Anti-Racist Psychotherapy NICABM

[Being created as of April 23, 2021]

The main theme of my psychotherapy practice and of this internet site is simply: Anti-Bullying.

My Twitter channel for psychotherapy insights is: The intro text is: Brain health 2021. Globally male brains are hijacked for sex. Male Bullies lie. Nobel Prize Med 2014 hints hippocampus builds “Pelvic Congestion” causing rape.



Taking risk to live authentically. TEDx video of a remarkable teacher, Dr. Kristen Lee [school intro page].

Actress Sophia Loren has been in films that expose the hidden depths of bullying and assault that women faced over decades of her life. Her latest film this year was discussed by Christian Amanpour (Amanpour and Company), and includes her compassion for a young Muslim boy who is challenged by the teaching that in coming of age he must ask his mother if he can beat her so she can learn from a man. Here are videos of this remarkable champion of respect for women: