Sabotage of Nation Global Quagmire

Urgent Updating daily [v. August 8, 2021] The world is still at a High Alert Status. Much if this is due to hidden sabotage by Anarchists and Communists and infrequently by an "overloaded and angry Muslim Male Brain Circuit. I was trained to detect psychotic brains. I help them Save Face by calling an incident one of what I call "Popcorn Psychology." A religious zealot gets so stressed he or she Pops and chooses destruction and can kill someone's possibilities.  Let's study what Hope and Trust can mean for America. Note: August 8, 3022, and President Biden has not yet been removed.

[v. 11-09-2020 Under revision.]  Fourth of July statement: I watched the complete Presidential Fourth of July presentation to the nation from Mount Rushmore

[Humor addition: Teachers Islamic / Christian / Judaic might not like jump to Manly Dr. Squatch Soap Ad below]

The President announced firm steps to protect this special nation, the United States of America, that has brought beneficial change to this continent and to the world. I think he would only nod his head at the terrible conclusion of the Sunni-Shia Divide which is the core of Islam:

Warming: The text at the bottom half was uploaded prior to the riots and sabotage unleashed in the past month. Pictures after this paragraph are intended to invoke curiosity about what each represents. This nation encourages children to be curious and explore. The psychiatric assessment of the origins of Islam leads to recognition of Islam as anti-female and anti-creativity it cannot condone chaos (which results in New forms, not the old "book").

Sigmund Freud was the first medical doctor to begin taking control of the spirit/self-orientation out of the control of the priests or rabbis. The three power groups calling themselves, People of the Book, are all guilty of inadequate training of their young men in managing what I call, Pelvic Congestion. Recent rapes and suicides at military academies (see my tab on Military Academies Sex Solution) are the result of inadequate management of their own flow of energies, this includes sexual energies but also the flow of Social Energies that bring coherence to being "part of a village." I  have notes for a new page on this site: Healthy Sex Education.

Jean Liedloff and the Continuum Concept: Below is a statement from a proud father who wants children to explore and to know that the entire village is safe. How safe is YOUR village? We have a long way to go in this current situation. My hope is that the discovery of Jean Liedloff will inspire others to learn what she taught when she was alive. (I knew her and even had a chance to send her some information about Biological Dental care which I think she followed.)

Looking at the features of examining the basic tenets of Islam leads to the recognition that at its beginning it was split, schizophrenic. The man called The Prophet came to the date of his death without naming a successor. One side of the imaginary scene of his death was a General ready to kill unbelievers (Sunni); the other side honored the female aspect of human society (Shia). Search the internet for: Sunni Shi Divide.

The trailer for the film above, Kingdom of Heaven, seems to be looking only at the men who march with a cross on their tunics. However, this balanced film is a careful examination of the skill of Muslim warriors who are protecting their lands and their people against the in-rushing crusading men from outside their realm. This is a very long film because the title, "Kingdom of Heaven", does NOT say "The Kingdom of Heaven." This extra-length film blows away the one-sided view of what went on. Neither Muslim nor Crusading men in the "Christian realm" is victorious with their view of Kingdom of Heaven. The last scenes of this film show a conclusion that people of "All Faiths, and None," will respect: A man and a woman, make a choice.




We are a Space-Faring Nation. Learn about Second Life and cyber space land sales.

imgWelcome [May 23, 2020] -- We might soon meet on the Second Life platform representing my simulated Mars Colony Project during Coronavirus sheltering. Land purchases on Second Life are explained online. 

This photo is of two Army heroes who were in the one-year documentary of Afghanistan War, Restrepo. It was filmed by National Geographic and titled after their deceased Medic named Restrepo. I met them. We bonded and I have had additional interactions after they left active duty. Maybe one will eventually settle on Mars.

 I’m repurposing this page

I wrote this page update hoping to finally soon find a woman (maybe with children) who would say Yes to living out life together committed to the USA being a Space-Faring nation. I am seriously preparing for lifetime partnering and marriage. I’m still hoping to find an adventurous woman who can flow easily within veteran family ranks as well as within her own world of civilian events. Maybe she will be one who helps develop the Oculus Goggles and the virtual Glove technology that is bringing the Star Trek Holodeck into the civilian world. My planning these days is with the #Writers members including @JKRowling, @HarrisonFord, @GeorgeTakei and Mark Hammil himself.  Mars Shell B Landscape can be viewed using the new Holodeck Oculus goggles with accompanying activated gloves for your hands. [More details soon.]

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