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[Alert: April 18, 2019 3:00 a.m.] This page, Battlefield Dentistry, seems to have been cut up. My favorite Biological Dentist is Mark McClure, DDS, FAGD at . Was the page below Hacked? You can see below the horizontal line that direct writing about dentistry is missing. I plan to clean this up. For now you can look at the content  for information on good mental health and try to imagine where on this website that information ought to be categorized...

The photo on the right is my favorite dentist Mark McClure; I call him the First Battlefield Dentist. On the left is Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D. Here is link to my tab on Biological Dentistry & the Mind. Or start with the embedded Twitter posting below (a "tweet") from this morning and consider how one Hero from Game of Thrones may have been poisoned by toxic dental conditions. See her facial muscle clues, makeup can't hide every clue.

are and healing give us several options, one or more of which may be effective in helping you have a better life.

Psychotherapy Options : The combination of on-the-couch recall of past events may unlock stored memory of both body and mind. The following link is to the audio podcast description about the child's memories that can be accessed as an adult. I provide the hypnotherapy and the sensory-deprivation environment that can free your "inner aspects" to be more coherent about events and processes that are not available to conscious awareness without coaching. [ Interview with William Emerson, Ph.D. -- Pre- and Peri-Natal Psychology ]

To illustrate the connections that I see between physical movement and touch therapies in the field of Body Psychotherapy, I coined a new term, Kinesthetic Medicine . [More on my information site. Link broken.]

"Dr. Wilson and Counseling from a Natural Medicine Perspective" [View PDF link broken]

Reminder: Our Nation Is Still At War

Superb film excerpt showing men and boys motivated to do the wartime another century. Today's uniformed service is much different, but Family, Friends and Community can still be central in the minds and hearts of those who join.
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.  With Russell Crowe and Ralph Bellamy.
Treating veterans is an important challenge after they are welcomed home.

This video is recently compiled at the Washington National Cathedral -- an unexpectedly clear look at what Sacrifice means to those who have sacrificed in many ways:

1. "Somatics" is a term coined to cover the various methods that include the physical body as part of mental health and awareness. Here is an insightful interview by psychologist David VanNuys on his Shrink Rap Radio podcast. Ellen Criswell, Ed.D . [Link to interview on ShrinkRapRadio,com ]

2. Here is my collection of approaches that may help schizophrenia, PTSD and other brain function concerns: [link is broken]

3. What is psychotherapy? See the new section: Psychotherapy Options .

4. In working with the mind and brain a key concern of mine is called Jurisdiction. This is deciding what is the proper starting point from which to "try the case" of your current health situation. You can learn about a special application of jurisdictional prescribing on my pages about integrative mind-body homeopathy.
[link is broken]

5. General welcome to the human experience -- this TED Talk by photographer Louie Schwartzberg shows the beauty of life as it unfolds like a flower:

Deep awareness of the Human Condition:
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I have spoken with and exchanged emails with Stephen Porges, Ph.D., originator of the Polyvagal Theory. On my information site I have a page on Dr. Porges Information [Link broken, I hope to reload the Dr. Porges page soon].