Natural Adventure Therapy and Harrison Ford

[Updated 04-18-2022] For note to Harrison Ford about the Twitter contact from Manuelo a couple years ago while I was still recouperating from major surgery, February 18, 2018.

I had been writing to #Writers under the channel: @routefindersff . However, due to my distaste for the partisan hatred in general on Twitter I chose to stop posting prior to Election 2020. I had over 1,000 people following my posts. I have had problem regaining access to the account. I have other Twitter channels: @NinjaPsychP and @NinjaPsychREAL

I wrote back to Manuelo that I would like the money to go to Bruce Lee's Family Foundation. I knew that I could easily say "I can use half a million dollars," but would not have been able to parse it out on paper. Now after two years I have lived enough to be incorporated and capable of some very useful concepts that would bring good attention to Mr. Ford.  I am incorporated now: Routefinders for Friends Institute, LLC. I will attempt to paste the First Air Cavalry patch I designed a week ago.

First Air Cavalry patch new

I recently lived through a film-worthy incident in Arizona. (A Marijuana-friendly state with many shady mental health professionals.) There are several families of women patients whose stories might be woven into a movie plot.

I need money for internet access and to hire a part-time staffer to help reach out to traumatized women with children.


Bank of Albuquerque account for Routefinders for Friends Institute, LLC:

Routing: 107006606

Account: 8096410437

My love  for Bruce Lee's work was on the top of  my mind so I wrote Harrison Ford saying I knew it would help the Bruce Lee Family Foundation, Shannon Lee.

I am now ready to disclose the writing and plannings that I have done over the past two years. I hope that Mr. Ford will work with me  maybe through his agent to help my ideas become projects he takes part in. I also want to support the legacies of JK Rowling and George Takai. 

I was hoping to have Colin Powell as a major promoter of my Wisdom Day events. However, sadly he died before what he had encouraged me to develop became a major public endeavor. See Colin Powell Peace-Ability Pole project.

helicopter in vietnam war

I am currently in Seattle for at least another month. I hope to update a Bio about my history, and may be able to embed the plea i wrote to the Superintendent of the US Air Force Academy about my head traumas and classified missions for Brig. General Harold F Funsch, M.D. command surgeon of Military Airlift Command (we were the ones who took onboard the First Air Cavalry wounded soldiers. I was being trained to be one of the Medical Doctors who would care for the wounded from Vietnam. I only recognized this truth a couple of weeks ago. I even designed an updated version of their shoulder patch to honor the pregnant women we were able to protect.

I will close this for now and  see if I can use the Twitter channel from this Starbucks. Otherwise I will do this tomorrow. The diorama below was done in 2018 while I was recovering from open-abdomen frostbite surgery in Washington DC (Howard University Surgery Department);

Mars diorama in my basement

[Below Not updated since Trump Victory 2016 except for Coronavirus reminder to take care of your health.]
[Addendum honoring Harrison Ford; and looking forward to the Female-honoring film Mulan. March 25, 2020.]


Below: Crystal City (near the Pentagon) indoor rockclimbing started recently [I was at the opening weekend]. I'm pasting photo(s) below of my time at this top-notch facility. The second photo is of me at the Rockville facility: Earth Treks Climbing.] 



Whatever your physical mobility capabilities may be at this moment in your life, you can benefit from exploring and possibly going beyond the edges of your "comfort zone." When carefully coached, most people will be able to rapidly experience the rewards of moving within their familiar boundaries and then testing to see how resilient they can be. FlexAware is an important background for building your inner sense of trust in your body and its abilities.

A naturopathic physician and psychotherapist whose work I admire, Michael Byrne, N.D., M.A., is skilled at encouraging people to live full and active lives. He included the words "Adventure Therapy" on his internet site and that was inspiring to me. Michael has been a leader in Outward Bound. [His site.]
You may also be inspired by the work of Open Sky Wilderness Therapy. They have a DVD about their work, which includes a naturopathic physician who is part of their outdoor program which is called "Wilderness Therapy." [Their site.]

I've recently been honored to assist in planning outdoor experiences for youth and families in the Washington DC area. Background training that you may find interesting in regards to your own community is described at the Vermont Wilderness School. [Their site.] Another site has programs for teen character development, Adirondack Leadersip Expeditions. [Their site.]
But First -- A Reminder:

Our Nation Is Still At War

Superb film excerpt showing men and boys motivated to do the wartime another century. Today's uniformed service is much different, but Friends, Family and Community can still be central in the minds and hearts of those who join. 
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.  With Russell Crowe and Ralph Bellamy. 

Treating veterans is an important challenge after they are welcomed home.

This video is recently compiled at the Washington National Cathedral -- an unexpectedly clear look at what Sacrifice means to those who have sacrificed in many ways:


Below are pics recently discovered in old box. Includes winter storm early1969: Snow-Jumping at USAFA; Caving Summer 1969; Glacier travel 1974





Below is a video that I just learned about, the Fly By Light Youth Program [Their site.]

Creating a safe "exercise space" for your sense of exploration may take the form of dialoguing about how you can try something new that you've been curious about.   [See my blog, Living Inside the Box: Your Body as Temple--the Three Control Systems Modle.

No matter where in the world you live, you'll be able to create experiences that can help you move forward in gaining confidence in what you can do -- as a whole person including brain, body and autonomic nervous system. 

I invite you to visit the website of my affiliate in Oahu: Wellness Works Hawai'i -- Richard Diehl, Ph.D., M.Ed., Lic.Acup.

See also my blog description: Play as Medicine

I look forward to talking with you about how you can include Natural Adventure Therapy in your Health Menu.

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