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Welcome to my Certified Amen Affiliated Education Center (AAEC). Whether you are local or at a distance Outside the U.S., I invite you to contact me for the referral services I provide to support the work at Amen Clinic online and at testing facilities around the country. See Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback update below.

New: Daniel Amen, M.D. -- His approach is what might someday be called Naturopathic Psychiatry. "Steps to Becoming a Brain Warrior" -- Dr. Amen and Nurse Tana Amen illustrate importance of brain function imaging.

New: self-directed experience in the Brain Health and Optimization with Daniel and Tanya Amen -- MyBrainFitLife. Original site has expanded:

See also my Helpful Forms page for the Amen Clinics Forms and other supportive documents for working with me -- either in Distance Coaching/Telehealth or in the office here in Washington DC.

When you click here on this line, or on the image below, you will be taken to the Amen Clinics site, where you can receive a 15% discount on all purchases, anywhere on his internet sites that has a COUPON CODE entry window: simply enter the Code: ECENTER42.

FYI: If you are a health care practitioner and want to study the Amen Method, you can apply for that at their professionals training site.

Discount Program updated February 2016: In addition, for those people who are beginning to work with me -- through Distance or in-office consultations -- the Amen Clinic announced a program offering a 10% reduced fee for brain imaging for those who are consulting with me as an AAEC physician. Return here or ask me in an email for the new access code.


1. See also Brain Health Education & Research Institute. Nordic Naturals conferences -- Advances in the Prevention and Management of Sports-Related Concussions.   

FYI: Many things can push the brain into less than optimal function. There are many "shocks and traumas" of life besides traumatic impacts to the skull that can affect brain function. In fact, I think that everyone would benefit from doing all that they can to improve their brain health no matter what was their past history of physical or mental trauma.

Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Update:

1) Recently there has been the announcement of a Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback service at the Washington DC office of National Integrated Health Associates. Those of you who know them can ask me about this important advancement. Others, talk with me about how you might choose to include their focused Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback as part of your Health Menu.

2) Dr. Amen offers Irlen vision screening. This is a way to add depth to your brain assessment. The Irlen Syndrome can be associated with psychiatric symptoms. I provide referral collaboration that helps you create your own Health Menu of therapies you can explore. Coherence Therapy is the model I use for referrals. 

3. Dr. Amen offers Brain Mapping using Quantitative EEG. I am in touch with a number of local resources for this. I'm proud to have seen patients in the office of Dr. Tom Budzynski and Dr. Helen Kogan Budzynski: Before he died, he and I had begun a research project comparing Neurofeedback assessments before and after sessions, with the AcuGraph digital meridian imaging technology that I am promoting to mental health practitioners. 

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and "Generation Mars" 

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