C. and Licensed Acupuncturist:

The Acupuncture Growth Symposium is about helping YOU grow. At Miridia Technology, we focus on helping practitioners stay current with what’s ACTUALLY working in the acupuncture world.

We’re bringing in the tactical giants of the industry to give you the nitty-gritty details about what they do, day in and day out, to be some of the most successful acupuncturists out there. At the Acupuncture Growth Symposium, we’ll help you master today’s tough conditions, leverage technology for breakthrough results, and treat with total confidence.

If you’re an acupuncturist, student, or another practitioner looking to incorporate acupuncture into your practice, this is YOUR event. Welcome home.

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