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AcuGraph®: Digital Meridian Imaging
This is a type of Functional Assessment

This page introduces the AcuGraph, which I am inviting people to consider for its value both in enhancing treatment decisions and in documenting for the digital medical record the information that formerly was difficult to describe because it was subjective, pulse and tongue and other examinations.

AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging -- Display can include emotional correlations to acupuncture meridian dynamics [Click here to visit the AcuGraph description site.] 

Click here to go to video introduction on my information site: Welcome to Acupuncture. [Being updated after old site was attacked by Trojan Horse code, 3 Russian and 3 Chinese.]

"The most scientific derivative of TCM practiced in Japan is Ryodoraku, which was developed by Yoshio Nakatani, M.D., in 1950. It utilizes objective electrical test instruments and direct electrical stimulation of acupoints instead of subjective interpretation of symptoms and treatment."  AcuGrapih is an important functional test that guides you if you are a practitioner, or if you are in the general public you can seek out someone who includes this for documenting their work with your Health Energies of body and emotions. Click on the image or the link below to learn more or to contact me about the purchase discount program.

Recent: Cold laser acupuncture point needle-free stimulation, research to aid treatment of mental disorders [report]. 

AcuGraph and Auriculo-3D: May fit your scope of practice -- no acupuncture license required

AcuGraph and Auriculo-3D technology for mental health support without needles. Lasers available; can be used at home by patients. I am authorized to give a discount on purchase of these acumeridian treatment aids: [Being updated due to  technology upgrades]



*AcuGraph and Pediatric Practice -- New invitation for practitioners from the AcuGraph team. [Their essay]