[September 12, 2020 Being rebuilt] New Page based on sexual trauma and safe filming of actors helping show how to de-escalate trauma. The film The Hunt for Red October is starkly thrilling. At the bottom of this page I hope to embed two videos about loving regard and holding each other. I've never heard of Intimacy Coaching. It seems useful, maybe for Nevada Hug and Hold practices.

Link to War College discussion boards:

Only For Eyes and Brains that love America's potential: Link to War College Style discussions and video clips. The mature officer is able to do what I teach as "No-Oops Moments and No-Oops days, when you are calculating any quiet death-risking moment..

It's Not a Good Time to Get Capone!! [Sean Connery is helping us prepare for Vote 2020 by clearing out the Muslims via the RICO act, or maybe simply De-Commission the License of all academic institutions that teach twisted schizophrenic Shria Law as demonstrated by videos seen on searching: Shia Sunni Divide.

My training over the years is based on non-drugged people. I see a clip of video after the Intimacy Coach which shows a drug-influenced angry woman who won't put down the scissors so the Cop shot her.