Cancel Culture Dangerous Chaos Needed for Progress


Urgent Update: as of this weekend President Biden has not yet been removed. Most of the thousands of Firmer Officers are astutely Independent. Our nation is secure from the Trojan Horse Muslim infiltrators who flew into America and some young ones hide their subversion by being loud and singing enticing songs and attempting to what I call De-Virginize as many young women as they can. The internal Muslim Activated Brain Pattern usually calculated to a virtual rape, abandonment, and a single pregnant young woman is forced to be assassinated if she does not "convert" her allegiance to her Captor Husband. (Stiff personal disclosure of my private lament linked only HERE  "To My Daughter...Raped by a Muslim Rock Star."]

Earlier I wrote v. 8-26+2020:
This key page is being repurposed after Islamist takeover of the Democratic Party Intention.]

The Christians and the Muslims consider themselves, "People of the Book." This is often too rigid to allow people to be creative. Especially President Obama warned about Chaos: The problem is that without chaos there can be no subsequent achieving of dynamic creativity. Historically there can't be creative thought with Islamist teachings.

See the film below in two versions: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Navy required watching for Annapolis cadets two versions :one by leftist, defeatist and the other by standard pro-military editing to make male ingenuity in battle a thing to be stared at. I watched it multiple times and each time it felt less horrible, and more patriotic. [v. 08-25-2020, during Riots & Racism Summer of Death] DO NOT PUBLISH THIS YET

See Lego Space Series

Defeatist: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Uplifting: Rousing and creative Captain and Ship's Doctor, but often deadly adventures on the way to the Galapagos Islands to hold off the French military.

Humans are now a Space-Faring species. Several countries have created and launched "vehicles" into Space. Looking down on Earth from an imaginary platform in space we can point to three groups that claim alignment with written texts (Judaic, Christian, Muslim) which place males at the top of the power hierarchy.


See book, The Alphabet versus the Goddess. That is how males tricked women into not trusting their own brain supremacy. [FYI in ancient Chinese theory the symbol for female was K'un; the symbol for Male was Chi'en. Males have subverted Kun into "cun" and told us to avoid thinking about the deep power in the word "Cunt."] Below is an upgraded statement by the author of Alphabet versus the Goddess.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a unique specialiist in understanding the big picture beyond Earth.

I have discovered an organization dedicated to respectful treatment of military members regardless their choice of religion or None. This is called Military Religious Freedom Foundation. It seems to seek a balance so that the military is not forced to take sides in religion.


[written earlier] This is for the people I spoke with about the research I am doing for my upcoming book. In addition my role as concierge physician, and expert witness may be useful to you. I always have room for women and children who need to find resources to escape bullying.

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You are invited to write those things we spoke about on one or two sheets of paper and keep them secure. Then when it is the time we agree upon, you can bring the pages and use them to make our time together using Telehealth more rewarding.

Respectful Regards,

Dr. Wilson

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Historical Navy Operations are in the film, Master and Commander, the Far Side of the World. Travel Around the Horn of Africa to fight for Freedom of England from France.

Below here I expect to place video clips that help the viewer to find new options and factors that might help "incubate" some dreams or help them come up with options for stressful situations. I'll start with an interlude with actor Helen Mirren, introducing her special Master Class

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