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[Updated, in progress still -- v 02-01-2017]

Equip yourself for a healthy life.This page will have resources for your journey of health. I plan to include information to study and some items to purchase directly from this page or links to other sites where there are products that may be of interest to you. Some of the resources generate a commission which I use to pay for administrative costs.

Here is the link to the book that I created as part of the THRIVE-DC writers group at a homeless shelter in NW DC:

Click here for Lulu.com print on demand publisher: THRIVE-DC: Spirit of Being & Thinking by "Woody" Wilson, N.D.

The cost is less than $3, plus a small shipping fee, with NO profit at all. I want peo;le to use it as a journal.

Be thoughtful. Good essays. For your Good life.


I invite you to learn about Metagenics including their Medical Foods products. Here is the Physician Code that will give you a 20 percent discount, enter that on their site: RWILSON [Link to my Metagenics shopping cart]. When you contact me after you create an account I will give you the coupon code so that you can receive a 30% discount when you order items. [Again, Link to my Metagenics shopping cart]

DCNN History Memento:
While supplies last I have some of the DCNN Stressballs. These were purchased during developing the DC Natural Neuroscience endeavor to be given as complimentarty mementos that keep on giving. [Note: the URL has been changed to -- www.DCNN.pro ]


Routefinders Stressball Memento: 
This is a handy memento of the Routefinder mission: A soft rubber "squeezeball" that is just a little bit square. I developed these after I started DC Natural Neuroscience. It's great for burning off some stress chemicals. And, if you drop it or throw it on the ground...it's a reminder that just as with humans under stress you can never quite predict where it will bounce after initial impact.



Homeopathy Home Care
First Aid and Home Care kits from Washington Homeopathic Products [site]
Books, Media and more: Homeopathic Educational Services [site]


A personal gyroscope exerciser may be a good way to boost your readiness for movement therapy and other body activities. Here is the image from the DynaFlex company's many products. [Their site]

Addendum: This site really got my attention

Prevagen memory enhancer designed from jellyfish bioluminescence molecule [link] . I'm able to order the extra-strength 40mg version for my clients. You can get it OTC as shown below.



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