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Here is their information: Online Continuing Education for Mental Health Professionals - Over 125 Courses Offered

This educational wonder has been a resource for me for many years. Check out the entire site. There are some good audio files. I'll post this, tonight is the Fourth of July. I can smell the fireworks that were set off near where I live.

Jump below to: Fluffy Iglesias standup comedy about races and stereotype, he is an ambassador for thinking about laughing sometimes.

[Urgent Update re Islamic Schizophrenia and Muslim Marital Rape Culture, a type of Gangster trick that calls itself "a religion." Agitation of the young people is driving destruction in our cities.]

Here is a specialist in Autonomic Nervous System management for safety and social benefit. He talks about the rapid eruption of violence if the person does not feel safe.

Below is a video of a Woman performing leadership. Commander of the International Space Station. I placed this for its psychiatric assessment value. Ask anyone who views this video Commander's Report what their impressions are. I am certain that a number of people who are ingrained in the Male Rape Culture [this is dominant in almost all countries in the world] will instantly "map" so-called "facts" such as they would say she is flaunting her hair. Hair floats in space, and helps to dissipate heat. She is showing her legs: She describes the fact that long pants may catch upon debris she needs to get past in case there is an explosion or some disaster in the ISS. You will note that she does not show herself in sexually misinterpreted situations such as were several in the film "Gravity" with master actor Sandra Bullock (see video below this one). Once you have watched Commander Sunny Williams diplomatically describe the "Zero Gravity Toilet" that puzzled the visitor in the film "2001, A Space Odyssey" you will understand that this woman is able to talk about all aspects of human existence in space. She has to, she is a scientist.

[Being updated re Imaginal Journey and Mars colonization via SecondLife. v. 05-28-2020. The page has been 'frozen in time" because of the inbreaking news of riots around the Fourth of July. The underlying world view of most of the rioters is one that is in the realm of Fighting against the Bigger enemy but using Male Power and Dominance over Women to succeed.

The core level commitment to Male Domination over Women is present in many places in the world. Definitely it is clear on the Internet that the basic final tennet of the Islam planners is based on Male Marital Rape Culture. Its intricate words were written before the current science called "Neuroscience." I am apolitical and don't claim either Democrat or Republican identity; my parents were different, one was Republican and the other was Democrat. To read more start with the page about Military Cadet sexual ignorance and dangers. Suicides in military academies is clearly related in some cases to the ignorance of basic sexual health of "the opposite sex." See my page

This page is to make it easy for you the visitor to my sites to see and hear the message: My intent as a Naturopathic Psychiatrist is to not "treat a diagnosis label."

Battered Women can find a home on Dr. Walker's site

I coach or treat the whole person and not "diseases." I always include referral to at least one other licensed professional.

The current Mars Shell B planet-size layout I’m developing is designed to be both Land Grants and Claims Staked. Learn more at

[Modified photo from film The Martian starring Matt Damon.]  

In my Helpful Forms page are documents that put this into more detail.

This is not an acute care practice. If you feel that you are in a crisis situation, please call 911/Emergency Services, or a local hotline.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is: 800-273-8255 [same as 800-273-TALK on a phone keypad]. 

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