Dame Helen Mirren Wartime Tactics

[v. 06-30-2020] Covid19 concerns are causing nations to manipulate trade barriers and restrictions on travel. As a psychiatrist it has been stunning to watch the different news presentations on different channels. It reminded me of Chess gaming regarding strategies, and thinking ahead (Mapping Forward) from the present which developed because of past situations.

Text below was typed without deep proofreading. I had hoped to develop a new page that shows I honor wise health professionals who are Muslim.My hope is that those who are in other countries may be able to advise on the sad reality of the teaching schools of Islam rules for living cause young boys and girls to accept Wife Beating as appropriate.

Saturday, June 27 2020 Typed to Dame Helen Mirren with enthusiasm after seeing your smiling face on the Masters Class popup ad yesterday. I immediately found myself dynamically preparing to move up the date for my Muslim protection project. (FYI: On September 12 200 I wrote the FBI and CIA and said I had low expectation that he was a threat. However, he had all the telltale signs of him having sent operatives to harm Seattle but they were not successful. Then three months ago I protected another Muslim man: I helped him and his wife and bodyguard/driver get gas to flee from Washington DC to Boston before the virtual Covid19 shut-down of the city. They were strangers when the car came over to me after I left the ATM. He pleaded for some cash for gas (it was obvious that he was embarased and fearful of being without money for gas). He was headed from Washington DC to escape the Covid19 shutdown of traffic. I gave him my standard ad lib about my pride in having served and now being able to serve another person as a former office in service. I gave him all the money in my walled, $42. and he gave me this heavy feeling ring. I graciously received it as a lilkely token exchange (yes it was a show piece, that was perfect for the exchange. It was quite a heart-soothing experience now that I often work at finding ways to de-escalate terror plots. Only one was documented by Sheriffs. May I have permission to add the photos and Google map images that disclose his Storage Locker complex with the easy-access for Muslim Uber drivers. It would make a grand battle scene if the muslims ever need a place to store weapons. They are angry, I know how to assess internal processes of intuition (try learning ReverseSpeech.com, I did.)

[Below was written as if I were in a safe place talking with a warrior administrator who had seen tensions and war room situations.]

For Dame Helen Mirin. Not indexed. Helen, you are two years older than I. I've lived life as a Firstborn explorer. Many times my acting skills and Illusionist label have changed bad into okay situations. Receiving your invitation to join others in the Master Class process was a delight,

My own younger sister died in a car accident due to the stresses from  her religious choice. My Mom, a nurse, said "Connie went to a church picnic and she never came back.Mom was a lovely college student and I am sure men were attracted to her. After she much later than my WW2 Dad, I found a thick packet of letters from a young man living in France. I've come to manage stresses like that because I've been a parachutist, hang glider, paraglider and kite flyer now. Sad to let people go but as a psychiatrist who has military training I pause then move forward. Thank you for your brilliant drama about Donald Sutherland's arrogance. That character has a history that leads to arrogance in Muslim men, and also the Muslim women here in DC who were born into affluence. (I am thinking about a virgin daughter of an affluent medical doctor, who was hauty but seemed like a wounded animal under control once she had a Muslim husband.)

I have held on to your image in uniform in Eye In The Sky, Our nation is a lot stronger because of your example. The young Muslim terrorists and the clerics who train them may be disarmed by the idea of De-Certifying their schools. Like the Al Capone trial and jail, we could do that easily I hope. I am nonpolitical. President Trump could order that. I have attempted and ljikely succeeded to let him know I am acting as an officer in the background in civilian disguise. (FYI: After the attacks of 9/11, a thinktank created a new designation of Former Officer (never existed up until the birth of Military Officers Association of America www.MOAA.org.)

I want to spend time on retreat with your recorded information. My internet site is a subterfuge. It was developed over six years of listening to "chatter" and in the last two days I have reshaped the list of tabs in the last two months. Now the content of the front page is disarming and warm and smiling. But if any foreign agent looks at back pages your face is there showing that women are facing the terrible choices forced upon us. .

I'm a Mensan. Have never used drugs, no alcohol except for half celebratory glass at my Release Celebration from Co-Vid19 quarantine. I'm a physician and skilled at wartime focus. I have done okay at sheltering since April First when I flew from DC to Albuquerque :New Mexico to avoid possible societal melt-down in DC. I have items in storage so I can be there rapidly.

I want to shed the role of embedded information-gatherer and have time to win the heart of a women I have not yet met. I have always wanted to be husband to a wife. I hope that I can still find her. I have never been married but did have two long-term relationships when I was still youthfully ignorant of current neuroscience and appropriate ways to court, hug and hold. 

I spent 20 years situated on a block where many important people bustled about. I have left as of March 31 this year. I now have one storage locker away from one owned by secretive Muslims. I am ready to report quietly to officials here. (I will think of you and your strength. I was earlier Air Force Space Command second lieutenant and before that Army Airborne and Nave SEALs trained me in jungle warfare in 1967. The Nixon years found me feeling empowered but always wanting to serve. I'm ready now to have a colorful wedding with crossed-saber walk with my sweetie when she pops out and says she is interested.

I was in emotional Ice Man state for 40 years. However I warmed up my body after the USA had been at war state again. I'm 72 but I feel just like you looked in that film. I was a dashing cadet and officer. I was kicked out but still vowed to serve for two years. I wasn't a conscientous objector so they found a way for President Nixon to get me off base and I promisesd to never tell the news that I had left. I honored that commitment for over 40 years. Now I, the frozen Ice Man am thawed out. I have scars from that thawing (a story) and those are almost healed.

I am deciding where to put my next ten professional years into society. It would be great to count this time in your self-done class

However in your role as Colonel in Eye in The Sky you have been with me every day for a long time. That has carried me through some harrowing encounters with Muslim subversives that have nearly surrounded Washington DC. I exposed a rapid-strike compound disguised as two Self-Storage villages just off major arterials. (It looks like an Afghan shooting gallery) I did call the local sheriff who came and talked to him after he ordered me, "Get off my property." (American soil, titled American Self Storage, but owned by him a calculating Saudi. His friends who drive Uber and Lyft scoot in and out all day. I had rented there for maybe a year. The incident happened when I was sensing an uptick in incidents that made me think protective thoughts. The incident I had a long discussion and used interrogation techniques 

I am active in service to the country as Former Officer. It is now 7:40 our time. My body now feels a need to rest. It feels as if I had just gotten off duty from a high-energy plan to deter deaths in America. I don't have the time to do that in a good fashion. My body needs a massage (I paid for a guy to be a sports trainer provider yesterday, so I had energy for an all night performance. I did sleep a few spaced out offers.)

It was exhilarating to feel the flow of hope. I even cried for a short while and called my former hopeful wife. She is a psychotherapist, changed her name from one Nazis persecuted, and when I met her she had already had a lifetime of wobbly stress management. She told me when I left that I was the first man who stayed as long as I did, five years. Her family is okay but she has not stopped her perfect classical schizophrenic experience. I've trained with Clancy McKenzie, MD, ;psychiatrist and also am an acupuncture educator. I've been clinical site manager for Dietrich Klinghardt (Klinghardt Institute.com). They now possess the technology that may soon melt away the amyloid placques out of the brain thus leaving a clean brain and maybe the schizophrenic pathways would also melt.

In closing, consider my role for the last twenty years as defrosting from Ice Man status. I'm prepped and skilled at the clandestine and brain rescue techniques of thirty years ago. I don't have desire to use it all. I would love to have you take on the role of a successful Den Mother for Prostitutes you can see on my favorite starter site: www.NevadaBrothelAssociation.com. I sent them and their legal team an encouraging letter a month ago.h


Ralph Wilson

Vietnam War veteran (avoided assassination in Ethiopia Asmara, June 22, 1970). So glad to have seen humans walk ln the Moon. Now I have lobbed Elon Musk to prepare glass crystal containers with one hair from each human. It would be placed in a Mars Memorial garden in the sunlight. That way my DNA will experience Martian sunrise and sunset for Eternity.


A rich Muslim couple and chauffer were frantic when they stopped their car next to my ATM at Bank of America in rich Chevy Chase on March 27 2020. They were fleeing to Boston he said. She frantically pulled down her birka so I could see her entire chin. The driver and husband both looked well groomed, strongly heavyset and intent on leaving out of Washington DC to head into safety. (Doors were boarded up and my building was nearly vacant on many of the floors.) I had little money but I spoke a battlefield statement of my life of service. I opened my wallet and gave him everything I had, $42. I apologized for not being able to give them a lot more. He still continued to hold out the ring. So I now wear this Muslim Rescue RIng.

[PS: That night the traffic was low so I hope they made it out of DC. I have moved. Bought a ticket on March 31. And on April 1, I stepped off the airplane in Albuquerque and was ordered to buy a hotel room. I have been in hotels for three months now. My strategic planning is still going on. I rarely watch TV now, quiet is so energizing to my body. I hope to again have access to a Japanese soaking tub.

Mild Disclosure statement. I am NOT seeking sex with a women unless ready to marry. I teach healthy sexuality but it is more fun to do play that does not need to always become foreplay. So, if you ever see this, I have always sought to dearly love to find a woman who will enjoy me and gently share sensuality. I'm celibate for many years now. Each year was okay due to okay exercise, sublimation and careful Pelvic Decongestion using Chinese techniques to maintain vigor and longevity. FYI: Maybe we could get the Muslim Uber drivers to do Pelvic Decompression instead of rape conquest. Tell Liam that I had an unusually long ride with an Uber driver; a dissatisfied and tired Muslim guy. He eventually slip the details of the drivers having rooms (not sure if shared) then he surprised me by easily admitting we masturbate a lot. Liam, can we get Mr Trump to have specialists design programs for young Male Muslims to get masturbation replacement services. Perhaps in Nevada. I'm familiar with the online material about safe sex and playful brothel homes. 

Maybe President could easily score reelection if he used Nevada as a place to let the young men yield their body to the touch of a self-respecting woman. I have put online the video clips from Coming to America. The law enforcement offices might some day sentence a Muslim man to be given a Refreshing Tub Soak Service. Delivered by two lovely women wearing lalrge fuzzy mittens and going under water and rubbing him until he "decompresses."  Maybe we could save the world with a professional line of Nevada's Finest: Front line relaxation from Medical: Pelvic Model specialists. 

Those were thought units I had been holding in my heart of hearts. It would be sad if we had to kill all the young men if they continue to harm women and let them be mutilated. You likely have seen more than I have.