BodyBlade Therapy

BodyBlade -- Vibration and Inertia training for fitness, coordination and rehabilitation.

[Body psychotherapy options below.*] Note: Contact me for information about current discount options prior to purchasing.

I'm pleased to let you learn about personal improvement through movement. This is consistent with the field that is being called Body Psychotherapy. It is also consistent with Coherence Therapy. Both of those guide you in focusing your attention on your own experience of physical and relational life. You are awesome. The video below shows the BodyBlade and my background for enthusiasm about what you can do with this type of device. There are large versions (BodyBlade Pro) and more Easy-To-Control versions (for people who need less force and more intricacy in their movements).

You can order your own: . Note: Contact me for discount options prior to purchasing.

Each of the four clips welcomes you with an invitation to learn:

1. BodyBlade: Excellence Introduced. I'm joining the BodyBlade Exploration. Some dialogue...lots of Direct Experience. Many therapists around the country and overseas are combining physical movement with education in ways the brain and the mind can benefit too. Excellence Within Your Grasp: Discover your own potentials then optimize your resources. [Clip1 of 4]

2. BodyBlade: Disclosure re my Enthusiasm : I've joined the BodyBlade Exploration. Directly experience Your life as you imagine doing what I demonstrate. This "backyard video" includes my personal ceremony thanking Brits, Aussies and Yanks for protecting my Dad. He then met Mom...and I was born. Excellence Within Your Grasp: I'm preparing to coach you. [Clip 2 of 4]

3. BodyBlade: Preparing for Transition : Moving into BodyBlade Discovery time. I'm here to coach you -- in person or via Skype consult worldwide. "You can do it!" I'm here. You ARE ready...are you not? ... Transition is within your grasp. [Clip 3 of 4]

4. BodyBlade: New Life Commitment : BodyBlade and "forward motion." When it's time you can Make A Difference in your own life experience. Forward, Deeper, Higher... More under your control yet at the same time learning about Forces outside of yourself. Contact me for coaching. [Clip 4 of 4]

*Here will be information about how you can include BodyBlade as part of a Body Psychotherapy approach. I've participated in a webinar and a workshop with trauma specialist Peter Levine, Ph.D. He incluides the BodyBlade as one of the tools to help release inner emotional energies when he works with veterans. This also can be very helpful for anyone who has been traumatized, civilian or veteran.

Below: My blog about the POW experience and how love can allow someone to move out of the shadow of isolation after they go through a unique and degrading trauma.

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