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I am a member of the University of Michigan Medical School Class of 1974. The Vietnam War shifted my trajectory so that my Doctor title was given under the academic encouragement of Patrick Caplis, ND. [John Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine], Class of 1989.

My base of referrals and consultations is now covered in the Pacific Northwest by New Health Medical Center in Edmonds, WA (link to New Health Medical Center site), as well as by Dr. John Ruhland {ND} at The Natural Health Medical Clinic.
This page is dedicated to introducing you to New Health Medical Center.

The NHMC is a landmark institution that is bringing much-needed health information and services to a public that deserves much more than can be delivered by the current limitations of the western medicine model of how life works.
Earlier text below honors the important role of Research in the practice of naturopathic medicine by licensed naturopathic physicians. When I first applied to naturopathic medical school in 1984 I was in the earlier cohorts of the modernized profession. Dr. Rick Kitaeff, and Annie Kitaeff, were the owners and well established when I first worked at NHMC when I was a student at Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine. When I was there, I became trained in the Vegatest method of acupuncture meridian assessment. I now prefer using the AcuGraph digital meridian imaging system.

The text below is of a page originally describing Wisdom Day 2014 and its role in telling the public and those in the health care field about research into areas of Complementary and Alternative Medicine ("CAM") that have not yet been fully researched in manners that would convince the more-than-casual observer of the current American health care offerings. 
Wisdom Day 2014 was a deeply meaningful day. We are now preparing for Wisdom Day 2017, March 15, 2017. Text from earlier presentations is below. I plan to update this soon after ND Week here in Washington DC (October 2016). 

Burton Goldberg's picture, myspeaking about Wisdom Day 2015

This video below is from Burton Goldberg. He tells what he knows first-hand about the need for expanded options for health care:

Wisdom Day 2014 --  My YouTube video about "Life--The Original Frontier". Honoring Both Kinds of Veterans -- Which include uniformed service veterans, and also veterans in protecting Civil Society (no matter what the color of their skin). Note: The final minutes of the video include walking through the entryway and viewing the MLK Memorial on the mall section of downtown DC near the Vietnam Wall, the Nurses Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the Cherry Blossom walk on the Tidal Basin.

Original Information on research and Clinical Trials: 
This page is being updated. It is planned to be the sign-in page for practitioners with whom I've spoken about joining in the next phase of one of the Clinical Trials that DCNN is conducting through Dr. Wilson.

Also read: Staff Requirements page -- See menu.

Clinical Trials

  • Sleep study: "Tipi Time" concept. 


The image of a peaceful Village is included to evoke feelings of resting at the end of a day of activities on the landscape of life. The "Tipi Time" approach to managing the hours when one has laid their body down to sleep is an original idea that I developed a few years ago. I conducted a two-month period of clinical research as proof-of-concept. Basically it is based on the different physiological responses to blue light or to red light. Awareness of the importance of having darkness around you when you sleep is the basis of this research project. [More will be placed on this page.] 

  • AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging research [AcuGraph site]. Topic: Psychological correlations of patient perception and clinician observation of Emotions ["Affect"].
    • Background reading: Blog essay: Reverse Engineering Your Brain: Dr. Panksepp's research and more. [Jaak Panksepp, Ph.D., spent his career studying "animal affect," knowing that it was actually proof of Animals Feeling Emotions the same as humans. [Link to essay.]
    • Phase 1 Completed: Ready for human subject phase
      • Trial introduction Internet Site [click here to go to AcuGraph Neuropsych site. Completed.]
    • More Information & Application to join research: Not currently available. CLICK HERE -- when active will lead to signup form.
  • Sleep Study: Dr. Wilson's original research into "Darktime"
    • Feasibility study nearly complete. Awaiting legal protection for original proprietary product.
    • More Information & Application to join research: Not currently available. CLICK HERE -- when active will lead to signup form.


  • Prayer/Darktime Comparison: Topic: "Faith-Neutral" home-care approach that may provide similar psycho-emotional results without requiring a religious context. Benefits would include: Atheists could feel and intellectually be comfortable using this method to enhance focus and to connect with non-cognizant aspects of their "Greater Self."
    • More Information & Application to join research: Not currently available. CLICK HERE -- when active will lead to signup form.


  • Iris Fiber Pattern Correlations with Health Aspects--A):
    • Topic: IRB: Ocular Signs of Cardiac Pathology. This is planned to be a reconstitution of the original human subject IRB of the same name that was conducted with Dr. Wilson being the principal investigator of the IRB. This was under the auspices of Capital University of Integrative Medicine while Dr. Wilson served as Adjunct Faculty at CUIM.
    • Background reading: Dr. Wilson's page-- Iridology Science/Iris Biometrics. [Click here to go to teaching site]
    • More Information & Application to join research: Not currently available. CLICK HERE -- when active will lead to signup form.
  • Iris Fiber Pattern Correlations with Health Aspects--B):
    • Topic: Iris Fiber patterns and correlations of Emotions: This is planned to be a correlation of iris structure findings with the emotions that are associated with the acupuncture organs represented upon accepted "maps of microcircuits" of the eye.
    • Background reading: Dr. Wilson's pages --
    • More Information & Application to join research: Not currently available. CLICK HERE -- when active will lead to signup form.

BELOW IS WHAT WAS ON THIS SITE regarding Research:
In my career in health care I've been impressed with the many research projects that have been conducted by individuals and corporations who sought proof of the benefits they detected from the use of techniques, nutritional supplements, counseling and mind/body methods, etc.

This page will have links to projects that I think will be important for improving the health of many people.

First Project:


AcuGraph digital meridian imaging technology to document changes.
A) Changes in emotions after treatments that affect the acupuncture meridians.

B) Changes after using Hyaluronic Acid for stronger Chi/Qi flow to support healing. People report feeling better, having better vision and improvement in joint health after taking products that contain Hyaluronic Acid. The importance of Hyaluronic Acid as a basic building block and functional component of human health has deeply impressed me over recent years. I am interested in researching this using the AcuGraph digital meridian imaging.


You see, I'm convinced that the clear crystal-like Hyaluronic Acid, which is in all of the body's fascia and in the skin (as well as in the eyeballs and the joints) serves as a conduit for the flow of photons through the body in a matrix that then influences conductance and electrical activity which in turn then alters physiology. The company that I hzve the most experience with is The founder of the company has given me samples of his products and I've conistently felt better when using them especially their flagship item, Synthovial Seven. (

I am now proposing formal research into H.A., and have started to do an initial Observational Survey. To learn more and to see if you can qualify to participate, click hereMental health field workers are especially invited to contact me about the AcuGaph (I have a program for a reduced purchase price). Below is a video clip that I made a couple of years ago about this project.

Second Project:
FlexAware® neuro-structural rehab and fitness exercise. This is a very effective coaching experience where you learn how to feel your body's stress and then move without pain and with the curiosity of a healthy young child rebuilding efficient nerve circuits.
To see video clip and more information on this research project and how you can participate, click here

Be sure to watch the extra video on the next link -- about the Weber-Fechner Law because it shows why athletes and performers need to include low-force movement so that their nervous system can gain depth in its control of small movements; this contributes to balance and confidence.

Here is the link to my enthusiastic description of the New Brain Science connections to the FlexAware approach and the Weber-Fechner Law: FlexAware®neuro-structural rehabilitation and fitness coaching. 

Here is the link to my enthusiastic description of the New Brain Science connections to the FlexAware approach and the Weber-Fechner Law: FlexAware® neuro-structural rehabilitation and fitness coaching. 
A Third Project that I plan to submit again:

Warm Water Therapy for Trauma: This is the recommendation I made that the District and the Department of Defense allow the use of the warm water therapy pool in the Sibley Memorial Hospital to be used part-time for the trauma therapy that is sometimes called Aquatic Therapy, Water Dance or Watsu. This has been very helpful for traumatized veterans as well as anyone who has experienced trauma or neglect, such as children. I feel that the location here in the nation's capital is a perfect place to do the service and also training in Warm Water Therapy for trauma. The hospital is now allied with Johns Hopkins University, which would make it easier for the school to set up research. The study could be done in the mental health sciences, or in the physical therapy sciences. Click here to see the proposal I made in 2011 and photos and links to video resources.

This page is the announcements page for the presentations given by the Consultations Group.

Referral resource for those traveling to Hawai'i for Wellness Vacations with Dr. Wilson:

Below is a video from the Gerson Institute's YouTube Channel. This video introduces some of the basic concepts that can make a big difference in people's health. Once you have viewed the video you are invited to speak with me or Dr. Knights about our current recommendatons about how you can benefit from what has developed with the Gerson Therapy in regards to your own concerns about mental health and wellness. Dr. Wilson has visited and was impressed by the old-time feeling of an important center that is dedicated to Alternative Cancer Treatment, but also includes therapies that can help to turn around any health condition. This is Hawai'i Naturopathic Retreat Center, Inc. [link] This Hawai'i Gerson Therapy Program is directed by Maya Nicole Baylac, N.D. -- Licensed naturopathic doctor, Psychotherapist. Dr. Baylac has designed a program that offers the original Gerson method and enhances it with other synergistic procedures. Dr. Baylac obtained her Gerson certification in 2002; between 2004 and 2008 she was affiliated with the Gerson Institute. Later on she chose to become independent from the Gerson Institute.

This thoughtful insight is from poet David Whyte whose presentation I attended at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium.

"On Belonging and Coming Home": David Whyte: Poet