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I'm adding this page to help expand the information connections when people are referred to me fo r assistance. FYI: I was just inducted into the D-CAP advocacy program Class of 2016.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has led to remarkable increase in life options for people with many types of disabilities. Here is a link to a moving statement by Mat McCullough --
Executive Director, District of Columbia Developmental Disabilities Council [ Link ]

I have begun training in Advocacy through a non-profit organization the Institute for Educational Leadership ( link: IEL )

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New Link: Lawyers at Neighborhood Legal Services Program of DC: 202-832-NLSP. (202-832-6577)

Click the link to view PDF Flyer for NLSP-- LINK

Also: University Legal  Services,  and Quality Trust can help.with advocacy issues.

Here are guidelines for recreational areas to accurately identify the accessibility level: [site of US Dept of Transportation guidelines on sidewalks]


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Note to self: Include link to excellent alert for help in the film Concussion with Denzel Washington.

Previous page for mental health awareness:
[See below video with the definition of The Mind .] This page is about a major aspect of my approach to health. This includes what has been called body psychotherapy, and below on the bottom section of this page you will see links to sections of my Kinesthetic Medicine page . In addition I give major credit to the discoveries in New Brain Science and to Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinics [ my Amen Clinics ECenter page ].
Note: I am dedicated to listening to you and supporting your choices; I do not push either a pessimistic or a "positive-thinking-only" approach. I will support whatever are your deepest beliefs. Hospice and end-of-life enrichment can be seen as positive and meaningful for you and your family.

New re Dr. McKenzie and more: Sometimes people can benefit from the methods that I describe -- on this page -- about PTSD, Trauma, Schizophrenia and Attention/Brain Function Concerns. I began that page after several enlightening encounters with Clancy McKenzie, M.D., a psychiatrist whose insights about schizophrenia are the subject of his videos that I have placed on that page.

I appreciate the wise observation of herbalist and Ayurvedic commentator, Ingrid Naiman: "...Ultimately, inner peace is the best antidote to tension but wishful thinking and naïveté are not really conducive to [this] since the somatic parts of our being are not deceived by mumbling mantras or deploying 'positive thoughts'. They do respond to confidence in the person operating the body when the conscious self says, ' You know, I can cope with whatever fate has in store for me. ' This is not quite the same as blind innocence IF it is supported by authenticity rather than aphorisms..." This body confidence is the outcome of FlexAware practice , which I highly recommend.

Please check out my blog page about the new way to understand the "internal protector", the Autonomic Nervous System: "Autonomic Science: Relax, You're Not Sitting Atop A Rocket." Below is a video about the work of Stephen Porges, Ph.D., who's talked with me several times, and whose Polyvagal Theory makes sense of the new things that are being realized about the importance of supportive relationships to enhance the healing process. You can download the transcript of that interview from my Porges Information page .

Definition of The Mind: Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.: Psychiatrist who teaches about brain parts and their function. Below is an excellent presentation to the School of Personal Growth at Google University. His work is a superb explanation of what the mind is. His main site | His site called Mindsight .
The first video is 18 minutes, about how the mind works. The second video is a more in-depth talk about brain anatomy, a definition of the mind and emotions , a dynamic hour of his lively expertise.

Here are links to Psychologist David Van Nuys and his interviews of specialists in psychology and the mind: Shrink Rap Radio | Wise Counsel Podcast . "Somatics" is a term coined to cover the various methods that include the physical body as part of mental health and awareness; here is a recent interview about somatics on his Shrink Rap Radio podcast: click here .

Take a break and watch this relaxing slideshow on YouTube (a gift from Multi-Sensory Therapy.org ):

Kinesthetic Medicine
(This is a term that I created.)

Below are some of the items for your health menu that include the body and nerves as part of the healing process. The list could become extensive when you include any technique that includes an element of sensation of motion or skin touch. I include colon hydrotherapy because the peristaltic action of the intestines is affected by the autonomic nervous system. I introduce some science behind this in the extended page: FlexAware .

My blog essays describe the interconnections of body/brain/autonomic nervous system: Living Inside the Box: Your body as temple | Autonomic Science: Relax, you're not sitting atop a rocket .

The information below is for information only. Consult me or another practitioner about the benefits and cautions for your individual situation. [ Medical Disclaimer ]

List of items below [for now, they link to the place on the Kinesthetic Medicine page, some have further links that have even more in-depth information]:
Craniosacral Therapy
Manipulation Therapies
Massage and Bodywork
Watsu warm water therapy
Breathing training
Rebounder Mini-trampoline
PowerBall gyroscope exercisers
Far Infrared Sauna
Hydrotherapy, external
Colon Hydrotherapy
Exercise and "Spark"
Rock Box/Pond Pebbles idea
"Play" as Medicine