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These are my Daughters and Sons

Being Updated:v. November 5, 017.   

I just got back from new sessions of talking about the reason for the neuroscience of protective intent. I'm a professional member of the International Primal Association and have adapted several of their approaches to regulating emotions.  [A good book about nature is "Why Don't Zebras Get Ulcers." Dealing with their running with herd and staying safe as long as possible, then they stand still and shiver while in th esafety of the home crowd.]

This is a big topic. Sometimes simplified: "Don't mess with women" and "Don't seduce my son." Careful observations of personality from the vantage point of several systems of categorization leads me to confidently say that nobody is going to be able to be an exact duplicate of anyone else. I recommend "genetic metabolic pathway assessment" such as 23 And Me.

Many people looking at this are old enough to be my daughter or my son. I have configured my internet sites and all my writing to be supportive of healthy maturing to the age of 25. (Myelination of the brain is complete by then, giving a person a "shield" around their nerves and brain.)

Professional Disclosure: I have used a product, Hyaluronic Acid that looks like the clear covering of muscles (called Fascia). A company has given me samples of the product over the years: Hyaluronic Acid. I recommend people.use it as directed. It can help the body have slippery muscle junctions, great for all kinds of sports or walking. You can find it online www.Hyalogic.com.

The teenage brain is the main factor in counseling about impulsiveness and risk taking. Read about this in the book Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain.

Simply: Remember to be nice to others. I've got more potential side branches (Mandelbrot equation for fractals might be appropriate) and will put a bit more on this page.

First: Many men would come to the aid of any woman or child who was having concerns. You can think of them in your mind and draw strength from that. I will try to paste a range of Protector models immediately below.

This collection includes one acted by two superb portrayers of real flows of feeling. The feelings shown are consistent with a deep flush of heart-felt warmth "inside" as opposed to "on the surface" which could be logically cognitively solved. Such feelings are beyond the reach of words from parents or counselors. To work with this deep flow it requires skill in the observer/parent/counselor. The bottom line for the "Children" no matter what age is to be sure to "wrap yourself" daily with the experience of being in a loving environment with parents and teachers and all others.


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