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Wisdom Day, Killers & Coronavirus Response

[Being updated soon. v. 07-07-2020; The recent social unrest is particularly painful to people I know. ]

Urgent Re-purposed page has become active Writing Therapy about Sexual Violence and Coronavirus. Wisdom Day is being moved to next year. Speakers List Update: (Colin Powell, Bessel van der Kolk, Felice Dunas, Dr Dan Siegel)

Major Focus for Wisdom Day 2021. Sexual Violence:  People becoming active in changing things that can be changed. Astounding to me again a rapist is born of a man who was not taught well. A Killer in the news this week is a young, 20-yeaer-old Jewish Army soldier who was never trained in science of Pelvic Decongestion. His brain was "fried' when he saw and heard a female soldier. He struck out at her, a female whose voice and appearance exuded what Dr. Porges writes about as "prosidy." He killed her then killed himself.

Here is a link to the LULAC site that is dedicated to protection of women with the voice and body features that can "fry" the brain of an untrained male. See my page on the science that explains this sad "brain programming" deficiency in all world cultures: Dr. Porges information. Below is a clip from the Seinfeld show which has humorous episodes based in New York City. Maybe that 20-year-old male soldier received sexual misinformation, which is the subject of the video below:

Two scientific landmark events give me hope that there is science that can help calm society. The first is the Coherence Psychology Institute's announcement of the Coherence Therapy explanation for success of some methods for some caregivers. The second is the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology 2014 which describes function of cells in the brain's Hippocampus that create functional "maps" of the surroundings and helps the mammal to Orient in its environment. Applying that to humans leads me to propose that the things people look at stimulate these maps; the more one looks at something, the more ingrained the event becomes. There may be treatment with a technology many psychiatrists are beginning to use; I have spoken with the representative of the company and here is the link to Microcurrent Neurofeedback. The tiny current applied to the scalp seems to "shake loose" aberrant plaques; if this is true there may be help for people with a variety of brain function problems.


Stephen Porges, Ph.D, is a national hero. He is changing the basic understanding of Fear, Anger, Trauma and other factors that are behind recent riots, unrest and the world-wide terror of Muslim Male Marital Rape Culture abuse of women and children, Here he talks about safety:

Current Sex Training in the world: Woefully inadequate. Males don't have a Sex Training institute. Below are some videos of Females who are powerful examples of  Women training Women,


Re the Coronavirus, follow instructions from local authorities re viral risks. Stay indoors. Don't piss off the cops....... Really

Important about summer violent demonstrations and deaths. Please listen to the seasoned wisdom of Dave Chapell in videos on Home Page and below Dave Chapell didn't smile last week. But he was insightful earlier. Playful. Gifted.

Urgent new Insights from World Medicine [Clue to origin of word "Cunt"]:

1. Dame Helen Mirin, I have Embedded the trailer of your Eye in the Sky film trailer on several pages. I feel anyone visiting my site needs to remember the dangers of errant teaching* of children that ends up creating angry males wanting to destroy anything that holds back their Male Rape Culture or Muslim Marital Rape Culture.

2. Remember that Women are the more intricate and resilient of the pair, and that we can clone the human and men are actually possibly Optional. [Chinese name for female symbol sounds like K'un, and male symbol sounds like Chi-en.


Patriarchial Subterfuge changed sound spelling of K'un to CUNT and calls this a terrible thing, a FORBIDDEN WORD. Women are not allowed to claim the power that the K'un symbol is Bowl/Holder, and the male symbol is Chi denoting the Flagpole that desperately needs to be thrust into any hole that will take it.

*My legal campaign for Repelling Muslim teaching of sex abuse from American soil is based on science about brain function and schizophrenia. Our nation simply needs to decertify Islamist teaching of children to hate America and hate females. That concept is based on the brainwashing ability of texts that give children expectation of the primacy of Muslim Marital Rape Culture which condones and mandates physical injury to women. They know that this is legally needed for perpetual enslavement (ever since the prophet breathed his last breath the world was left with fans who did not agree.

Imaginal Death Scene: On one side of the prophet's death bed was a General holding a sword (Sunni), and on the other side was Muhammed's sister and others who respected women (Shia). One estimate says 90% of Muslim brains are with the Sunni General bellowing "Kill them all!" And on the other side of the death bed is situated an individual Inviting Fervently, "Let's all Dance" [Shia] The sound of Shee-ah brings to mind feminine respect.

The dichotomy "before the Court" is examined with thousands of citations online. Simply search: Sunni Shia Divide.

Re violence in cities. It is bad enough that regular city police  have been given training formerly reserved for military who repel attackers from other countries.  Wake up please. We veterans were proud of the protection we gave (World War Two, Vietnam, East Asia, etc.) I have been out of uniform for years, but any veteran knows the crushing death that can be delivered. Just be sure that you don't try to join the loners and cells of what were once valiant Muslim Warrior youth. Myself I see most of the Muslims as "a persecuted minority." I even paid gas money for a Muslim man and his wife and driver to escape from Washington DC on a deserted road during the week of shutdown and boarding up of windows for some attack that never came in the March-April divide. I don't know what is actually going on but I've been making the best of our forced cyber-connections. I hope you've done well in isolation times.

NOTE: I plan to invite different speakers next year. Dave Chapell would be sincere and powerful. I'll again notify Colin Powell.  Here is the Link you can cut and paste like a Bookmark so you can come back to this top Speakers Section.  

Dave Chappel: However this morning I watched Dave Chapell. I am impressed with this fighter for justice. He does a skilled job of feeling intelligent rage while managing to hold his energyunder moderate control. He ended quickly in the final one this past week. He knows people killed during the last decades. He is a stable and grounded man. 

Video from 2009 of Dave Chapell in his enjoyable movements of power amid a nation of people who haven't had time to know others:

Below: See Dave Chapell back in 2009 when he spoke with strong enjoyment of his successful life. He has a smoother delivery that the edgy truth that George Carlin used to use in his shocking monologues.. Dave was with an intimate audience. You see him at ease in the long videw; he drew wisdom and humor from his huge knowledge base about the evils oppressing Blacks. They in theenjoyed each other for over three hours.

You could choose to fast forward through the three hours and you will his marvelous deep wit and alertness to events around the globe, as well as between two intimate partners, his wife and him. They never had sex until they were married. Dave Chappel's way of living is to know his topics intimately and then let his grip get loose on what happens -- the result is stunning and powerful. I laughed very hard and felt apologies for all the stupid things he joked about. I watched it for over an hour at a time.

However, That was recorded in 2009 when President Obama was in office. Below is a video I found from this week, "Everyone is masked.". Dave Chapell is now a changed man. I have laughed with angry Black young males, I have nearly been killed by angry young Black males in the past few years. We in America are choosing just how much of Spike Lee's insights the males and females in the churches can change the training of Law Enforcement. Below  I wrote some detailed notes from biofeedback training I took years ago. I 

We all still have a lot of work to do during Election year. Dave Chapell is a man who is special like George Carlin was. I am a political independent but I sure am intrigued about the hidden good times that Donald Trump seems to having...right? Could Dave Chapell extract some humor from the Trumps? Isn't he able to smile even some? Maybe not for a few months. [Stunning alert: when I test ran the video a second time a popup ad appeared with Former Vice President Joe Biden's face and voice. He's asking for people to give money.]

If Dave helps us all to survive and to smile even a little we'll be better off. (Caution, he is very colorful in his words and does talk smoothly about the intimacies and the inuendos relaxed Black people can use.) He pushes limits for some I am sure but I'm a sex therapist support resource and check out your inner process and deal with it.. So if you can't laugh about what is between your legs or hanging down there, I recommend that you start a Journal now and watch him every night for three days. I'm no Dave Chapell although I was trained in humor and distraction back in the 1960s and it was rather successful on getting the attention of people. No jokes today, not today. We are in mourning and still on alert status. Bummer. I'll plan on contacting Dave Chapell.

Future security of Natural Health treatment insights about CoVid19 will be given in a few months. This may be important in light of the almost typical cases of crippled children who have been brought to us after vaccinations. My Integrative Medicine friends likely would become very active, especially if the rapidly purchased emergency VACCINE causes the usual deaths and distorted Autonomic Nervous System function that I and other researchers have seen. For now read the site of a woman whose personal tragedy has led her to become a champion for the small percentage of children and families whose bodies and lifestyles are on the edge of the land of promise of a better life: Barbara Loe Fischer, National Vaccine Information Center.i

Due to the distorted destructions of rioters around the country this month, I expect to change the text on several pages of this site. I have no Contact List, and I have no Mailing list. I am intentionally "hard to find." I occasionally do Concierge work. To follow my tactics and strategies your are welcome to follow either one or both: Twitter.com/routefindersff as well as Twitter.com/MarsBaseB

The original election of President Donald Trump caught most of us by surprize. I'm a Former Officer (uniformed from 1965 to my Honorable Discharge on September 11... 1972). During the "Vietnam Era" I saw more citizen hatred and spies and weapons of village destruction than anyone in civilian life should ever know about. Today I and thousands of others are still alive. We have not forgotten the puzzles of the Nixon Era and what came after him. Many of us can now turn and say to you: Welcome to the America that our Sacrifices helped to preserve. We are glad to still be here contributing to the nation even in this time of recognition of the role of slavery in life ever since the patriarchs got control from the Female Throne Sitters.. (Slavery includes the Muslim slavery of every woman and female child since the 700s AD, as well as slavery before the Americas were "discovered.".)

Note: I did score a smile and handshake with an astronaut after I left the military in a fog about the deaths I had seen and been close to dying myself. Jim Irwin gave me many items to carry unto today. The first three are of important milestones in my recovery from the events of the Vietnam Wartime.


It seems that the stark realization about the elements of what defines America has pushed us into a place where American-Born Black Women and Black Men are the ones whose life experiences give them the basis for wisdom once they reach the age of 25 and their brains are well protected from toxins.  We all have thoughts about things such as:

1. Types of Privilege (White, Black, Asian); Blacks migrated to the North. Much reparations will maybe help but not completely.

2. Assets (fewer people can keep smiling now that true costs of production plus corporate profit margins are discovered),

3. Types of Health Background related to location of house and foods and necessities of a safe life.

Next Wisdom Day: Next year in March. Possible March 17, the day before the time of Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2021

[06-24-2020] Please remember that I'm politically independent in the United States of America regarding our current Commander in Chief. The military leadership serving Mr. Trump most likely recognize the distorted logic and schizophrenic science of inflamed Islamist brains. I am recommending that non-Muslim brains (Black, White, All others) guide our next four years. The non-Black activist destructive males are sexually congested in their pelvic region (needing to have sex several times a day they tell me). Give Muslim young men a break and let them have sexually careful intimacy with trained women. No more Male Muslim Rape Culture.

Take a breath... FYI: I've also been privileged to spend time with a highly respected Muslim doctor. He does not promote violent rape or insincere sex with virgins.

Too many movies and books have been written about mysterious behavior of Muslim men who make a child appear and then steal that child to go out of America. We simply need to ask the respected non-violent Muslim leaders to De-Certify their young men so they will be arrested for having sex with a virgin if not married. [Friends, as I type this I realize that there have been hundreds of years of scholarly "puzzlement" about Islam and rape of strangers.] I will close this addendum inviting you to search the Internet for videos about How to Beat Your Wife.

Wisdom Day 2020[Cancelled due to CoVid19 situation]  is now being planned for Wednesday March 18, a day prior to the four-day Psychotherapy Networker. Symposium 2020 [CLICK Here to visit their site.]

The backbone of the Wisdom Day event has become the importance of STEM science as well as respect of others. Prior to my injury and surgery in February 2018 I'd actually prepared to have no male speak in person at Wisdom Day 2018 and would trust only women to teach directly at Wisdom Day 2018. [Ref: see Reverse Speech to learn about "intuition" and cloaked intentions.] Now after the #MeToo movement that need has been permanently brought to the forefront of social politeness.

The main presenter(s) have not been finalized. I invited Colin Powell for the 2019 event. Now I'd like for the the banquet in 2020 to be two leaders in STEM education dedicated to opportunities for students to have a career that ultimately would support the human movement into Space, such as Mars and Moon projects. I want them to be leaders who appreciate the service and sacrifices of uniformed veterans.. Check back after the exact commitment has been made. I have invited General Colin Powell (US Army, retired) former Secretary of State to the 2019 event.  I wanted you to hear him speak on what I call our "Context for Success."

The evening Banquet will focus on youth, college students and early career health care professionals who want training for healthy careers and are curious about the science behind Acupuncture, acupressure and related treatments that originated in China, Japan and Korea. German science of acupuncture energy channels will be mentioned, as well as AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging and the sensations-based acupuncture interview method begun under JR Worsley, Five Element Acupuncture.

Below is the video of my happy invitation to Wisdom Day 2015. The "cover picture" of the video was chosen by the YouTube editing algorithm. In that video I also have a picture of my similar work with a man receiving Cranio-Sacral Therapy.]

The theme of Wisdom Day 2020 will be the power of acupuncture and acupressure, as well as the health benefits of food and herbs as described by acupuncture specialists who were the top of their field over the past eras of health care history.

What I had planned for the venue of the Kaiser Center for Total Health allows me to schedule two kinds of events during the daytime.

[Proposed] 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.

A) First, field trips for school children and any adults curious about what Kaiser Permanente can offer to them and their families, during the day between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Their visit to the Center for Total Health will be accommodated by the Kaiser Center staff. The site is 700 Second Street NW, near Union Station. The outer rooms of the Kaiser Center can be visited on a Drop-In basis welcoming school children (and adults) while the modular classroom with demonstration satellite Medical Exam module will hold those who want to see what acupuncture Continuing Education is like. (Attendance is first-come-first-served after the paid attendees are seated; drop-in attendance is okay.)

B) Continuing Education. For prospective students as well as licensed professionals we are offering Continuing Education (3 hours of CE) from 2 to 5 P.M. This focuses on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture Research, and the Digital Meridian Imaging technology called AcuGraph information about needle-free AcuMeridian therapies such as acupressure, a review of "Battlefield Acupuncture" and information on the AcuGraph digital meridian imaging. 

5:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M,. food and Awards Banquet. Sign-up is encouraged for planning purposes so the caterer can accommodate those who attend.. There will be a Hawaiian Luau theme with the same Hawaiian Dancers as were there from 12:30 to 2:30.

Below are videos about my integrative medicine approach to mental health treatments using acupuncture and laboratory testing. You will also see the office introduction of Robert Hedaya, M.D., developer of Whole Psychiatry.

Here are two videos that I created a few years ago prior to my refreshing my body/mind approach to whole-person health.  Below that I have embedded Dr. Hedaya's introduction to his practice, Whole Psychiatry.


[Earlier text about Wisdom Day 2020:]

Come back later to see the schedule of events during the daytime. We will be reviewing the unique practice of "cupping" to enhance the flow of Chi and remove stagnation in the skin. 

You can read about the national schedule for classes in Battlefield Acupuncture taught by acupuncturist John Howard. Some of his classes have been taught in the past for CE credits. Here is how he describes those who might benefit from attending his teaching: 

"Any medical professional with acupuncture or auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture) in their scope of practice should attend this seminar. Our seminars are also open to the general public; those who would like to know more about acupuncture and auriculotherapy. If you are thinking about attending acupuncture school or want to know if acupuncture is a good fit for you, then this seminar is for you.

"In 1997 I attended a 5 month course in acupuncture at NIH (National Institute of Health) in Bethesda, Maryland before I enrolled into a full 4 year acupuncture program."

For details about the specialized training by John Howard  visit his site: www.BattlefieldAcupuncture.com. His trainings are supported by the learning resource, Lhasa OMS [they offer some educational items for the general public as well as a wide range of items for health care professionals] CLICK HERE to visit their site.  For more information about this challenging professional learning track, contact John Howard, a licensed Acupuncturist. who is also a veteran of military service

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