Biological Dentistry & the Mind

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This page will have more information about this important factor in Self-Image, Public Image and Physical/Mental Health. For now, visit my information site introduction page: Biological Dentistry

Find a Biological Dentist at the IAOMT site: [ ]; I've attended their scientific conference | NOTE : Ask me about the Dragon Slayer Award that was awarded to me after I joined others in doing battle against the mis-guided Washington State Dental Association...lots of people were helped by our efforts that day.

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The health of the mouth is directly linked to the health of the body. I have a lot of information and referral resources to help people who are concerned about dental factors in their health.

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How Mercury Causes Brain Degeneration
The evidence is mounting.

University of Calgary video

"Root Canal Fillings found in 97% of terminal cancer patients": report of German physician
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