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r the record (v. July 9, 2021). Yesterday one of the staffers at CheapOair.com called me back and gave me some wonderful news about my very important air travel. Her decisions and the choices I agreed to have allowed me to do important things. The biggest thing is that I and FlexAware developer Steve Shafarman are preparing a teacher training workshop. Hooray, thank you Ms M. 


 You are a treasure.

Science (honest science that draws upon acupuncture research) is our best hope. Toward the bottom of this set of videos watch ISS commander Sunni Williams [jump to below, link not active today], and film Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. And remember the classic-in-the-making, Will Smith and Jared in film, After Earth. [FYI, See George Clooney films rated from Best to worst, click here]..

Film clip about The Martian and human family dynamics:

Meet the Ares 3 Crew. Wisdom of scientist Neil de grasse Tyson on film. A great watch: