Neuroscience is key to figuring out peacefulness.  to you both, and to all Russians who view this complex handmade internet site dedicated to World Peace.

This ENTIRE site is a power-dream incubator. I'm a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. My entire professional life has been dedicated to shifting people's perception of the world. This current Election 2020 is perfect for generating root level change in people and in our nation.

Mr. Trump and First Lady Melania know the global scene of powerful men needing pelvic decongestion to not explode. 

See the tab on this site about my insights about psychiatry and life in sexually stressed America: Naturopathic Psychiatric Options.

Below Honor and Sex Behavior material prepared for an Annapolis Navy Officer Cadet

[See also Naturopathic Psychiatry] This page is re-purposed from private communication directed to a handsome Naval Academy cadet we encountered on the Metro during his first months at Annapolis Naval Officer Academy. Coming Soon: info on The Angel Hands mission in Taiwan." That concept may be applied to non-disabled such as cadets. That alone may make the difference between a low-level temporary state of vulnerability by being touched, versus the travesty known as the commission of rape. 

FYI: I am convinced that cadet suicides at US Air Force Academy were directly caused by Fundamentalist Christian mind-set forcing them to crash because of sexual ignorance. Don't let cadets become ignorant leaders in battle. They must know the history of loving regard between man and woman. This includes strong bonds between marriage partners as well as loving support given to military by Comfort Women and prostitution specialists. (See Paris Hilton's legacy to understand how she has managed to alter the course of self-awareness in the youth and adolescent segment of our society.)

Some of the text below was written during Transition 2017 before the Inauguration, on January 14, 2017. I was frantic that the new sex-aware president Donald J. Trump might bring in a dangerous wild age of sex excesses in our nation and especially in the Military Academy culture.

Below, you will see that I added to what I began writing during my three days of sequestration after the polls closed on Nov 8. I purposely went on a spiritual isolation for 3 days after Voting Day 2016. I did not allow my brain to know which candidate had won. I am glad that I gave myself those three days. I have a powerful psychiatrist story to tell about those three days underground in Washington DC after Election Day 2016.

 I've got a lot of respect for the young men and women who stand up and compete to become officers. The position of officer may become harrowing and life may be risked.  Best wishes to us all  -- Doc Wilson

Expanded-Sex Education page. Quick access tabs to below = Rapid Retarget Skill | Pleasure as Power  | Uniformity | Building brain circuits to withstand "battle damage" ---- (A) and (B) coming | Quick links for brain/body learning 


This special page is for what I call All Cadets.*


Originally I had seen a young man who looked like Robert Redford in the flm, The Way We Were (with Barbara Streisand), His nametag included two numbers after his name: "20"; and it was his future graduation date.


*In this public version when I say Cadet I mean that you may be in a profession prior to completion and graduation. You might be a medical resident or training for another profession. He definitely was not yet 24 years old. I wanted him to hear about the phase of brain development prior to complete myelination, Anyone who is enrolled in training and they are between ages 12 and 24, their brain is not yet fully able to be stable and not easily be distracted. [See Brainstorm book information about how to understand what Dr. Dan Siegel has termed "The Teenage Brain" as it matures into full adult myelination, protection and self-control. Non-public photos/insights of me enthusiastically serving opens to my old teaching site.]

Who Is Dr. Wilson and what role will he carry in the upcoming community life with Mr. Trump sworn in as President?

My old bio will be updated. [About Me] I'll be Time-Space traveling for a couple of months as I recall the glory and the grit of cadet training and then graduation with President Richard M. Nixon speaking at my graduation and commissioning, June 4, 1969. My Dad and Mom were there. You can hear his address at this archive (leaves this page, remember to bookmark it): Text -- ; audio button is on that page right side column.








Mr. Koslowski you've begun. You may be one of the typical ones who graduate with the ones who started. In my eyes you are already a hero because you stood up and said that you'd serve, you'd accept risk, and you will learn your skills deeply through your nervous system and muscles with instantaneous reflex coordination. The rest of the nation will be adding the rest to the mix that the new President will be commanding as of January 20, 2017.

I plan to add more text after a few days of enjoying good weather and backyard exercise preparing for "Half Iron Man" race next year. Here is a photo of the badges that I wore on my green jacket when eating my Veterans Day celebratory meal at P.F. Chang's in Chevy Chase MD. The Track Photo-Op is of me lined up where I trained at Allegan High School (Michigan), on the new 2015 track surface. Below that is a collection of USAF Academy magazines from around 1965, including the James-Bond-Pose lady with a "speech bubble" that I placed on her yesterday when I found the magazine. [All my photos are Enlarge-Worthy, some hold "secret keys"]

Talking Points Picture [TPP]. Current Picture's Title: "Hard and Soft" [download and archive for years ahead]

[Below: Originally constructed for that dashingly handsome male US Naval Academy cadet from Annapolis in his "Whites" for public view whom Nurse Jan and I encountered when we stepped into a Metro railcar after the DC Advocacy Partners graduation ceremony on Sept 17 2016. I emailed it before the results were known of Election 2016.]

Written for you, Midshipman Koslowski '20 but applicable to all males in training programs. [You women are invited to hear this Man-to-Man presentation, especially the Rapid Links as above [again, here: Rapid Retarget Skill | Pleasure as Power  | Uniformity | Building brain circuits to withstand "battle damage" ---- (A) and (B) coming | Quick links for brain/body learning ] 

I was deeply moved when I unexpectedly glanced at your nametag when I stepped onto the Metro train that day in September. My cadet nametag was for 1969, which is "many Winters ago." Your sharp-looking uniform reminded me of myself when I was in my initial year at US Air Force Academy. (Later I was a stick leader and am Army Airborne, then was Navy SEAL-trained in jungle warfare in Panama, then trained in Air Force prisoner-of-war leadership -- all of that by 1968 and then the Cold War was expanded by the Hot Conflict in Southeast Asia.)

Mr. Kloslowski,  I initially posted this before I saw the results of the Presidental Election 2016.

I wrote a few starter notes below* in case you have a only a short time to think. Click here to go directly below | sections: Rapid Retarget Skill | Pleasure as Power  | Uniformity | Quick links for brain/body learning.

[Below is my now-updated description of the Vigil that I kept for the nation on the day after Election 2016.]

I slept briefly after the polls closed but then woke and I held watch in darkness on behalf of the "crew" -- In this personal power-prayer-focus this means of all the officers and enlisted in our entire armed forces. I often think of myself in this wooden-floored home as Navy ship commander, having watched Master and Commander over ten times. I assume that you have watched that film at least once. The second and third times you view it at large resolution you can look and see tiny features -- such as the guy taking a poop while suspended off the side of the ship. (Human functions are important for a captain to protect and respect.)  You will know all the parts of a ship by the time you've gotten through the first year. Learn your knots, try eating hard tack, etc. I may someday come out to Annapolis and view a game or some event . I'd like to do that so that I could again feel the depth of gratitude and pride at seeing young men and women who are under 25 honing their skills and learning about life in a carefully tended growth environment.

FYI: Major Post-Election Assurance: I placed photos and thoughts taken during Election Day on my Twitter account: @RoutefindersFF Re who won the election --  Military lives will be at different risks depending which of the two major candidates ends up taking the role of POTUS on January 20, 2017. Neither one of the candidates could make the future be such that no military lives would be lost during the next four years.  And in addition we in uniform (or who have worn one) know that each human who is born also will have an end to their life story at some time.*

I don't know if you or your family or cadet friends had a particular candidate as your favorite for consideration. I myself am an independent and have even avoided joining a religion although I visit churches and synagogues. As an athlete and psychotherapy provider I have kept as neutral and supportive as I can for all people with whom I interact.

Be resilient and able to re-target when that is required. This Election 2016 is your first one in which you could vote. You are now voting while also wearing a uniform. From now on usually every four years, there is a potential change in Commander in Chief. The officers are commissioned into the ranks of the uniformed services under the POTUS. Your skill sets and your readiness to lead sailors as well as to follow orders of those above you in rank, all of that remains the same regardless who is POTUS. Check out @POTUS after January 20th.

*Rapid Starter Thoughts (excuse me for the assumptions of some literacy re both Atheistic and Judeo-Christian texts):

1. Respect women. Neuroscience tells us that women have more brain wiring connections and likely more capabilities than we men do. However, males do have more deadly abilities -- history makes that starkly clear. Please re-read that and see what is the literary Paradox presented there. [Learn to live with "Paradox" and you will be a winner in life as well as in your relating with women.]

[Addition on 11-13-2016: I had put a lot of information and a video from Gen. Petraeus about support for Cadet Life as well as a confession that he makes about his publicly revealed marital infidelity on this page: Military and trauma from unhealthy sexual and religious pressures]

The video below is General David Petraeus speaking to encourage ROTC cadets but he also acknowledges that his actions with a woman not his wife destroyed his career at CIA. He takes consequences. Men and Women who read this: Watch him give honor to military and veterans, and very clearly takes responsibility for inappropriate attention to a woman he was not married to. The current Cosby events are proof that things are getting more respectful but a lot more needs to be done.

General Petraeus Accepts Responsibility. The video below is a testimony to accepting responsibility for wrongdoing. In addition, General Petraeus spends the bulk of his presentation giving supportive words to the work of ROTC educators. He paid price for inappropriate sexual nature actions. Nobody is above censure for such things. I agree with men and women who are currently seeking major jail time and loss of career for violators of women's bodies and those who destroy their safety.

2. Learn to "Re-Target." This is my lecture topic on how we can "sell" young men on the wisdom of being able to switch your internal thoughts of Achieving The Goal. In order to stay in current uniformed service we need to get the young high-testosterone males to know themselves. This includes knowing that males can Focus intently and get the job done. In modern service they also need to be able to Shift the Focus to be on another target rapidly and without internal debate. (This is also a skill useful for mountain climbing, spelunking, sailing, ... for life in general.) Just tell the men (and I am telling you now) that they can go on "dates" with a potential romantic partner and do the Re-Target thought process. This process is to keep in contact with the other person and as long as the feedback from the person is Yes then you can tell yourself that "This is right and good for both me and Us." Next: Whenever the other person utters the Re-Target phrase"Lets do something different" (or other words that you make up) at that precise moment the male becomes The Hero when he is capable of smoothly re-targeting and having a new narrow-focus mind-state of...simply being the Hero in the other person's eyes and not pushing for some action that the other person does not want. (This is a short version of the Story-Telling Medicine tale I have developed on that.)  

More Depth About Re-Targeting: Sometimes it isn't easy to re-target. However, virtually all young men need to know that they are capable of doing that.  I also tell them that Re-Targeting is essential in today's military. As an example:  If the leader says to turn your fire from the pillbox in front of you and take out the tank coming from your left flank, if you pause to think or talk about how well you were doing dealing with the pillbox, you may likely get blown away by the tank. I tell men that if they are incapable of re-targeting, we can't use them in the military

3. Pleasure as Power: You will be discovering things that make you feel very, very good. Neuroscience will talk about endorphins and opiate receptor-like parts of your nervous system and your biochemical system. Some young people discover extreme pleasure from things like touch, music, visual art, smells, tastes. External things like alcohol and other substances can "turn on" the switch so that these good feelings become very strong. "Awaken not Love before its time." Basically it is from Old Testamnt about how the adventure of sensual pleasing can be so powerful that it could distract and jumble a young person's career planning at a military academy. Conclusion: Be Very very very careful about what you wake up because it will then need to be understood and controlled or it will affect your target focus without your even thinking about it. [Talk to me and I will tell you more about the medical and psychotherapy background on pleasure.] Excellent resource: "Healing Through Pleasure" is the creation of Dr. Felice Dunas, Ph.D., who is skilled in acupuncture and mind-body work, based in California. 

4. Know your own faith position and enjoy it deeply. And at the same time, don't try to distract and jumble a classmate's world view while they are learning the basics of programming their reflexes to be a naval officer as academy graduate.

5.Uniformity. Your brain is intensely active these days. As a cadet you need to become part of the team as well as learn your individual skills. You, as a younger (under 25) adolescent, have a brain that NEEDS to be able to instantly recognize things such as the voice of your commander, your teammate, or others whose communications can be mission-affecting. 

Why Teamwork? Why Uniformity? Stating that more simply: You need to become enmeshed in the fabric of USNA, you and classmates need to know the movements and the sounds of your classmates. At USAFA we spent four years shaping our synapses so that we could fly in formation easily, expanded peripheral vision, readiness to trust classmates to be there if some equipment failed or something that led you to be incapable of "saving the day" for yourself.

And then the day will come when as a new officer you will be commissioned and set on your trajectory afterward. (My own sensitive and high priority situation was complex because I'd also been training to be a solo-thinking physician in charge of life and death on the battlefield. I've been quite solo very often in my life. I sometimes think that I missed something. But the "Loneliness of Leadership" can be very real. You'll do well I am sure. You are a man with innate resources that will enable you in many ways that others do not have access to.

Now back in the civilian world I've learned the ways of many people in several countries on the planet. Here is my latest book/journaling pages: Order it at print-on-demand site: View description; small size for pocket including blank pages for your owm journaling:

6. Brain protection, trauma and moving forward without pity: (A) Because you are in military training you will be given access to experiences that may include major blows to body and brain. Each blow, rapid acceleration or "baro-trauma" pressure changes may cause changes inside the skull which can affect the brain. In fact, even a major mental shock can result in brain function changes. My bottom line about brain trauma is that you and your family must be ready to take steps to re-target your own future. Take Muhammad Ali for instance, who stood up and took blows and eventually had different mental skills. Sometimes I tell people that you might plan on being comfortable with reduced function of your body and your brain as you go deeper into service with traumas. It might be an uplifting thing for a brain-affected person to know that they are using all that they have in order to maximize what capacities they have as time progresses. Some people call this Spiritual Growth while the body loses function. Neuroscience researchers are doing very helpful work, and I appreciate them. More on my older page: New Brain ScienceExpect to lose some function as time goes on, and at the same time Accept the Adventure of Exploring your new body and brain configuration after you've lived through a lot of events.  (B)  Trauma Humor [tab on this site]  Added below is one of the YouTube videos I have embedded on other pages, it talks about Sacrifice as different from Service:


Quick links for brain/body health: here are some insights from my Health Resources blog that you or your parent(s) may find expands your self-awareness and improves health: [Removed after my site was hacked by Viagra marketers.]

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Original page for Legacy [redacted]

...We are crafting the structures that will contain our efforts and collaborations to benefit all types of people regardless their differences. Added on June 29, 2020: I am very concerned that Bastyr University has been taken over by clandestine Christian operatives. What had been a "useful tension" between Sex-Positive people and closed-minded Islamic and Christian people, might have become a stifled and un-spiritual situation. Soon I would like to have created a private page about the ways that Christians have debunked and destroyed some of the most important health science discoveries in the past century. (Dr. Voll's work, the Toftness device, Acupressure, Reflexology, Heart Rate Variability testing, Craniosacral Therapy, etc.)