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Secrets A to Z & Zoo

[Sanctuary Site: No Politics. Take a Break. Visit the Zoo-like grounds. Breathe... ]

My military preparedness response to this time of Transition is simple.* [v. 01-24-2017]

Short Version: To be your healthiest consider learning all that you can about your own body and your mind. "Study Life from A to Z." Your personal background and the "environment" that surrounds you are very strong influences on the outcome of your life. Below include clues for you about understanding several background factors in my decisions about what may be useful in a person's Health Menu.

[Photo Added July 24, title: "Secrets For USA & Spiritual life" or "Power NOT Pity", Enlarge and Rotate the picture so that you can discover the five changes from the next version.] 

Below was done earlier after President Trump was inaugurated and the tweets began for @POTUS and @FLOTUS

TAGs to indicate if a hidden message is for your groupRemember, I do not collect email addresses. Instead you can choose to, 1) follow the Twitter flow of postings from the Routefinders team (@routefindersff) and, 2) read marked "tweets" for your chosen Targeted Announcement Groups (TAGs): Zoo Walkers | Cathedral Walkers | Great Falls Hikers | Kitemakers | CSDA | Weight Concerns | FlexAware Group | Community in Mobile Worlds\
[This page is being updated.]

* Story: "America is like a Zoo"]: At the close of polls on Nov 8, I sequestered myself (dark mask, ear plugs and walked with a walking stick the few times I ventured to the Metro). Three days after The Election I rose, washed, clothed myself appropriately for this important mission and walked to the homeless feeding and activity philanthropy outreach. There I went straight to my friend the former Marine Corps medic who had been battlefield trained in the waning days of the Southeast Asia events. (He rarely talks about his adventures.) I simply asked "Who won the election?" He spoke a single word, "Trump." I spoke a single word in return, "Trump" (with no change in facial expression). Then turned around and went back through the door by which I'd entered. I immediately disappeared down the nearest access for a nature hike in Rock Creek Park. I walked alone in the untraveled grassy areas and finally spoke to a Fedex driver, then a UPS driver and then a construction crew laborer. Finally after speaking to those three wise men -- each of which had a different response -- I gazed upward and saw that one of the DC bridges was directly above me. I navigated past the construction crew and bridge above and climbed my way uphill. I found the sidewalks of Connecticut Ave. where I'd known they were since I first self-assigned to Washington DC in October 2001. Once I'd calmly joined the walking traffic pattern on Connecticut I then marched to the Zoo right across from my "Freud Hilton" office shared with psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors and regular citizens. I proudly renewed my Premier membership in the Smithsonian National Zoological Gardens and asked a staffer to take a Proof of Presence snapshot for my archives. I'm now an official Friend of the National Zoo (the FONZ). Readers, America is like a ZOO!!!" We can make this nation an exemplary place in the world.  [Note: This pic below was taken 2013]

Puzzle Archive  [Enlarge the picture and look for "Easter Egg" hidden items]

1.A. title: Friend Focus [Created Thursday November 10, 2016, after two days of not knowing who won the election and then finding out] Small differences may be significant. Picture A is on the Left side. Picture B is on the Right side.  [Tech skill: either rotate it or work from sideways. The changes are visible easily seen in any rotation. ADULTS ONLY: I do offer psychotherapy "Red Pill Medicine"; but I have Blue Pills too. [These are toy cloth figures called "Happy Pill" that have a recording that plays when you press the red heart in their belly. The sound is a "complete giggle cycle" of a young girl being tickled.]


3. [title] We're Still Here [Created the day after actress and writer Carrie Fisher died. Today her mother Debby Reynolds died. Those brave women left us many valuable memories that can help us do things differently. This photo contains one colorful "Easter Egg" in view for Children to mention to me if they see it.  


Click here to view or download tribute to three greats, Carrie, Debbie and Muhammad Ali: The PDF document includes a cutout pocket reminder of the roles that men and women have now that we have received the message of their deaths and transformation.

Supporting archives and Conversation Starters. I am particularly proud of the back of my acupuncture point location study doll that has stitching to reprersent rib cage and shoulder blades, plus colorful spinal column bumps that are represented as one bead for every vertebra. 

The Cave (of Illumination)

The photo below was inspired by the election results. I lived in "The Cave of Not-Knowing" for three valuable days; I rose from vigil and on 3rd day learned "Who won Election 2016." Top: BEFORE. Below that: AFTER [to be added after a week of the world knowing Who won Election 2016] Enlarge picture to get a closer look at treasures of knowledge.

...I've decided to do a re-shoot after "the dust settles" beyond the Transition time after the January 20, 2017 inauguration of the new President.

I am now preparing to update my e-book about uniformed service to make the nation a safer place. Check back later:


Below are Neuroscience Insights we might speak about if we communicated directly. You can add these to your self-empowerment and service tools. [Some of these blog pages have been removed for updating after the Election 2016]:



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