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[v. August 7, 2020, 12:09 pm; being updated: 1) President Biden has not yet been removed. 2) I've sought Wisdom about marriage as part of my life of pediatric support [jump down for more on hopes for marriage.]   Smile...our military is awake, Independent politically for the most part.]

See below the film titled, Wargames. [This one is Family-friendly. It is a film where the touch of a woman saves the young man who stops a war. Family and Country depend on Attached Mother-Child bonds. Muslim brain pattern leads to breaking that Mother-Son attachment. See Minute 40 of film, War Games...the general says, "Get me the President on the horn."... Then he said, ..... [somebody's playing a game with us, and it was not Muslims...The film is a humorous look at human self-annihilation. But Matthew Broderick says to the powerful young woman..."I thought there would be plenty of time..."]

[Personal Disclosure: I once thought I'd met a woman whose situation fit my "life equation for marriage." She was a harried and healthy mom with five kids. At that time for several years I had consulted an Ayurvedic Doctor and he led me into protocols to assure a healthy brood of several children. I prayed and calculated how to be a role model husband for a woman who wants children. Just when I thought the pieces would fit with this well organized Champion for her Children...I told her that I was ready to be a strong "Dad Times Five." I took her and her kids with me to Washington National Cathedral for a Sunday song and liturgy session. It is declared a national safe space..."The Nation's Spiritual Home: Welcoming people of All Faiths, and None."

Hopefully I sat us down right in front where presidents had lain and John Lewis and John McCain.  It was recorded and fully televised for the TV broadcast on that day.

Sadly: her two lovely oldest daughters (under 18) left our possible tribe. They "wandered off" to be with Muslim energies inside men who say, "Call me The Preacher.' [See: "To my Daughter, Raped by a Muslim Rockstar." Link to other page.]

President Trump once had this Dictator smiling and distracted from war against the USA, Japan and the world: Kim Jong-Un would kill Muslims.

Note: A few years ago I found the Commencement address of President Richard Nixon to the US Air Force Academy: See menu To Generals I Knew.


[Earlier: v. May 25, 2021. Melanin is not linked to Intelligence. Scientific error. The terms Black Lives Matter, and Critical Race Theory as well as Original Sin need to be replaced. CRT needs to be called Critical Male Theory because all males are responsible for breaking the safe nurture of the Mother-Child bond. That is the Original Sin...a Male task to make ammends for.]

T This page is being repurposed in response to Black attacks on Asian and Pacific Islander high-IQ families. The year 2000 as well as 2014 have disproven the link that Minister Farrakan made between blue-black Locus Ceruleus and memory. Since 2000 Neuroscience has proven that the brain is NOT the seat of the Mind. Melanin has been replaced by Hyaluronic Acid and Myelin Sheathing of nerves as the key neurophysiology of consciousness and Safe Family Dynamics. Tune in to the Wisdom Day 2021 program [click on Menu tab]. References about Myelin/Melanin/Hyaluronic Acid to be added.]

Pictures and Word Association is a method of engendering deep thoughts. This page will introduce @ZurInstitute and @ShrinkRapRadio and Anti-Racist Psychotherapy. I hope readers can help recover a powerful Suicide Prevention public service presentation named "Call 1-800 Pick up the Phone" that was created by James Earl Jones to help national mental health. That public service announcement was virtually stolen by CoolCats under guide of copyright fraud, identity theft of public beneficial efforts of James Earl Jones

More to come.


Love and the grandeur of the "Sexual Impulse." The film, Coming to America 1. Link to trailer.