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[Being updated, v. 02-18-2019] Hey, [Applicant #1], I'm glad you applied to learn how to be a staffer at Routefinders for Friends Institute. This had been a private page, not indexed. But because Dr. Dunas granted me a special favor in sending a link to her excellent e-book, I am advertising her work here on this page. I can't put into words all the movement in my body, mind and emotional interface (close to what might be called "the soul" in my model of how a human lives their life,

Maybe she'll even plan to come and teach in Washington DC this coming year. You'll learn a lot by checking out her site: www.FeliceDunas.com.

The Subject Line with which I began my email to you included the counsel that Dr. Amen gives ... "If This, then What?".

Wisdom Day 2016. I honor you, Dr. Dunas for the fine work you are doing

Dr. Dunas,

We both came through a crucible of sensate discovery when Jack Painter wisely crafted the experience of the fortunate ones who attended that weekend in Marin, 2005 (date?). I've often re-understood the introjections that you were making during those three days. The fires of self-awareness that were ignited during that time -- when you arrived late having "torn yourself away" from responsibilities for your child in order to heal yourself -- have warmed my heart and my soul (which is separate from spirit in my Life-Model) many times in later years. 
I'm writing this month to ask if you would allow me to place a link to your site from my counseling/brain-health site. This is especially meaningful for me as I prepare for a major focus on Wisdom Day 2016. I'm preparing to hold it here in Washington DC the Wednesday prior to the start of Psychotherapy Networker 2016 in mid-March (the 16th). 
CE Credits:
I think that in the flow of events last year I'd sent a communication to you inviting you to consider planning a trip to DC (possibly to do your own pre-conference workshop) and making a presentation at Wisdom Day 2016.  You are able to teach CE credit courses as I recall. By that time I plan to have paid my NCCAOM presenter's registration and will also be teaching some of the CE credits.
I'd like for my site visitors to be able to easily visit your site.
Why I'm honoring you:
While I was in Hawai'i this year preparing for a new life in Paradise, I was hit by a car. Ij eventually pushed myself up to standing and felt myself to be in a transformed state and  feeling simply ecstatic to be alive. By that time I'd already reintegrated what some writers callsss the "kundalini factors" that had been blasted loose in 2005 during Jack Painter's contribution to the world through his teaching Pelvic-Heart Integration to us who attended. You have crafted a way of bringing people to their own power in creating their own story of their relationship with self and others. I'm glad to know that behind the scenes you have been informed by but not limited by the Vedic closed world-view. You are unique. If you have a team of advisors for your continued expansion of your services, I'd be glad to speak in a conference call with you and another if that makes you feel safe.

[Addendum: {Applicant #1], I'm hoping to keep some of the this following Major Disclosure for Dr, Dunas to read: In the past four years I have finally admitted the secret that I hid from the world. I was a traumatized Vietnam Era veteran. Trained to serve in the Cold War and be a lone operative if needed. In addition to that, as an officer I had to be ready to risk my life and possibly die to support the mission for the men I would lead.
Now that more recent veterans are receiving respect, I have admitted that I am one of those who did things that we can never tell anyone.
I thought that I'd never find a woman who could love me despite my having said Yes to service and risking my life to protect the world where she could be Safe.       

I've finally begun to hold forth to the public that I am not religion based but do respect all world-views. I am an energy-aware therapist and am quite comfortable with seeing the intersections between Chinese WorldView and Vedic WorldView as well as the over-arching Energy Field Dynamics that Bruce Lipton and others are recognizing.

[Redacted after the 2016 election.]

Felice, that was the main motivation that got me up early this morning and remembering the women I've known who are self-realized. I wanted to write you and say that I'm planning on telling the woman I hope to discover soon that she would learn a lot from what you teach.


I will close this session for now at 2:30 a.m. and then go lie down again. I think that I will drift into pleasurable, sensual and Safe sleep. Someday it will be beside my marriage spouse --

Kristle; Here is Krysta Tippett's link that I told you about a couple months ago, to the podcast of OnBeing.org that describes marriage as a life-long and intelligent and pleasurable way to go: 

[Applicant #1] if you see this, I have not yet edited the communication to be complete as well as more brief and succinct to this lovely woman. Dr. Dunas is even more radiant in person than her photographs show on her site. Sometimes I have felt that she hired someone else to represent her on the Internet because her beauty is so strong that to see her captivates men's interest. I know because I protect myself from beautiful women. However, I had the chance to sense behind her exterior and to feel the loving mother and self-aware woman that she is in this world. As I have said before to you, this world that is still needing men who want to learn how to honor women.  Note: Remember the very meaningful long film that I told you about, titled "The Red Tent." That film shows the sacred space where women worked their wonders with each other so that they could keep the Tribe alive despite the irregular behavior of the men who were "lording it over" the women]
Hot yoga is at the top level of both professional and personal focus for me. Here is the link for www.ModoYogaSeattle.com. They sent me an email announcing that I was awarded the Yogi of the Month at the Modo Yoga studio.*

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Modo Yoga Seattle <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, July 30, 2015
Subject: Yogi of the Month questions
To: Dr. Wilson

 Hi Ralph,
Congratulations on being Modo's August Yogi of the Month! We hope you enjoy your new travel mat and Modo book for your travels. Here are the questions we have for you :)
When did you start practicing at Modo:
What is your Favorite thing about MYS:
What is your favorite pose and why:
What is your favorite off of the mat pass time:  

Words of wisdom for someone thinking about trying yoga for the first time:  
We would love it if you would write a testimonial for MYS it doesn't have to be long! Just a little bit about your experience.
Thanks Ralph!

Modo Yoga Seattle | 7110 Woodlawn Ave NE
www.modoyogaseattle.com | @modoyogaseattle
Calm mind. Fit body. Inspired Life.

FYI Modo Yoga: 

I've come to appreciate both Bikram and Modo style practice. The Canadians are training several teachers in that method, which I think is appropriately called Modo (think, Modern) rather than the name "Moksha." [I continue to be alert for ways that I can get the interest of civilians who might be daunted by foreign-sounding terms.] They have told me that there is interest in getting some teachers trained and practicing here in DC. I'd like to see that happen because Modo is on a level of intensity that more people could achieve compared to the excellence that I think is part of the BIkram method.
My planning:
Now that I'm back in person in DC I've begun to plan for work after I finish my rehab phase. I see myself working as counselor and bodyworker as well as naturopathic physician and acupuncturist. Yoga and FlexAware are major parts of what I want to develop more fully.
Below my signature is an online article sent to me by my Executive Staffer-in-training, Kristle. She found an item that might be of help to me both professionally and personally. She herself had a brain injury three years ago and I've been part of her team of practitioners who have helped her to prepare for employment again. My page that I've created for her to grow into the role of Staffer (hopefully for some public sector employer someday): http://www.dcnn.pro/VeteransKristlesCorner.en.html 
I'll close with the following link where I include FlexAware and yoga-friendly in my description.
My Psychology Today listing in their Therapist Directory: https://therapists. psychologytoday.com/rms/45810
I offer a psychotherapy group experience re FlexAware. Maybe I could conduct that at your studio. It would be great if you could attend. Likely that will be a few months in the future.
I wish you a great finish to the Summer and onward. I'm glad to be able to feel that Bikram Tenleytown is a dynamic part of the healthcare matrix in Washington DC.
Aloha from here

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From: --::  Kristle [my Executive Staffer in training]
Date: Wed, Aug 12, 2015 at 11:40 PM
Subject: --::Move Feel Think::--
To: Dr. Wilson
 Good evening Dr. Wilson,
  I hope you are doing well, are you back in Washington D.C.?   I wanted to share the Yoga for Brain Injury book with you.  It is called "Move Feel Think", by Jenna Leyde.
Applicant #1
Move Feel Think: Yoga for Brain Injury, PTSD, and other Forms of Trauma: Janna Leyde, Designer: Emily Balawejder, Nicole Ryan: 9780990561224: Amazon.com: Books

Move Feel Think: Yoga for Brain Injury, PTSD, and other Forms of Trauma: Janna Leyde, Designer...
Move Feel Think is beautifully illustrated guidebook designed help anyone who has lived with trauma experience the benefits of a yoga practice. The spiral-binding makes it easy to flip through the pages and move through the 20 yoga poses, a sequence designed to i...

View on www.amazon.com

Page link for Dr. Duna's site: http://www.felicedunas.com/