Safer Yoga for Christians & Atheists

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Virtually everyone has some knowledge of Yoga. This new page is intended to be an introduction to the stretching and body knowledge activity called Yoga, as well as to provide a bridge between Yoga, FlexAware ® and acupuncture theory regardless a person's worldview or choice of faith, spirituality, None of the Above or atheism. [Being updated, check back later.]

"I want you to partner with your body intelligence," is a declaration by Food-and-Yoga specialist Sarajoy Marsh. [ Her book | ShrinkrapRadio interview ]

Below I give you clues to teachings and resources about how each of these can help make your life better. Some people may appreciate the explanation below of why FlexAware is what I call "faith-neutral."**

Photo in Bikram studio That being said, I want to say that I have been experiencing two specialized approaches to yoga. One is developed in Canada to be a modern and respectful experience of individualized body movement -- Modo Yoga. You can find more at their site. Modo Yoga Seattle .

The second was developed in India by Bikram Choudhury. His site:
Link . You can search for the nearest certified Bikram yoga teacher by using their Bikram Studio Locator . Update: I'm pleased to recommend the Bikram studio of Shannon Matson locatedin Hilo, Hawai'i. Site: .

Note for Christians who are concerned about philosophies that accompany yoga: you'll find these groups are so open that you can come and go without talking about any philosophy. I could describe their sessions as straightforward permission for you to feel your body's response to movement. See below the note about FlexAware and a Christian Women's Network appraisal of body movement approaches.**]

Below are two videos that I embedded because of their stunning evidence of the importance of motivation and practice. They show one man's challenge and what he gained from yoga activities. I invite you to watch these and then to watch the FlexAware clip and visit the FlexAware site.

I'm advocating that FlexAware can enrich any physical exercise, especially yoga. It is a method that enriches the feedback and perception between your body and mind. Flex - Aware--Unleash your own deep self-healing power. Never give up.

*Now for the PLUS : I've been using the Synthovial 7 joint health nutrition for over ten years now. [See my page on the networking site, about
Hyalogic and Research | also their main site Hyalogic, LLC products for health and beauty, and animal care too

.] I am asking you to experience the feeling of smoother motion of your joints and your skin as a result of the micronutrient called Hyaluronic Acid (H.A.). It's a scientific marvel for me because it is what I call the key to acupuncture "energy flow."  You see, H.A. is crystal clear and I think that it forms the organic "fiber-optic cable" network in the body through which the photons of light travel and "flip the switch" to activate the processes of the body. Literally if a person had no Hyaluronic Acid, they would not be alive; it is that basic to health. Try it and see how you feel -- sometimes it's a short time, other people get improved joint health and vision over time. It's like a gardening process, a natural development of new options for health.
Addendum: This information is my direct observation and is not approved of by the FDA or Hyalogic, LLC.]

First the short introduction:

Next is the extended version that you would get if you clicked the link at the end of the one above:


Now, I invite you to begin to learn also about FlexAware. Link to my information on FlexAware .

Added February 2016:

FlexAware ® Teacher Training

Become a certified Coach.

Four weekends:

Location: Washington DC, Chevy Chase neighborhood.

Four weekends: March 5-6 and 19-20, Apr. 2-3 and 16-17.

9:30 to 5:30 each day. Make-up options for missed classes.

Tuition: $1795. ($1595 if paid in full by Feb. 12)

Deferred payment and work-study possibilities.

Download Flyer
Click on this link or on the picture to go to YouTube and view a segment of the FlexAware DVD that I include in a larger presentation about my practice:

**Reassuring words about your comfort level
"...People of any religious or spiritual tradition can enjoy FlexAware with no distractions and no worries. There’s nothing in it that presumes, suggests, requires, or relies on faith.

If you have some faith tradition or practice, you may find special value in FlexAware. Many traditions and practices use breathing as a theme or focus. A synonym for “inhaling” is “inspiring.” The root of “inspiring” is “spirit,” which is Latin for “breath” or “to breathe.” All of the FlexAware movements start with breathing and awareness of how we breathe.

You might even do small subtle FlexAware movements as you pray or meditate or worship. The movements can be nearly indistinguishable from stillness. Even such small subtle movements facilitate blood flow and nerve activity, thereby preventing or relieving stiffness and pain — and perhaps adding power to your prayers and practices."   -- Steven Shafarman [ ]

Cautious endorsement of FlexAware by fundamentalist Christian  women's network
[they had been concerned about the religious nature of Yoga, and realize that FlexAware is what I call faith-neutral .]