Gravity and Space

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[Jump down to bottom for honoring the "Jennys" of the world.] For Sandra Bullock lookalikes: consider contacting an agency such as Look to the Stars "The World of Celebrity Giving." [Note to Starbucks beauty I met this past Sunday: you are so stunning that women in the film industry will shelter you and tell you that you are ready for Hollywood because you are so intelligent, agile, leader material. I don't know your name but I told you to see my site then click on the Gravity tab. I confess that I personally cannot carry your future on my shoulders. Talk with my female nurse about options for self-defense without weapons. I hope those men who hounded you don't catch you. Watch the topmost video on my tab Naturopathic Psychiatry Options after CoViD19 about Wild West psychiatric observations with a close-up of three women driven insane by life on the American Frontier controlled by men; the film ends with Christian enfoldment into a powerful shelter for insane women run by a church. That does not include Sandra Bullock, but her spirit is in the background if you know how to use -- Voices from the Unconscious -- to "hack" the inner workings of the human brain.]

Psychiatrist Insights on Gravity: This is a key film that shows the resilience and high intelligence of astronaut Dr. Stone who is superbly acted by Sandra Bullock. The astronaut is a dedicated mother and a highly intelligent problem-solver. She is actually the main focal point for the film. The American audience, however, needs to have a feeling that a male is in charge of everything important. Thus: The film is advertised as being about George Clooney.

View the movie on wide-screen wall display. Handheld phones are incapable of engaging your mental Hippocampal circuits so that the circuits can activate your Orientation Cells. These cells were discovered via research that was honored in Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology 2014.

George Clooney is not the psychiatric center of the film. Sandra Bullock is the center of this film. 

Warning! The second film is at the center of the age-old "controversy" known in psychiatric circles simply as [searchable text three words]: Shia Sunni Divide. The two sides of that mental teaching are so stark that generations of psychiatrists and psychoanalysts have been puzzling over it, until the three landmark psychiatric factors I list in my Masters Class were released. [Dates of publication: 2000, 2014, and 2014] Please, it may drive you insane, schizophrenic. Only watch that film after you have time to re-think, "Your Spiritual Path."Then Imagine, "What would Sandra Bullock do...?"


For American audiences the macho sex-god George Clooney seems to be the key figure. However, to me with my background in mental function I know that we are looking at the function of Dr. Stone's brain/mind. All humans always make decisions based upon the impressions made on their brain over a lifetime. Current in today's world there is more interest in brain function and neuroscience. There have been three discoveries (one in 2000 and one in 2014, and 2014) that show how safe brain social health develops. I am a doctor who appreciates a scientific step by step approach to learning.

As an example of consequences from academic instruction, do an internet word search on the sad topic: How to Properly Beat Your Wife. Muslim children are trained from their young years to expect to experience Wife Beating.

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The astronaut portrayed by Sandra Bullock, deeply loves her daughter and this love gave her the power to manage the terrible destruction of the space station. Dr. Stone had so deeply allowed her intelligence to recall space station sequencing of commands, that she herself is the integrator of those memories. The voice of George Clooney is actually the backdrop of a function of the mind of the astronaut Dr. Stone. Dr. Stone works through the puzzle of several problems during the response to Space Junk damage the space station, She recalls her training while under stress.  The final five minutes of the film are the most important, they bring together the clues given before. She is the key to the final solution. Dr. Stone is the stage upon which the audience rests. You need to see it to understand. This is yet an other excellent example of Cinema Therapy which you can learn about in the psychology courses including Movie Therapy or Cinema Therapy, offered at Zur Institute.

New page begun during Election Season in America prior to Vote Day in November 2020.

Gravity and Sandra Bullock: Yesterday I encountered a young women server at a Starbuck's Coffee facility. She was working in the task of managing cash register transactions while at the same time being aware of every factor of the "ship". It was a day at the opening of businesses here in New Mexico after CoVid19. There was more time to work with getting my order correct so I would step aside while she carried out other tasks because there was nobody else in line. . I was able to (as a writer as well as a psychiatrist) observe her in her flexibility and resilience. She figured out several complex orders over the time I was in the Starbucks facility. She left me with the impression of the astronaut played by actor Sandra Bullock in the film, Gravity. So I decided to start this focused page called Gravity. Maybe she can use it as backdrop for a career in acting, Or maybe Sandra Bullock could hire her to act in the role of the Younger Sandra Bullock.

Starbuck's has for decades become a comfortable place to stop in and feel at home no matter where in the world a person is.

Because I have recently been involved in non-partisan peace-tending work, it was a surprise to see the eyes of Sandra Bullock looking back at me. I'm skilled at Cinema Therapy, as a way to rapidly recall important things burned into memory by watching a movie or a "streaming" sequence of hour-long episodes on a specific target. [The Zur Institute offers courses in Movie or Cinema Therapy.]

The film, Gravity, is a psychiatrist's dream. It is subtly crafted with some hidden changes that later become evident. A real mind-stretcher.

Here is a clip from an internet search that you could do using these words: Film Scenes Gravity Sandra Bullock

To the Mom with two children under 10 at Target. I wasn't able to get the photo off my smartphone and onto the internet site. But below are some images from the Diaspora contemplations tab on this site.


Jenny anchor started July 11, 2020. Honoring the mothers who bore and hopefully birthed a child. (I always also give respect to those women whose bodies had been so “toxified” that a viable child could not be constructed). This section is placed here in hopes that a woman named Jenny will find the link on the home page. When she sees this section she will remember that her daughter put on quite the show of figuring out the use of several items I brought for her to look at. A first-born this child could become one of the astronauts or a specialist who helps to create a new home on planet Mars.

Jenny and I talked about things that could help her in her travels in the SW USA. I had hoped to talk with her again and see if she is as approachable as she was that day. I thought she did not have a man friend to help with things I saw I could help with. However when I stopped by later, there was a car and a guy. So I wished them both the best and went to my hotel. Life on the former New Mexico desert.

I told myself that I had shown myself that I can be resilient and that in the future there may be benefit from my having been so ready to commit to being there with a woman to help a child move into a healthy and intelligent future. Humanity is at a time of great challenge, but with careful use of neuroscience discoveries, we will be able to understand our brains and our bodies and how we can more equitably live in proximity to each other.