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Urgent Addendum: Therapists, begin checking for Muslim "MBPP" and also Christian "CBPP". Develop Documents to extract yourself from being associated with therapy to Muslim boys and Muslim Men and Muslim women.

[Not updated since Trump Victory 2016]

Originally for potential staffer
Despite the page title there is no actual official test or quiz. Now that I have your attention I invite you to continue looking at how I present the options that I can connect you with in today's diverse health care field.
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If you and I do make a connection then we can begin our work together. I'm able to help remove obstacles and toxins that hold you back from full healthy living. 

Below is content of my original Staff Requirements page for staff of referring offices. You'll see and hear the clues I'm giving to staff of referral offices as well as helpers for my own services.
Collaboration within Naturopathic Medicine
Bastyr University: Bastyr.edu
New Health Medical Center, Edmonds WA: NewHealthMed.com
Yoga/Ayurveda/Naturopathy: YogaAyurveda.org
Environmental Medicine resource: CrinnionOpinion.com

The Healing Power of Nature (in Latin it is Vis Medicatrix Naturae} [my teaching site description]
Functional Medicine Information:
Heart Rate Variability testing (HRV): [my teaching site description]
Biofeedback: [my teaching site description]
F.M. with Laboratory testing (includes video): [my teaching site description]
See below Dr. Blaylock's video on neuro immune excitotoxin danger from food additives.

Acupuncture Information:
Acumeridian science [my teaching site description]
AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging: AcuGraph.com
Hyaluronic acid theory of acumeridian formation [my teaching site description]
NES body-field scan (developed by an acupuncture educator} [my teaching site description]
Homeopathy Information:
Homeopathy Science [my teaching site description]

Psychology Approaches that I appreciate
Coherence Psychology Institute [site]
I invite you to visit the Psychology Podcast site: ShrinkRapRadio.com [site]
Zur Institute -- Innovative Resources & Online Continuing Education [site]

Body Psychotherapy and Kinesthetic Medicine
This is a beginning to understand a complex set of approaches: My overview begins here.

Especially important are the FlexAware and Biotensegrity insights. [Click for videos and science correlations]
The musculo-skeletal-fascial aspect of body movement and energy flow: I'm especially eager to show you the entire half-hour video on the tissue matrix/fascia insights of Dr. Giumberteau. I own the DVD titled, "Strolling Under the Skin" and highly recommend it (purchase at Anatomy Trains supply). 

Here is his updated site where many video clips are available of the fractal dynamics of tissue in motion: [www.guimberteau-jc-md.com]

Basic Interviews on ShrinkRapRadio:
These high-quality interviews by psychology professor David Van Nuys, Ph.D. will enliven your ability to understand and communicate with the patients I'll be asking you to serve in various ways.  His main site: ShrinkRapRadio.com
A few of over 400 interviews:

  • Interview with Editor, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, Jonathan Prousky, N.D.[link]
  • Unlocking the Emotional Brain, Bruce Ecker. The model known as Coherence Therapy [link]
  • A Plan for Long-Term Life Satisfaction, Tobin Hart, Ph.D. [link] -- Brilliant neuroscience and clinical insights.
  • Trauma and the Body, with Pat Ogdon [link]

On Being: Superb Interviews on Spiritual and Social Change: On Being by Krista Tippett. She and her team have received many awards.
I will list interviews that are especially helpful for patients or clients.

  • Getting Revenge -- and -- Forgiveness.  [Read and listen on OnBeing site.]
  • [Coming soon] A spiritual and thought exercise that I think is titled "The Next Breath." A concept that I love to teach. It's so easy because you do the exercise every day, every night, every minute of your days.

Counseling and Psychotherapy Options:
[I will give you private information about my referral resources.]
Psychotherapy Options: [my clinical site description]
My focused referral/Natural Medicine Second Opinion options: [my information site description

Brain Health Basics:
Depending on your credentials I can arrange for you to have professional access to the self-paced learning of the Amen Clinics approach to brain health. You can start by visiting my page about my certification as an Amen Affiliated Education Center advisor: [Click here, or on the tab in the menu on the left side of this page.]

New Brain Science (with YouTube video on a working description ot the Mind): [my information site description]

Glutamate and Excitotoxins and their potential in chronic debilitation of nervous system, cardiac, etc. -- Video below is from Russell Blaylock, M.D. He's an impassioned educator striving to wake people up to the facts about healthy eating to protect your brain, your body, your sex life, your relationships in general, your entire life...

Movie Therapy items:

"Medicine Man", with Sean Connery -- natural world/jungle and science looking for cures: [IMDb movie description]
"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", an adventure/comedy/drama with Ben Stiller, Kristin Wiig, Jon Daly. [IMDb movie description]
"Master and Commander--The Far Side of the World"; insights about why men joined military in service of their nation. [View YouTube extended trailer]

Your Networking and Referral Contributions to this Endeavor

My practice is one that is non-prejudicial. I invite you to consider your own understanding of the Human Condition. Can you be supportive of people whose worldview is not like yours? Can you respect each individual regardless their professed belief system? The graphic below is my adaptation from an old out-of-print magazine. You'll find it on my page about Science and Spirituality. [Link to that page with the essay, "I do not want you to lose your faith."]


Office and Practice Management:

Final parting reminder about what is behind all the work that I do:
As staff and front-desk workers you will support access to my services to our community and people from around the world who contact us. The key characteristic I seek is that you are both aware of your own dynamic self-healing powers and you can respect the individual processes that each of us practitioners uses for our clients and patients.