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Her Vitiligo

[Updating August 9, 2021.] Please also consult the books titled, The Perricone Prescription. His team figured out what is a very low cost program. I was interned by the much-beloved John W Haywood III for six years. Most of the method can be done at home without the doctor. [For moms, there were clinics on both coasts who could clue you in. Maybe these now offer telehealth and going over the book sets on the phone. Most recommendations did not need pharmaceutical prescriptions. But the Reassurance Factor was a reason that New York affluent families could pay big in-person fees. [redacted]

[Disclosure: Acneiform Conformations do indeed need spa-like slow processing to avoid scarring. Referral to Relief Factor.com for a $20 trial for what could be called "painful skin condition.]

hose of you who have seen my skill sets grow should be smiling widely now. She holds within her flexible and strong body what I and my East Coast colleagues consider the answer to the prayers about a major project of a doctor of High Energy Reality more later.

[Loreen, can't we use some of their images so visitors to our site can get an idea of the low cost Lipid Gel Caps inside the 4-item packet the put in sealed mailers.]

[My first typings were dropped by the poor upload situation today. Tomorrow my new computer (August input from "Uncle Sam".)

First uploads will be done when my new computer is activated tomorrow What a lovely soul she has and a symmetrical pattern that few vitiligo situations have.*

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Note to self: Get the info out to the team at the same time you invite Ms. Harlow to become the example of her natural symmetry as a way to Raise Her Shield more and not have an asymmetrical appearance

Urgent Note: Wonderfulness Incarnate is in the person of Winnie Harlow. I have been in a small research project run by Dr. Linda Lancaster an extraordinary clinician (she was based in New York City in the early 2000s, as I recall.).

* I just saw her in the middle of the night on Making The Cut, Season2. I hope to upload and link some infos and my appreciation observations.

In the next day or so I will release the photos that I have archived of the lovely change in many women whose brown skin had developed what seem to be "energy gap holes" in their external "Shield." The cure includes supportive counseling by a trained specialist who can use a dilute and vibrated solution (homeopathic process and dose verified to be vibrated at each dilution of the liquid). I don't know how much was used, but using a special process that black India Ink (available in India from the husband-wife team at TheOtherSong.com.