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[v. 0707-2021, originally created during early CoVID19 pandemic. There were Riots & Racism in the Election Season 2020; bookmark this to return in the future. Note on July 7, 2021: some links do not work due to renaming a page.  Addendum: Many naturopathic physician graduates have begun saying that they practice Naturopathic Psychiatry. I went on record saying that the medical schools should prepare the N.D. student doctors to be able to impress medical doctor psychiatrists, and finalize a National Board for Naturopathic Psychiatry. After observing increasing "wierdness" in the recent ND graduates I have joined with Britt Marie Hermes to say it is time to stop the bickering among NDs about whose vitamins are best and how deeply to ignore acupuncture science, biofeedback, pattern matching with herbs and homeopathically percussed dilutions... My favorite profession now is that of Chiropractic Medicine; chiropractic practice is recognized around the world. But the naturopathic medical profession is a mystery to most of the people on the planet and I have been saddened to what happened to Capital University of Integrative Medicine (see 


Honoring: Zur Institute (Psychology Online Courses) | Shrink Rap Radio ("All the psychology you need...and just enough to make you dangerous)

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Please look at my page Killers and Coronavirus for basics of Male Pelvic Congestion and Rape Triggers. Also my Gravity page section honoring the Jennys of the world who are creating healthy children who could go to Mars.

imgI was trained in espionage as part of my Cold War military academy experience. It nearly got me killed on a mission under President Nixon in Ethiopia the month it became Communist Eritrea. However, I now have coaxed inner thoughts from Muslim Saudis I have spoken with and am convinced they had a plot to have a takeover of the USA around the Fourth of July 2020. Covid 19 has shut them down. However, Joe Biden is promising to bring Sharia Law killings onto American Soil. That would destroy the USA. I’ve written Billy Graham Ministry and pleaded for them to say that Mr. Graham would be okay with admitting that everyone on earth will not become Christian or join a Baptist church. My compromise would be for altering the phrase: “In God We Trust”; I hope it will be modified so that scientists like Oppenheimer, Einstein, Hawking, Carl Sagan and Neil de Grasse Tyson would be okay with an expanded version:

In THE GOD We Trust. That phrase was good enough for a medical doctor I met in 1983, he was Hindu from India; he talked about “The God.” For some Science is a kind of God that is bigger than human but can’t be easily tampered with.

The “People of the Book” (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) are tight, unbending, inflexible and dangerous because of their Patriarchal Certitude that women should be ruled by men. Let’s keep doing what we can to change that.

Keep up the great work. I mentioned several of your Podcasts in the attached 2MB sound file.

No 715 with Teacher Jane Elliott who is self-assured and says “One Human Race…Get Over it”. Thanks to Panksepp I add: We are part of a Mammalian Family which hugs and suckles, so…”Get into it” and “Get With it”…no hugs makes for a sad life.

No. 329 with Jaak Panksepp on The Emotional Foundation of Mind (mammals have the same emotional circuits as humans)

No. 265 Stephen Porges, who you could interview with his new focus on Prosidy the difference in female and male speech quality

No. 436 Bessel van der Kolk author of The Body Keeps the Score, trauma insights

No. 330 Bruce Ecker, Unlocking the Emotional Brain (announced 2000). Coherence Therapy outshines the earlier dangerous CBT. CBT should be called Cognitive Bullying Therapy because CBT allows the practitioner to believe that their Cognition is always better than the client. That destroys trust with the therapist.

No. 255 andNo. 534, Dan Siegel on Your Mind is Bigger than Your Brain, and his book Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage brain, an inside out guide to the developing adolescent mind, ages 12-24 (when myelination is complete and the brain is shielded from impulsivity and risk-taking.


A Superb Book: On Body Armoring, and the interface between the brain, the mind and the physical body in a physical and Energy Field world: Jung and Reich: The Body as Shadow. Reich is a hero, contemporary with Jung. The book details Reich’s astonishing work with the physical and energy intersection of people with the universal energies around us. He postulated Orgone, and when patients had orgasmic potency their neuroses stopped. His “Orgone Accumulators” produced a lovely Blue Light. The same blue color you mentioned in one or more podcasts.

Your legacy of freely available psychology interviews is amazing. Have a great celebration!

We who are in Coronavirus distancing situations will thrive on this celebration of “The Collective” prior to Election 2020. (Ref. Star Trek episodes about the Borg Collective that travels in a cube that looks like the Muslim shrine in Mecca.) Ours is a friendly Collective that respects women.

Ralph Wilson, ND, Board Certified Acupuncture Educator and Hashtag #Neuroscience2000_2014

Sexual Violence: A woman is killed by a young man whose culture never allowed him to deal with Pelvic Congestion. [He himself was prepared to rape by the ignorance enforced by teachings of Christian/Jewish/Muslim teachers.  His temporary insanity led to his suicide after he had an outburst of emotion he could not control. The Latina culture is now asking why. This internet site is dedicated to the management of Pelvic Congestion experienced by Islamic Terrorists and the Christian and Jewish youth who are not taught basics of sexual function and how to decompress Pelvic Congestion. I've personally seen the "well-meaning" chaplains who intend to dramatically save souls so that they would never unleash personal power. Here is the link for a powerful organization dedicated to religious freedom: Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Jewish Comedian Jerry Seinfeld had a show about Jewish life in New York. Here are scenes from the sexually precocious bar mitzvah boy becoming a man:


imgThis decongestion had actually been the motivation for President Bill Clinton to appoint Surgeon General Joyce Lynn Elders, M.D. See my section on this site about social commentator Dave Chapell and the tensions in American society in the 1960s that led President Clinton to appoint her. Her recommendation was to educate children in "Sensate Focus" so that they would know what the Opiate Addiction of Sex Stimulation is like. My training shows that after several orgasmic experiences, the body's physiology is relaxed and capable of rational decisions. When Muslim, Christian and Jewish teachers keep youth ignorant of the explosive power of pelvic stimulation, the youth can grow up into men and women who don't have adequate control of the lightning-like reactivity that can develop with pelvic congestion. I am planning a new Tab dealing with Pelvic Congestion and Rape. That will include videos about Stephen Porges, Ph.D ("The Poly-Vagal Theory") and his findings about autonomic nervous system control. Sadly when there is little control, the stage can be set for flash-point dynamics leading to behavior such as rape, Police Shootings and Looting and Killing.

[Alert!: May 10, 2020 —this page will be updated soon to help you who are still alive deal with possible Post Coronavirus “Martial Law" with Mandatory Vaccination with Concentration Camps for Non-Compliance.]  Below is the video about sexual repression and violence in the Wild West of America. Three insane women are being transported for help in civilized society.

That film above is a psychiatrically accurate look at the lives and treatment of three insane women in the American Wild West. Please note the unspoken dynamics behind the scenes. Especially stunning was the way that the driver (Tommy Lee Jones acted this superbly) is calm as he attempts to deal with three versions of insanity while he drives the wagon to bring them to a Christian church. At the end of all the drama, the driver himself is close to insanity. But he deals with it...

This video above is of a brilliant mental health specialist who gave his talk long before this year's rampaging youth and anarchy in response to Police Killings. He speaks of the potential for peaceful states when a person feels safety. But when the handcuffs go on, the power of both police and demonstrator are unleashed. The clash has been deadly many times. Look online for PolyVagal Theory and Fear, Anger, Safety.

Natural Medicine and Mental Health have been major concerns of mine as I develop my practice and expand collaborations with psychiatrists, psychologists and others. It has been gratifying in the past decade to see increasing  numbers of mental health practitioners promote services that include awareness of physical and nutritional factors in their clients and patients. Some internet sites include the concept of Naturopathic Psychiatry. I hope that some day there will be a psychiatry specialty board for medical doctors proclaiming Natural Psychiatry as their specialty. For now...check out Dr. Robert Hedaya's National Center for Whole Psychiatry below.* 

Updated biography with focus on Triune Brain and Autonomic stability and "Dysautonomia" [view/download PDF]

The video below is a slide show on YouTube that I made for Wisdom Day 2015. The pacing of my voice, and the timing of Faded-In and Face-Out were perfect for the effect I sought then. I really enjoy watching that because it was recorded back when the NIHAdc & combination was still vital. Before the Islamist mindset had begun to creep more silently into the United States and the Nursing Home network under President Barack Hussein Obama.

The meaning of the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology 2014 about the brain's Hippocampus had not yet begun to sweep through the ranks of psychotherapists and other mental health workers. [My insight regarding that prize and the Coherence Therapy breakthrough of 2000 is this: The Hippocampus records the passage of impulses and builds "maps" on essentially a "thin layer" to help the animal Orient in space by creating accessible "maps.". The recipients of the award did not understand that their research had proven the breakthrough of the Coherence Psychology Institute. Basically their discovery showed that Chaos rules the world; without chaos there would be no new possibilities. (President Obama recently spoke about the dangers of Chaos; I say that Temporary Order Out of Chaos is the only way humans will be able to live onward on Earth, Moon and Mars. The Hippocampus records impulses and makes "maps" for orientation, but they can be changed. The award recipients write (see the link to the Prize above) that they don't see a useful therapeutic use for their discovery. In fact, their discovery shows that Maps can be changed, but only when the individual being counseled feels Coherent with the change. This means that CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is now recognized to be dangerous, this is because the "Cognition" that takes primacy is the cognition of the THERAPIST and not that of the counselee. No human feels good when some authority figure announces, "Your course of action is wrong and I will force you to follow what I have decided is best for you."  Re the Riots in the Summer of 2020: Not the Summer of Love. Why? Because the police officers have been trained using the CBT training; for them, this means that they know that the better good for the rioters is that the rioters are unable to harm others. A dead rioter is no longer a threat, right? And, for the Rioters and Looters: Their cognition takes primacy in their lives and they know that no Police Officer or Guard member will go home with them and take care of their house. The rioters have Hippocampus imprints that show that once a handcuff is place, the person is at risk of final demise. Thus we see many times a scene shift from peaceful-appearing to one of sheer 100% terror when either one or both of the sides (Rioter vs Police) feels that their view of the world takes precedence.

Because of my long life I've been able to recall the flow of life for women in the USA. This includes Islamic Virgins and Islamic Males, as well as weddings of a variety of religions (not Islamic). The peace in the world will be greatly enhanced once everyone comes to feel that they are safe-enough in the structure that surrounds them.

For the time being until the next four years are over there will be tension between 1. Islamists who want to take over the world and, 2. the science-minded and religious-minded coalition (Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Daoist, Hindu, Mormon, etc., not Islamist, happy Atheists, and sad Atheists). I trust the Women and Men in the United States of America to figure out how to build the best future from the solid but dynamic country we now have. 


Key videos giving background about psychotherapy and helping you understand your life better. Your brain can create neuro-emotional feelings.


New addition: Link to site of Ojibway nation tribal resources: Resurrection After Rape: A free ebook for helping women after rape. [ Review site: click here.]  Here is the interview with David Van Nuys, Ph.D. of Interview


FYI: The Safe Harbor Project promotes awareness of physical causes of mental/emotional difficulties:

Psychotherapy is a term that has not been fully controlled by any organization at the present time. I appreciate the concept of "Body Psychotherapy" and have been a member of the DC Area Guild of Body Psychotherapists [link]. My description of what I call "Kinesthetic Medicine" is part of what Body Psychotherapy can include: Kinesthetic Medicine.

imgThe recent book, The Body Keeps the Score, reveals the insights of psychiatrist, Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. He was one of the clinicians whose work with veterans led to the term, PTSD. Since that time he has come to recognize the process by which some people develop severe recall distress and others do not. He now teaches that there are nine times as many women and civilians who have been traumatized as there are veterans so that all sufferers of trauma can benefit from the work that helps veterans. He talks about this in his interviews with Krista Tippett (link to his interview on and with David Van Nuys (link to his interview on

Naturopathic Physicians can give referrals to any licensed mental health professional. The scope of practice of Licensed Naturopathic Physicians in various jurisdictions includes some or all of the following: 

Behavioral Health
Nutraceutical brain health supplementation
Phytonutrients/Herbal prescriptions
Physical therapeutics and naturopathic manipulation

Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology 2014 This is a landmark discovery. The researchers have discovered more than they realized: I describe the finding as showing that the brain's Hippocampus contains "layers" of cells that can be activated by passing inputs. This passage of inputs creates a map of orientation into memory. What I saw when I read the paper is that the mammalian brain can orient itself and then use that as a "map" to help with navigation through the world surrounding the animal being observed. Extending this as a model of human experience, we are capable of building ":maps" that can then be stored in tissues in a fat-based matrix creating a virtual library of information. [More will be added.] Key insights I made are: 1. Calling this a map-creation discovery; 2. Humans can do what I call "Map Backwards": recalling past events; 3. "Mapping Forward": Using imagination to calculate future possible orientation of the current view into what might be in the future.

*Robert Hedaya, M.D., calling his insights, Whole Psychiatry -- National Center for Whole Psychiatry: 

1. June 2015 Shrink Rap Radio interview: Creating Health with Holistic Psychiatrist Robert Hedaya M.D. [link to podcast notes at]
2. Embedded below is one of many videos and resources on Dr. Hedaya's extensive websiteNote: I am very enthusiastic that in the future there will be increased access to Licensed Naturopathic Physicians who can work with psychiatrists and provide a team approach to deliver more options for health available to everyone no matter what budget they may have to begin thinking in terms of Whole Psychiatry and beyond.

Burton Goldberg interviews Julia Ross about foods, mood and options in addition to psychiatric medications:

Below: My words and some pictures to invite you to begin the process of "changing your destiny" by psychotherapy and physical treatments.

Study and application of attention to details, the topic of a Navy SEAL. Universal wise words:

Here are some possible options for people who are seeking counseling or psychotherapy. [Not currently available due to CoVID19 and riots of the Racist Divide.]

1. You could simply set up aninitial Connections Coaching session, and we can choose options together.

2. Read more about Coherence Therapy (an advancement from Depth Oriented Brief Therapy, DOBT).*

3. Watch videos and consider the Brain-Directed Solutions introduced on my Amen-Affiliated Education Center

I pasted the talk below about the Polyvagal System because it was recorded before the meaning of Nobel Prize in Medicine or Psychology 2014. She is very correct, but she did not use that Nobel Prize discovery of the Hippocampus cell function that results in Orientation; I describe the meaning of that as saying that the Hippocampus creates "maps" that can be accessed in the future, and can actually be changed.  That Nobel Prize is the reason that the Coherence Therapy approach is so valuable; Coherence Therapy is more effective than the older Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach. [See Coherence Psychology Institute.] Now her presentation:

The following is from the NICABM (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine) About the Polyvagal System.

Introducing Coherence Therapy. From the key text: Unlocking the Emotional Brain, by Bruce Ecker, Robin Ticic and Laurel Hulley. Memory Reconsolidation: How the Brain Unlearns [page 13+]. Coherence Psychology Institute. . Below is a key statement from the Institute: "After a Century, A Breakthrough"

"...Before 2000, based on nearly a century of research, neuroscientists believed that the brain did not possess the capability of erasing an existing, established emotional learning from memory. The detection of memory reconsolidation, a type of Neuroplasticity or synaptic change that can erase emotional learning, was therefore both a breakthrough and a turnaround in our knowledge of learning and memory. In 2004, researchers identified how to induce reconsolidation behaviorally, through a series of experiences required by the brain for erasure...but it was not until 2006 that this discovery and its clinical use began coming to the attention of psychotherapists (Ecker, 2006). As of this writing, there is no other process or type of Neuroplasticity known to neuroscience that eliminates an emotional learning." [end of quote]


Here are essays and resources on my sites about Natural Medicine and Mental Health:

"Dr. Wilson and Counseling from a Natural Medicine Perspective"

1. New Brain Science
2. My Amen Clinic online Education Center
3. Functional Medicine and laboratory testing (with international lab testing service available)
4. Bodywork and Kinesthetic Medicine
5. Working Together: Your Choices and Your Future (a starter point in my blog essay collection about natural medicine and mental health)
6. Family Constellations: A type of phenomenological "therapy" that needs to be experienced to fully understand.
7. FlexAware® is a coaching method of neuro-structural rehabilitation and fitness enhancement.
8. Biological Dentistry and mental health.

I have spoken with and exchanged emails with Stephen Porges, Ph.D., originator of the Polyvagal Theory. On my information site I have a page on Dr. Porges Information [click here].

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Find that video, Autonomic and danger and rapid movements of rioters and police shifting a person to feeling endangered. Both the civilian and the officer flip out and rage for safety and fear.

This thoughtful insight is from poet David Whyte whose presentation I attended at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium. [Note Adobe Flash Player is blocked]

"On Belonging and Coming Home": David Whyte: Poet

The Covid19 situation has made it important to grab information off the internet as best I can. The items below are for me to weave into the private section of the site. Concerns about mandated vaccinations lead to caution about the publically visible content.



View/Download PDF Sick Brains and Teen Violence  Below: US Marine injured and Proud of Serving

Below: Star Trek Captain Kirk sternly states that "You have never been certified...'

The Final Solution: Eternal Fire

Below is one or more videos of the raw live interactions of stand-up comedians with real audiences. The spontaneity and the audience laughter and participation give us the chance to perceive the underlying mindset and worldview of the performer.

Sadly, I've been able to easily detect the underlying Core Level Risk Protection layer of their Hippocampus. [See Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology 2014 awarded for discovery of mechanism for memory "maps" in the brain.