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[April 17, 2019, being updated]
This Docments page is being updated so you can download Routefinders identity cards.
From the acupuncture "channel" system, an "organ-emotion" chart: Five Element Unresolved Emotions PDF .]
Early sample Routefinder book study class [ click here - PDF ]

This is partly because of recent concerns about how our nation is responding to issues of "terrorism." The Routefinders training in watchfully walking/"navigating" your life will bring you into different locations. If you "look different than the typical resident" on that street, the Routefinders ID card when activated will clue police officers to the fact that you have been vetted by the Disability Partners network.

Routefinders for Friends is preparing to incorporate as Non-Profit status as "Routefinders for Friends Institute." Donations would be tax-deductible then and the money would be mainly used to hire a Disabled American and cover office expenses. The Mission statement is still being modified because of the recent extension of "terrorist activities" and the need to include the concerns of actively involved women and men who are preparing for their lives of service to the nation.

At the present time I am in favor of saying that our goal is to "Help develop tools for Excellence in all that you do, whether military or civilian."

This could include students in high school or college as well as those learning the ways of military service and leadership. I do general practice counseling (and in Hawai'i the licensed naturopathic physician scope of practice includes doing psychotherapy); that means that I'm trusting in you to to be mastering your own life experience whether it is as an active citizen or a person who chooses to wear a uniform of service with attendant additional risks to one's personal safety.
My Psychology Today profile shows more of my description of what we may do together. Some physically active events may be at Earth Treks indoor climbing facility in Rockville.

Reminder: In addition I remind you of the background truth that I've been raised to be aware of: Our nation is currently in a wartime status. Just below this paragraph is my current "go-to classic for women and men wanting to become leaders" .. .it is set in another century when women could not go to war and apply for Combat Warrior status.

This video below about War and sacrifice is recently compiled at the Washington National Cathedral -- an unexpectedly clear look at what Sacrifice means to those who have sacrificed in many ways:

This next video is of troops in Afghanistan's mountains. I was in the audience when two of them "accompanied the screening of "Restrepo" -- named after their team medic who died in action.

The last decade has brought the new field of Neuroscience into the media so that people are beginning to be more open to seeking change in their way of thinking and feeling.

The proposed non-profit corporation called Routefinders for Friends grew out of the DC Natural Neurosience endeavor to support collaborations between various professions related to Behavioral Health and Mental Health. Below I introduce my body/mind services for helping people find their way forward in life -- no matter how they started their life.

[For educational purposes only: This handout is one that you can use to explore emotions and their relationships to stressful energy situations in what is known as the acupuncture "channel" system, an "organ-emotion" chart: Five Element Unresolved Emotions PDF .]
Early sample Routefinder book study class [ click here - PDF ]

Update: June 29 2015: Click to go below [Dr. Dan Siegel creatively gives a definition of what the Mind is. His video on the science behind mindfull thinking gives us chances to consider what might be done to actively improve one's mental health].

[Updated after the St. Louis events August 2014 -- I declare, We need Two Generations Without Fear] In order to stop the "easy anger" that leads to harm and then reprisals we need to assure all races and religions have access to resources to life without fear. More anger and killing may happen if people don't have a felt sense of safety. See the video of FlyByLight below. That video shows the need for what I've called, "Two Generations Without Fear," before we can have a basis for a resilient society. Those two generations may not yet have been born. There is much work to do.

This page was started to describe of the "Routefinders for Friends" program. I'm a mountain climber and know the importance of routefinding. Routefinders for Friends is built on the Positive Psychology application of recent neuroscience findings, especially the benefits of being around friendly people. A key background experience for you would be to learn about the brain science descriptions of psychiatrist Daniel Siegel, M.D. His recent book is titled: Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain -- An inside-out guide to the Emerging Adolescent Mind, ages 12-24. [ link ] When you understand the power of your brain and mind to create change in your life you have a much greater ability to make choices that create what I've called A Lifestyle of Healing. See book photos and links further below. See also my tab for: Adventure Therapy. Below is an early screen picture of the pre-upgrade Routefinders website:

Below is a video that I learned about a few years ago, the Fly By Light Youth Program. [ Their site ]

Images below are covers for two books: Unlocking the Emotional Brain; and Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Inside-Out Guide to the Emerging Adolescent Mind -- Ages 12-24.

See the book by Dr. Siegel, Brainstorm
: [ link ]

Below is Dr. Siegel's clear definition of the Mind. It was given to computer programmers at "Google University" and is very easy to understand. His definition is based on neuroscience such as "mirror neurons" so that the Mind is defined as being inclusive and also outside of the physical body. Short form of the definition: The Mind is a Process that Regulates the Flow of Energy and Information.

Below: From the new field of Neuroscience, a video introduction to the Trauma treatment insights that flow from the Polyvagal Theory of autonomic nervous system structure research of Stephen Porges, Ph.D.:. [ my correlations of his work with other insights on my Information Site ].

This poetic insight about Belonging in this challenging world is of David Whyte:

"On Belonging and Coming Home": David Whyte: Poet

Below: Text from the Adventure Therapy page, plus earlier photos from some of my own Routefinding experiences

Whatever your physical mobility capabilities may be at this moment in your life, you can benefit from exploring and possibly going beyond the edges of your "comfort zone." When carefully coached, most people will be able to rapidly experience the rewards of moving within their familiar boundaries and then testing to see how resilient they can be. FlexAware is an important background for building your inner sense of trust in your body and its abilities.

A naturopathic physician and psychotherapist whose work I admire, Michael Byrne, N.D., M.A., is skilled at encouraging people to live full and active lives. He included the words "Adventure Therapy" on his internet site and that was inspiring to me. Michael has been a leader in Outward Bound. [
His site. ]
You may also be inspired by the work of Open Sky Wilderness Therapy. They have a DVD about their work, which includes a naturopathic physician who is part of their outdoor program which is called "Wilderness Therapy." [ Their site. ]

I've recently been honored to assist in planning outdoor experiences for youth and families in the Washington DC area. Background training that you may find interesting in regards to your own community is described at the Vermont Wilderness School. [
Their site. ] Another site has programs for teen character development, Adirondack Leadersip Expeditions. [ Their site.

Below are pics recently discovered in old box. Includes winter storm early1969: Snow-Jumping at USAFA; Caving Summer 1969; Pararescue SCUBA and Parachute gear demo 1970; Glacier travel 1974

Creating a safe "exercise space" for your sense of exploration may take the form of dialoguing about how you can try something new that you've been curious about.   [See my blog, Living Inside the Box: Your Body as Temple--the Three Control Systems Model. ]

I'm here for you. No matter where in the world you live, you'll be able to create experiences that can help you move forward in gaining confidence in what you can do -- as a whole person including brain, body and autonomic nervous system.

I invite you to visit the website of my affiliate in Oahu:
Wellness Works Hawai'i -- Richard Diehl, Ph.D., M.Ed., Lic.Acup.

See also my blog description:
Play as Medicine

I look forward to talking with you about how you can include Natural Adventure Therapy in your Health Menu.

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