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Psychosis Support Monitoring

[September 10, 2020]  This happy couple posed for this dynamic couple’s portrait prior to Pandemic considerations  This page is being repurposed  I hope to be helping the structure for rehabilitation after life traumas  More to come  

Archive for site visitors who have contacted me about future appointments after the COVID situation has calmed down.

July 10 2020


Special PDF book to downlload    [Click here to download, 5 MB document 




Today's writing ends with this paragraph. Here is my book cover, THRIVE-DC: Spirit of Being & Thinking, The book includes my blog entries on Autonomic Response Testing and other important health resources. You can click on this link to order print-on-demand copies: http://www.lulu.com/shop/woody-wilsonnd/thrive-dc-spirit-of-being-thinking/paperback/product-22784298.html

Respectful regards and Aloha from here. RWW

FYI I have never allowed comments on my twitter channels, because I consider them to be a log of my thinking process as I do psychotherapy methods when writing  (Ref Bill O'Hanlon and my certification with him in his Post-Erickson teachig). I stand behind each twitter entry @RoutefindersFF and @MarsBaseB


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