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[Being updated. On August 7, 2021] This page was repurposed after a staffer at travel agency CheapOair spoke very calmly and helped me develop a perfect plan for my several responsibilities.  Her name was Miasia. I want to thank her; I would be honored if I could help fund her attending courses at the world renown homeopathy education site of the beloved husband and wife team,  Rajan Sankaran and Divya Chhabra. Site: The Other Song [link]


Earlier: ...The film trailer for Eye in the Sky is included to remind everyone who views my site that I am dedicated to serving the cause of freedom for women. "No more Bullying of women."


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The Power of Hope

Serving Sally: I am repurposing this page to honor a teacher of Intimacy Education. I even told her that I treasure what she represents, and I'd like to ask her to marry me.

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Note to President Trump during the Republican Convention August 26, 2020. Sir, Please extend the vision that President Nixon had when he made Acupuncture legal in the USA. His bold acknowledgement that acupuncture works led eventually to the VA system offering Ear Acupuncture.

President Trump, please allow full access body acupuncture to be offered to veterans (and active duty as well). I'm an acupuncture educator and this would provide benefits that I have been aware of since 1983. That year a dedicated Christian, Douglas Leber, introduced me to the additional benefits that a person can experience if they add "acu-meridian" approaches to their general health care program.

[v. 08-26-2020] 

Classic acupuncture indeed works wonderfully. It is clear to me that we now are uncovering the scientific explanation of treatments that in the past seemed mysterious. Working with the "acumeridian" system is often a central part of my treatment programs. Also, the use of lasers, magnets, acupressure and ear stimulation with pellets or electricity can help the flow of body energy. AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging gives me much hope for the future of integrating acumeridian science into health care of both body and mind.

NADA ear acupuncture discoveries of benefits for many health conditions: [link]
NADA Newsletter 2007 focusing on treatments for Wounded Warriors [view PDF]

Recent: Cold laser acupuncture point needle-free stimulation, research to aid treatment of mental disorders [report].

Order this chart from Miridia Acupuncture Technology [link]

Auricular Medicine: 

I'm licensed to provide the ear acupuncture called NADA Protocol. I advocate teaching of Ear Acupuncture for physical/mental health benefits. I support NADA Specialist training and services.

Click the link to visit the NADA training site to read about the history of Auriculotherapy and Humanitarian Aid for mental and physical health: [Link]

 Next is a NADA Detox Specialist's award-winning video presentation of her perception of the importance of the Five-Needle NADA Protocol in fostering relaxation, resilience and restoration of overall body acumeridian energy dynamics. Remember that this and all links are not necessary endorsed by the author of the site or video. In addition, I do not take a position on the science of what is known as "meditation." I promote services that I consider can be delivered in what I call a "faith neutral" manner. See also my statement on my teaching site, "I do not want you to lose your faith."


See below:Hyaluronic Acid Science. [Link to page that I pasted this from.]

Explaining Acumeridian Function: Possible basis of acumeridian energy flow

Unique model may provide scientific explanation for acupuncture meridians.


This Hyaluronic Acid model would explain why energy can flow in the body along lines known as acupuncture meridians, but channels have not been found on dissection of the body. In this model, Hyaluronic Acid molecules are pulled into position by the electromagnetic charge around the arteries and veins thus forming protected zones in which ions can more readily flow. [Possibly photons could be the active factor because they could pass through the crystaline H.A. in the fascia, but that is my conjcture.] I base my explanation this on the work of Bjorn Nordenstrom, M.D. -- author of the book Biologically Closed Electric Circuits -- that shows different charge in arteries than in veins: Read More. Note: H.A. has been implicated in helping brain development [Wikipedia]

I met Bjorn Nordenstrom during his tour of the USA talking about health, chronic illness and cancer
[My page about Dr. Nordenstrom]



From an Important Life:

Bjorn Nordenstrom's work on Body Energies as Biologically Closed Electric Circuits


He was honored by Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Acupuncturist


Omura's website | His Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

I include Nordenstrom in Theoretical Groundwork section

Two representative articles that draw upon Nordenstrom's work:

1) Psychiatric treatment using acumeridian points

2) Electrophysiology of the Acupuncture Systems

How Dental Mercury May Affect Acumeridian Energy Flow

Chart of Tooth/Acumeridian Relations, Including Organ/Emotions


Diagram of the Flow of Qi/Chi in Chinese Medicine Theory

[From: Student Manual on the Fundamentals of Traditional Oriental Medicine; by Tyme, Lic.Ac.]


 ®*: "See the Chi!"


Modern science applied to ancient medicine.
Electrical testing at acupuncture meridian points
reveals changes that correspond with the
Traditional Chinese Medicine model of
energy flow in the body.


I am authorized to guide people through purchase if they
inquire about special pricing [more]
*"AcuGraph is a registered trademark of Miridia Technology, Inc."

Fields and healthy cell cytostructural activity


I have communicated with this researcher whose work seemed to be hidden by engineering terminology. Dr. Ning Wang works with micro-anatomy. I think that his discovery adds to evidence for the value of fields in health as well as the need for body movement to generate fields in order to activate physiological processes. [See Dr. Ratey and brain-derived neurotrophic factor -- BDNF -- and brain health and learning and memory enhancement.]
Original article I found [deleted] | Blogger picks up his work | Fascia cytostructural work of Jean-Pierre Giumberteau

Research description: Professor Wang uses advanced research techniques to gain a fundamental understanding of cell mechanics, including cytoskeletal biomechanics and control of cell form and function; bio-imaging of cytoskeletal structures and stress distribution in living cells; mechanotransduction, nuclear deformation and gene expression; and mechanical biotechnologies and their applications to cells, tissues, and organisms.

He has developed a technology called intracellular stress tomography, which he uses to address fundamental questions about stress propogation and distribution in living cells. He has also developed three-dimensional magnetic twisting cytometry technology and used it to quantify mechanical anisotropy in living cells. [more]
Old version of the biography, PDF.