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[v. 12-01-2020; President Trump has not conceded. Jump down to Melania Protecting Women. Look at Menu choices for recent brain-protection links pages  Soak in therapy waters (HomeFilos.com tubs can handle bath salts and aromatherapy.]

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This site has been modified frequently during the tumultuous months we have just been through. I remain a non-political Former Officer in the US Military, and a firm supporter of the intent to make America safer that I understand is at the heart of President Trump's tenure in office as Commander in Chief.

I started this site as a way to share with psychotherapists and mental health students the insights I gained after beginning studies at the University of Michigan Medical School, Class of 1974. We were quite a mixture of dedicated students then. I have never lost my curiosity to learn and to teach about health of mind, body and social health as members of the Mammal Family. Homo sapiensis is one member of the larger mammal family which includes characteristics such as "tend and befriend"; touch and movement are key to being fully flowing beings in the Mammal Family.

Today November 7, 2020, I encourage all citizens of the USA (as well as visitors and those who dwell in our nation without becoming full citizens) let's make this Transition Period until Inauguration Day 2021, one of thankfulness for life itself.

I am firmly against giving relgious people power over the nation. This includes the new Muslim infiltrators I've met who stated "I'm a Christian, for three years now;" Those men grew up with a physical sense of superiority over women, which cannot easily be erased. I am specific in warning about those who say, "We are People of the Book." Those are rigid and inflexible men whose restricted thinking is not what I hope will be in the minds of men and women who colonize Mars and move beyond Planet Earth.

The People of the Book include Muslim and the long-time Christian crusaders, as well as the Jewish citizens -- who mostly want to be left alone with their direct connection to thr "oneness of God."

I hope that scientists such as Neal de Grasse Tyson, PhD, will become more active in encouraging girls and boys to respect each other. No boy over the age of 8 should be allowed to imagine ever himself beating his Muslim wife. I'm in favor of tracking all Muslim males over the age of 8. Any male of any worldvew who harms a woman should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And crucially now that Mr. Biden promised to allow Sharia Law to be practice among Muslims, Islam should be be decertfied as a legal system, and not considered legal in the USA.

Mr. Biden now has the responsibility of shutting down the global male rape culture that has hampered western society.. This includes the "patriarchy" of Jewish, Chrstian. Muslim, Hindu, Communist and other idiendified groups that hold women as under the authority of men.  

Protecting Women in the United States: I hope that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will make it their lifetime legacy for the nation to support women in control of their own bodies.

I have designed a certification program for the State of Nevada where women can study and become Certified Courtesan -- Medical Specialty. That way their "Hugs for Hire" work will be safe and mentally healthy for both the males and the females involved in commerce of intmate self-awareness. [See page elsewhere on Certified Courtesan medical pelvic model training and CoherenceTherapy.org psychology training beyond Cognitive Behavioral Therapy limitations. NevadaBrothelAssociation.com.]

FYI: My private practice as concierge support is not available at this time. 

[This page will be updated when the internet access problems are fewer.]