iLs Autism Porges Services

[[v. 05-28-2020] Major update coming after Inauguration 2017] I moved to DC in October 2001. I practiced at NIHA for many years and enjoy referring my clients and site visitors to the NIHA site where you can find the practitioner(s) that fit your needs.


Below is original content solely for Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) options for brain improvement:

[NoteIntegrated Listening Systems Founder, Psychiatrist Ronald Minson, and team have reported benefits for traumatized Veterans who have used the system of sound and movement exercises.]

This approach can combine movement, brain stimulation, speech and specially processed high-fidelity sound via bone conduction and air conduction. The multi-sensory program is for improving brain function and self-confidence. iLs has a global effect on the brain and nervous system, influencing the following systems:
Behavior and emotional regulation.

The success of iLs programs is based on the neuroscience discovery of "Neuroplasticity": encouraging changes in the nervous system by use of carefully applied programs. As a result it is successfully implemented for a wide variety of conditions: Learning difficulties, reading, auditory processing; attention & regulation; sensory processing; speech & language; autism and other neuro-developmental difficulties.


Contact me to explore the options for in-office visits, or home use programs.

Typical programs include introduction at the office and then most of the work is done at home. This makes iLs cost-effective as a program to help the brain become "hard wired" for positive functioning.

To visit the public access portion of their site:


Addendum: October 2014 -- This link [click here] leads to the newsletter from iLs that describes the success of a Neuropsychology Clinic in Tuscloosa, Alabama. Dr. Mark Prohaska specialized in geriatrics, and has expanded to work now with children, teens and adults in his "ADHD Lab." I'm very impressed and am glad to be able to include the link for the iLs feature of Dr. Prohaska's work. Again, click here to learn more.