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Updating incomplete; v. 10-03-2021. . A key concept that I describe now is that family tree genetics are based on female mitochondrial DNA changes. Not male. Women hold the key to understanding both the human species and the mammalian family. Too many people don't respect the goodness of the family dynamics seen in all mammals. I hope to give workshops and panel discussions about new Neuroscience and mental health benefits of feeling that humans can draw upon the knowledge about animal family dynamics.  See self-identity research based on Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 2014: Orientation.

v. 06-30-2020 [Minimally updated since Trump Victory 2016]

Update on April 23, 2021: I hope that someone brings legal action to release the healing voice of James Earl Jones. His performance of the video public service announcement for SUICIDE PREVENTION: Call 1-800 Pick up the Phone, has been taken off public viewing. HIs performance is monumental and has healing qualities due to the sensation of reassurance that his voice engenders. However, the men who posted the denial notice do not offer this healing any more. It felt like theft to me. I have requested that they release it. However, their male dynamics have kept it secluded from the world. I even called it a shame for humanity. Contact them.  

From December 2016:  "We are the people of the Diaspora." When you look at the geological and genetic record, virtually all humans are the descendants of those who spread across the face of the earth. Sometimes those movements can lead to traumatic interactions, feelings of being lost, puzzled about life -- see extra info below.*

"I'm a lot like you" is a truth that is becoming more evident as time moves on.

African, Jewish, European, Asian, Middle Eastern and early North American "First Nations" individuals are all included on recent maps of genetic similarities.

Here are some images from Family Tree DNA. [Link to their site.]


Especially in these days of increased access to information people are able to realize that we are all related. This is why I so deeply appreciate the work of the Psychotherapy Networker community with their wide range of learning opportunities for professionals and the general public who are interested in improving their life experience. [Link to Psychotherapy Networker]

* "The Diaspora" -- a term that can apply to many unchosen spreadings of groups/cultures. I'd be glad to hear about your actions and insights about how humans can deal with their lives where they currently are living. My connections and treatment options are chosen to provide tools and "Therapeutic Education" to restore personal strength and self-understanding as part of something greater than the individual.

Below is a video introduction to trauma treatments that flow from the Polyvagal Theory of ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) structure as described by Stephen Porges, Ph.D. I've spoken and corresponded with him and highly value his contributions to the basic science of human social health. Here is the link to: my correlations of his work with other insights on my Information Site.

Download transcript of full interview at NICABM - pdf

Next is this link to a longer interview by psychologist David Van Nuys, Ph.D. with Stephen Porges, Ph.D.
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