Hospice & End of Life

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Preparing for The Transition -- quieting down into The Coccoon
Words and ceremonies have limits to what they can alter. After all the efforts that an individual and their family may have made and resources consulted, there may come a time when lifestyle changes or heroic measures are no longer what seem to be most appropriate for their life's trajectory.

The concept of Hospice can offer a refuge from the turbulent endeavors that may have been employed to protect and extend life. It is being defined as a time when the focus is not on heroic measures to alter what seems to be a course soon to end with the person's transition from physical life.

It is my policy in psychotherapy and counseling that I honor each person's understanding of Life -- "Birth, Death and Infinity" was a phrase from a once-popular television show about... about doctors as I recall now. No one knows what actually happens after the Coccoon. I prefer to bring to my mind the image of the aviator/flower-explorer known as "The Butterfly."

"The Butterfly" -- reminder of what may be our experience after the Coccoon.

Transitions Considerations:

Here is the link to an earlier page on my information site for those who are diligently seeking options to consider for their life or their loved one's life: Transitions Counseling .

Click the following link to view a printable wallet card and instruction document with Advance Directive for Visitation in Hospital, Hospice or Home:
[ View PDF ].

I created this document originally for people who have consulted me for health concerns, so that they could request that I be allowed to visit them in environments where I would refrain from medical diagnosis and treatment. I'm respectful of your religious, spiritual or atheist worldview. This card has contact information so that we can communicate about support and comfort at the end of life and I've even offered "Atheist Last Rites" as possibly of interest to some individuals.

Here is a site that has impressed me with its openness to a wide range of considerations about the person's wellbeing during that important transition -- Seven Ponds: Embracing the End-of-Life Experience . [site is www . sevenponds . com ]

A Potential Resource: "Music for Healing and Transition." This program teaches and certifies musicians to provide music for the support of people with health concerns. "A National Educational Certification Program Preparing Musicians to Provide Life, Therapeutic Music at the Bedside." [site is www . mhtp . org ] This is a very important resource because sometimes people in Hospice have been known to have a shift in their condition and they then move out of hospice. The music is uplifting no matter what the health situation is. If a musician is certified by MHTP, they are deeply prepared for being present for patients as Certified Music Practitioners.

The Hospice Decision:
Many of you visitors to this site will likely live in states where there are licenses available for naturopathic physicians. The training at the naturopathic medical schools when I attended Bastyr University included in-depth work in natural therapies, counseling, homeopathy plus basic information about original medicine approaches of Ayurveda and Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. You may have already consulted natural medicine practitioners such as N.D. or others who are part of CAM groupings. (CAM = Complementary and Alternative Medicine)

When hospice care is the next step, i
n whatever state you reside in our country, I advise that you locate a naturopathic physician for in-person contribution to your care. In some states that could include the N.D. as the primary planner for the hospice patient's naturopathic medical care.

My in-person services in hospice situations would first of all be in keeping with your wishes and with your understanding of the processes of healing, spirituality and the transition from physical life.

I sometimes travel for distance support as is appropriate. See Distance Services for more information about possibilities.

I welcome you to contact me for a coaching relationship or a one-time Natural Medicine Connections Coaching session. Wherever you are in the country I can guide you in options such as: 1) finding a local naturopathic physician, and, 2) your exploring options with other types of health care practitioners so that you can obtain in-person support for your loved one. Click on this line or the button below to request a Welcome consultation .