Harrison Ford Legacy Private

[March 20, 2022 being updated after Colin Powell's death during CoVid19 concerns.] Content was redacted during my time of reconnecting with Harrison Ford after he contacted me

 Had a hot desert quality day my first time on UNM campus and hospital ER shaded ambulance turnaround. I love darkness in a useful portion of the day.   

Buy your family the inexpensive and unique Mind-Fold eye rest technology. Please tell them it also DOWNREGULATES “Dysautonomia” [Read Polyvagal Theiry by the brilliant Stephen Porges — he spoke with me in 2000

andbhas since been researching another Facet If Autonomic Prowesd. This is called Prosidy a term I say empowers dominance in a person  Or leaves them weak in self-defense attributes. Dr  Porges is a key advocate on healthful Coaching in building prosidy skill  


(I’ll stop now I have been classically managing very mild Heat Exhaustion  I’ll be here for those who know the conduit to get info to me  I’ll be using info from superb Bruce Lee Family Foundation  NOTE:  If you want to do gentle and seemingly subtle self-enhancing exhaling plus movements Ils offering those as free Telehealth events  My video approach is intrinsically HziPAA compliant: see www.TherapySites.com for your own understanding  You can reach us at Routefinders For Friends Institute by emailing our nurse at E:  [email protected] 


I’ll be back on Twitter after noon today  

Remember, Help your loved one to roll to one side and pretend they have something to spit OUT but inform


that the degree of exhalation is then giving a flexible INFLOW ofLife Force.onto their side, a simple LUNG INFLATING TRICK. Covid “frazzles” Kung tissue so that mucous secretions increase. HOW TO inform people? Imagine lung collapsing when person is flat on back. Naturopathic Psychiatrist Ralph Wilson  

y commitment to our nation during our shift to new ways to pursue learning. Routefinders for Friends Institute is seeking to help citizens gain knowledge and skills that can improve their lives  I plan to add links to new resources as they become available.

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You dear visitor are an adult and you care about children. You may be in one of the churches I have visited. You may be a curious mental health profession or student. You are welcome to click on the Menu titles that draw your attention. My original Teaching Site had a huge inventory of investigations into Integrative Medicine, Chinese Acupuncture Theory, Ayurvedic Medicine from India and much more: NaturalWorldHealing.pro.

I and my referral network are all skilled at caring for families and their children.

"True Confessions" Disclosure about my background:

Clandestine explorations: When I was a child there were cereal boxes and Cracker Jack boxes with toys inside. One toy back then was Secret Decoder Ring. Ever since my childhood in the 1950s I have been learning about clandestine ways of sharing important secrets with your friends. On this internet site I have the Secrets and Zoo visitors page. It is done so that a young child could enjoy some of the items, but adults have chances to Enlarge Photos and see the text on pages photographed. The camera system that I have now is more powerful than any spy or astronaut or Ground Control had back in the 1960s.


Wartime in 2019 post 9-11, from a "Maverick's" point of view: Now that the United States is out of that Cold War time, and after the attacks on September 11, 2001 we are now into official Wartime Stance for all services. This is reflected in television and media sources. Yesterday I watched the  "Heroes and Icons" channel, H&I. There are reruns of old series of action programs. Yesterday it was the TV show titled, "JAG" -- Judge Advocate General. The episode I watched had multiple plot lines including one where a Naval Academy cadet was brought before a disciplinary board because he plagiarized ideas from a famous military historian. In the end of that episode that cadet had been put through a scary time of possible dismissal from the Academy. That is exactly what happened to me in 1968 during my third year as a US Air Force Academy cadet. I had doodled a "middle finger salute"/"The Finger" on the top of a pop quiz page that a certain captain in Psych 101 class had passed out. It took only an instant to doodle that, but all Hell broke loose after that. In the next days and weeks I stood in front of a panel and was grilled. Eventually they allowed me to remain at the Academy but I had to serve confinement hours on weekends as well as march back and forth on the "punishment deck" with a rifle on my shoulder. I was glad for that, but I am so sorry for the way that my identity at that time was with the other "rebels and mavericks" who also were becoming experts at marching and rifle drill. FYI: In my final year I was watching as my former roommate ("J.S.") actually competed with others on the punishment list and he became the official Class Anchor Man of Class of 1969. That honor was that the man got to be on people's minds in a special way. I've never forgotten him. He has now become impossible to find for reunions. I am sure that the USAF Academy time has remained a major turning point in his professional and personal life. God bless you, "J.S."!

[04-11-2019]  I started this page as an experiment in what is called "Dream Incubation" [Ref www.ShrinkRapRadio.com]

You lie down at night and hold a question or a hope in your mind while you fall asleep. When you wake up you will likely find that new connections are easy to see after several hours of sleep.

I'd want for my children to know how to do this.

I originally learned the basics of this dream incubation method in a session given to me by an emergency room medical doctor who had let me spend a weekend on his service. We had a lull in action and he performed what he called a "Reframing" exercise. He helped me envision my different inner "leadership council"; I gave each of them a chance to give a report from their point of view. Then I would make a promise to allow the inner council to present me with at least two options for every situation. 

If you were my son or daughter I'd be fascinated listening to you. You already have your approach to big questions in life by now. I'm also certain that you have your own ways of dealing with the small details of family living.

A few days ago I listened to the observations of a young woman out purchasing equipment at a SCUBA dive shop.  I wish that I could have spoken with her parents. Maybe they will eventually see this page. She seems quite gifted with in-depth recall of facts as well as considering new ways to look at new information.

I'm certified in Cinema Therapy via www.ZurInstitute.com. Did you see the film, '''The Illusionist"? It is an example of how a person can hold a determination to serve a loved one and end up taking years of careful work to bring about a final wonderfully dramatic conclusion.

More later,


PS: This page for "my sons and daughters" is how Love works. As you read these words, your mind can still see images of loving caregivers/parents in your life. Take a break for a breath or two and think of the people you love. Imagine your parents/caregiver being there to support you. Even far in the future when you may have buried your parents and you may have children of your own, you can still imagine the larger, older, parental-type person(s) in your gifted life.

The images below were on my TherapySites server. I'm smiling as I think about changes in my life. A Biological Dentist made a distinct change in the bite of my teeth, and now I can chew with equal pressure on both left and right sides of my teeth. I'm much more relaxed in the past two weeks than ever before in my life. I hope that you have seen a Biological Dentist for your own program of energy management.


I'd enjoy talking with you about the photos below. They had meaning to me. How do You manage thinking about what other people say is important to them